August 21, 2010



"In a world where you can be anything, be yourself."

Hi dearest friends,

Before we start with all the updates, Mommy & I want to wish the best, and congratulations to the newlyweds, Frankie Oscar Furter Price and his wives, Penny & Ruby. I missed the bachlorette party last weekend because I was so worried about my Tiger and Shelby. I just couldn't come to the wedding of the century without my Tiger and I am so sorry to have missed it. Know that my heart was with you guys and I will make sure Mommy takes me around to everybody's blog. We already went to the Wedding blog and took it all in. The groom and the brides were gorgeous. Mommy hasn't done it yet but we are going to send a donation to Dachshund Rescue of North American.

Now for all the news. This will be a very long post, so ya better sit back and relax. Mommy will try not to be too long winded but you know my Mommy. I will let Mommy take over now but I will be back when Mommy is finished to show you what happened last night.

First things first....when it rains it pours.

 It's true, in 2 to 3 weeks, it will be raining & pouring puppies. Miss Shelby had to have gotten pregnant right before Sandra found her. Thank God, Sandra didn't pass her by and step over her like a lot of people did.
There is no doubt, she isn't fat, X-rays don't lie. We saw five tiny little bodies with a possibility of 10 or more because Dr Briles said they could be behind each other. One thing is for sure, this will be last litter she will ever have. She was going to get spayed next weekend now just as soon as she has the pups and it's safe, she will be spayed.
Dr Briles thinks she is anywhere from 7 to 8 years old, so God only know how many litters she was forced to bear.
Such a sweet girl to be used like that and probably never had a chance to grow up herself. As soon as we thought, she could be pregnant we stopped all her medication. Our biggest fear now, is that all the medication she was taking has effected the pups.
 Dr Briles said all we could do is wait & see what happens. I told him today that I wanted a complete blood workup done on her to see if she is OK, we don't need anymore sunrises. The said to keep giving the Heartguard but nothing else. The results should be back no later than Wednesday. Shelby Vet bill was $218.00 today
 As of tonight, she is to eat lots and lots, as much as she wants, of Puppy Food, to help the pups along. She now weighs 48.5 pounds. Sandra once rescued a pittie that was pregnant, so she knows what is gonna happen. That pit had 13 pups. We were hoping for just 2 or 3 pups.
Bella asked her Mommy if it was OK for Shelby to wear one of the lovely bananas, that's what she called them, that Tucker gave her. Somehow, I think Tucker would approve. That's why Bella loves him so much!!
As you can see from this picture, Shelby is quite pregnant. It was going to be hard enough to try to find a good home for Shelby, if Sandra doesn't keep her,  but now a whole bunch of puppies too. Tomorrow, I will be trying to contact any pit bull rescues that can help us find good homes after the pups are weened. We don't know if we should cry or be happy but there is no question that we will do whatever needs to be done. Sandra is almost to the point of a panic attack. You will understand why in a little while. If anyone would like to send anything to Shelby and the rest of the Pitte Pack & Wee Ones, it would be wonderful. We have been buying food and supplies out of Shelby's Fund & now we are going to use some of the money to build a whelping box (is that what it's called?) for Miss Shelby.

Now on the Tiger.

When Dr Briles said to bring Shelby in today, when we brought in the Tiger Cub, what Sandra call Tiger,  we didn't realize the challenge it would be. A 48  pound pit and a 12 pound dachshund, that can pull you down in second, was almost too much for this 62 year old woman. How I ever managed with 5 dogs, I will never know.
Here is Tiger still with his pressure bandages still on.
This picture was taken right after his bandages came off. Dr Briles has his finger where the puncture wound was where his skin is very thin and you can feel one of his broken ribs.
I can see why Mona loves him so much, who could resist that face.
As you can see, our Tiger Cub, got shaved pretty good.
If you look real close, you can see where the rib is trying to poke out. He will still be taking antibiotics for a while, no rough play (that's an impossibility), so he will have to stay crated. He has to be watched closely to make sure he doesn't start breathing badly, etc. Surgery is still a possibility.
While Shelby was being X-rayed, we let Tiger walk around. The minute we let him down........
he starting scratching.
Sandra is trying to get him to stop scratching in this picture. When doctor Briles came back he gave him a shot of something called DepoMedrol to help with the itching and had his assistant give him a medicated bath to try to get some of the dead skin and debris off him.
Here he is after is bath, we thought he looked like a drowned river rat.
He was feeling much better after the bath and I held him, while Dr Briles and Sandra talked about the upcoming birth of the pups. Tiger's visit including the antibiotic and the bath was $106.00. Since Sandra is the only income in the family now, I paid for it out of Shelby's Fund. I figured you guys wouldn't mind. Last weekend I paid over $500.00, and would do it again in a minute for Mona's Tiger with my own money, meant to pay a bill, but money is getting kind of tight for me too.

Several weeks ago Sandra shared a secret with me and said she didn't want anybody to know because she didn't want to jinx it. Today she said I might as well tell everybody because she doesn't know when she'll ever be able to afford another computer.

Sandra is 2 1/2 months pregnant!!!

