January 26, 2014


OMD !!

Mommy was so excited when she
found out how many dachshunds
got adopted during December.
For those of you who didn't hear
her screaming, when she got the
final total, it was.....

50 and yes, she typed it right.

And 433 for 2013 by all 3 rescue


Lots of puppies and piebalds.

12/02 Clyde Grimm

Message from Clyde's family......

Clyde was originally fostered by our family (that includes Ross and Ziggy Stardust, also adopted from Dream earlier in the year). However, I knew I was in trouble when I stopped by Natural Pawz on the way home from picking up Clyde and the young lady behind the counter commented on how Clyde already loved me so much and how I should adopt him! We made another stop at Petsmart, and random people in the store kept commenting on how much he loved me, too. So the stars were aligned on this adoption!

 The icing on the cake came, however, when the rest of my children came home from college. We were playing with all three of our dachshunds, but I could see how attracted the kids were to Clyde. He literally shakes all over, his tail wagging incessantly, due to his excitement over loving us and being a part of our family! His velvety ears go back, he puts up his nose for a doggy kiss, and his eyes shine with love!

We love our Clyde and couldn't be more happy.

12/04 Koop Kingsley
12/05 Sukie Ridgemont
12/05 Sugar Boots ("Sock Puppy")

12/08 Hal Oween ("Owen")

Message received from Owen's 
family at Christmas.......
Thank you for everything! 
As you can see, Owen is dearly loved.
 My daughter says, 
"Mom, he's part of our family now".
Happy Holidays! 

Owen and his new sister

12/09 Tobey Truffle
12/12 Estella Evergreen

12/14 Rudolph ("Oliver")
Message from Oliver's family.......

 From Rudolph's new forever family:
Rudolph, who is now known as Oliver, is doing great! He is such a lover and gets along great with the other dogs and cats.

12/14 Lillie Ann

12/17Chloe Kardoxian
Sisters adopted together.

12/17 Courtney Kardoxian ("Confetti")

12/20 Zayn Mallik

12/20 Niall Horan

12/20 Harry Styles

12/20 Candie Corn

2/21 Shelley Schroeder

Message from Shelley's family...........

Yes, we are the proud owners of Holley Jean Patten (formerly known as Shelley Schroeder). Holley is a sweet playful, loving dog. She LOVES to run and play. We are moving in March to a farm in Iowa, where the house will have a doggy door installed and she will have lots of room to play. Her nose is always to the ground when we take walks here. I can only imagine how much she will enjoy exploring the cornfields of Iowa, hunting, fishing and playing with her soon to meet dachshund cousins up there. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is seen on you-tube or America's Funniest Home Videos, as she has a charming and bubbly personality and enjoys an audience. THANK YOU, for all this organization does to help dogs get a second chance. I hope all of Holley's dreams come true. Blessings! 

12/22 Josephine Jolly ("Missy")
                                        ~~ 9 + years young ~~

12/22 Gale Hawthorne

2 Special blind double dapples found their forever home.

12/22 Justin Jingle ("Justin Timberlake")

brothers adopted together

12/22 Johnny Jingle ("Johnny Knoxville")

Message from the boy's new family.......

 Justin and Johnny are settling in nicely. A true Christmas blessing for our family. Their foster sister Stevie Nicks is here too and having a blast. They will keep their first names, but we added Timberlake and Knoxville...had to. Blessed to have found the Dream family. Thanks for all you do! 

Extra bonus......
This is Stevie Nicks.

12/23 Janie Spofford ("Penny")

Message from Penny's family..............

Penny has adjusted well to her new home and I take her on lots of walks around the neighborhood everyday. Also, we got small pebbles to replace the rocks in our yard. The small pebbles are better for Penny's little feet.

12/23 Dorothy Gale

12/24 Liam Payne

12/27 Neva Nottingham


12/6 Scooter

12/07 Miles
Miles and Maisy are a brother and sister that were adopted together. Their Mom, Henna, and her two other pups are still available for adoption.
12/07 Maisy

12/08 Jilly
12/11 Rosie

12/20 Vixen

  12/21 Portia

Portia's story from her webpage.....

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Name: Portia
Rescue ID: D130026
Adoption Fee: $250.00
Species: Dog
Breed: Dachshund / Chihuahua / Mixed
Color: Black/Tan Silver Dapple
Sex: Female (spayed)
Current Size: 9 Pounds
Current Age: 5 Years 5 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Slightly Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Kids: No

This special little girl - a dachshund/chihuahua mix - is looking for her special family. Until being rescued, the only value her owner saw in her were the puppies she could produce. Portia had no positive contact with humans and probably  had to compete with  other dogs for food. 
For several months she has been in a loving foster home and has made great strides.  However, she continues to be fearful and insecure in many situations. Portia wants to love and be loved but is having difficulty getting over the insecurities and mistreatment she suffered in her life before being rescued. 
Portia's reaction to sudden movements or loud noises is to run and hide. In no situation has she ever exhibited the slightest hint of aggression to any person. She loves nothing more than to lie on the couch beside her foster mom and also enjoys a good belly rub! Portia can be a bit possessive about her spot next to her humans and doesn't like to share with her four-legged foster brothers and sisters. She will occasionally snap at them if they try to move in too close. 
Her perfect home would be with a patient family who understands and has experience with rescue dogs and the issues they often have. She needs lots of time to adjust and a fairly calm family who can be patient and supportive with her. She may never be the ideal playmate for children, or a great walking partner for mom and dad. She may never be comfortable at the dog park or in large crowds of strangers. Because she is most comfortable in familiar surroundings, a medium to large securely fenced yard accessible directly from the house is required so Portia can have her own secure space to run, play, and explore. She is learning to use a doggy door and it would be beneficial for her to have access to the yard.
She is well behaved in the house during the day and quiet in her bedroom crate at night. She is spayed, current on all vaccinations, and microchipped.  Portia is slightly heartworm positive and is currently receiving treatment. She seems to enjoy having other mature, calm dogs around her and is slowly learning about how to play from her foster brothers and sisters.
She is a loyal and loving companion even considering her insecurities and is hoping to find her forever family soon. Could you be the lucky one for this little diamond in the rough?

12/23 Rudy


 Well there you have it. finally. What a way to wrap up 2013.

Mona and Prissy here........... 

As most of you know our Mommy is a procrastinator. She started this post back in the early part of January but had let it slide by the wayside. Shame on you Mommy!!

But sometimes you find out things you didn't know by letting things slide. This time we forgive her cause she found out that their was a puppy that got left off the list of adoptions for ATDR. So they had 10 for the month of December.

And guess what?

MayflowerAdopted: December 26, 2013

 She's Maisy and Miles's sister. So that means there's just Mom, Henna, and one pup left. Maybe they'll get lucky this month.

But there is more....

Remember 2 of Dreams bothers that found their forever home in December? Well their foster siste,r Stevie Nicks, gots adopted this month.
Not positive but we think into the same family. Bet there's lots a music going on at that house.


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...


BRAVO Well Done. New beginnings are wonderful.

Ruby said...

WOWSA!!! That is amazin'!!! Congrats on all your hard work and the work of everyone at the rescues!! You all deserve a HUGE bone, or bisicut or margarita!! BOL
Ruby ♥

Taffy said...

What a great December! I'm so happy for all those pups that found their homes! I know how exciting it is to find that special family and I'm glad they get to know that too.

Cupcake said...

I'm so glad all these dogs got adopted. That's great news. Very happy for Portia after what she's been through. All the dogs are so cute.

Love, Cupcake

Henry's human said...

That is amazing! A lot of folks have been made happy with these little darlings. Congratulations!!
Sue and Henry