September 24, 2013



Hey there friends,

Today Mommy made a Smilebox of the videos from Saturday.

First off, forgive us for all the chattering by the peeps going on in the background. It's hard to keep them quite sometimes.

So lets set the stage...........Shootgun and Bullet spent the weekend with us and it was a perfect opportunity to have our new friends over. Our neighbor was making BBQ and we kept him entertained with our barking and he and his friends kept us entertained with very load Latino music. The stinker didn't even offer us any BBQ. How rude !! 

But first some individual  pictures and answers to questions asked in our comments.

Cinnamon asked:

" I saw all the stuffies outside, really you get to take them outside? I don't get to take mine outside."

The truth is that we love dragging the carcasses outside 
everyday after Mommy gets off work and then she has to bring them back in every night. Good exercise for her we say.

Our Stuffie graveyard.

Benny and  Lily asked:

"Look at all those kids playing! Who's who?"

Since all our friends are new to our blog, and you'll see a lot of them on our blog, here's who and who they belong too. Mommy did the home visits on all of them and likes to keep in touch.

Shootgun, Mommy's calls him Buckshoot, and Bullet belong to
Carolyn and Bruce.



Reggie Rainbow belongs to Carolyn.



Bentley and Simone belong to Tim and Pam.



Spencer and Zoey didn't get to come but they belong to Tim and Pam too.



No introductions needed for these next two but we belong to the Mommy.


Hope ya like the Smilebox...........

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Later.......Mona, Prissy and all our friends


haopee said...

I know Mona! I've also seen Reggie before!

LOL. Stuffy graveyard. Chooey and the pack are allowed to play with their stuffies outside. Unfortunately, they never return inside as they're all torn apart by then.

CATachresis said...

My goodness! What a a lot of woofies! make a me a bit nervous! MOL !!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Your stuffie graveyard is awfully cute
Benny & Lily