She was very happy when she found out about her baby but she has been having a few complication and her doctor told her to stay off her feet and rest for 30 days. Now you can understand why, Shelby being pregnant and Tiger's injury, has her so traumatized. I worry for her and her unborn child. She has been off work for around 10 days already but as far as getting any rest, I know she isn't. Oscar, her husband, is out of town working on a job because he couldn't find anything in Houston, so it's just her and her Mom taking care of 7 dogs and soon to be who knows how many puppies. She wants to take care of the pups until they can be adopted out.  So that's another 6 weeks none stop. Today she said God only gives us as much as He thinks we can handle and she said "I wish he didn't trust me so much." I told her today that I will be here for her but she doesn't like to ask for anything. Did I tell you she is stubborn just like me, buts lots younger? I told her that she is young enough for me be her mother, so she won't be able to rid of me anytime soon.

Did you notice, that both flower pictures have something in common besides being roses? They both have baby's breath and that's good luck. 

Mona here finally..... that you've heard all the news, I got in trouble with Mommy last night. I'll let you, my friends, be the judge. Who is right or wrong?

I was minding my own business playing with some of my toys. Remember my orange chicken, who was my favorite playmate before Big Pinkie Poo?
And some of my make believe puppy friends and my snausage dog.
Well Mommy had the nerve to tell me that Big Pinkie Poo stunk and needed a bath.
"You said what woman. Big Pinkie Poo smells just the way I like him." 
I wasn't in trouble until I did this to her.
Big Pinkie Poo went right into the washing machine and I had to go to time out.

Gotta go now, Last Chance Highway starts in 5 minutes.

Love, kisses and {{{huggies}}} to all.....Mona


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage Now With KhattleDog! said...

All we khan paw is wow...

Well, maybe WOW...

Paws khrossed fur all...

Khyra and Khousin Merdie

The Slimmer Pugs, Kitties, and Mama said...

Wesa hope that the auction for Shelby is a BIG success. Poor Sandra...but the baby is good news and those pit mix puppies will be loved and cared for as both Sandra and Ms. Shelby are loving mamas. Hope Tiger is healed soon so that there is one less baby to be concerned about. I am praying for you all and so are my puggums.
Love you all lots,
Mindy (mama #2)
and the Slimmer puggums

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Bittersweet post:( Congrats on the new baby to Sandra, hope she can put aside the other parts of her life and rejoice in her new little life. Poor Shelby, poor Tiger. Our Paw It Forward will be another donation to the Shelby fund. It is only a little but every little bit has to help some. God bless you for all you do to help.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Sagira said...

Everything will work itself out, it always does. I know it is stressful but what is done is done and nobody can go back and change that now. Just be sure to give the new pups lots of love. They have the best change of being adopted out as soon as they are old enough to leave the mom (usually around 8-10 weeks old). I have a form I could email you about how to rehome your dog if that would help you? I have it for my rescue, just let me know and I can send it over to you.

Congrats on the new baby as well. How exciting!

Glad Tiger is doing better. Hope that rib heals up. It sounds so painful. Since another dog attacked Tiger, can you try to get that dogs owner to pay for the vet bills instead of it coming out of your own pocket?

Two French Bulldogs said...

ah poor baby..all the paws are crossed. Better hire a babysitter now..
Benny & Lily

K9 Katastrophie said...

Mona! You stuck your tongue out at your Mommy! Oooooo I like my toys to be stinky too but I don't think it was nice for you to stick your tongue out at your Mommy. My mommy is rolling on the floor laughing right now. So strange. Anyway, I am so happy for Sandra and her human pup! Lots of prayers on her behalf, I will say. Love to you and to the Pittie Pack.


Lorenza said...

Yes. God gives you as much as you can handle... no more... no less...
Blessings for Sandra and her baby.
Blessings for Shelby and her babies.
Blessings for Mommy and all she does to help them.
Paws crossed for Tiger.
I have faith that everything is going to be ok!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Maggie Mae and Max said...


So much happening in your lives at the moment. Such wonderful news for Sandra, give her a hug from us. Puppy prayers and paws crossed for Tiger and Shelby. We will continue to help when we can. :)

Blessings and love to all of you,
Maggie Mae and Janelle

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Sandra on her pregnancy!

OMG this adventure with Shelly just continues. Sending lots of prayers!!

No way Mona could get in trouble!!!

Tucker said...

Oh my goodness Bella is gonna be a big sister to a hooman pup! Oh' that's so exciting. Sandara needs to know that these doggies come into her life because they know that she is a safe sanctuary of love to them. Please consider contacting rescues outside of your area. There is a really really good Pittie Rescue up here in Maine. It is here: and it is worth a try to contact them and see if they can help somehow with Shelby & her story. Oh and I luvs it that Shelby is wearing the bananas - I made sure I sent enough so Bella could share.

woof - Tucker

Jans Funny Farm said...

What a lot of news! We wish Sandra a healthy pregnancy. Glad Tiger is healing. Hope Shelby's meds haven't hurt the pups and they're okay.

Pat Wahler said...

Wow! That's a lot for everyone to handle. I'm keeping prayers going that everything will turn out well.



Hi Mona,

We have missed you too! Girl, you have been busy!

Poor Shelby, being pregnant in this heat is bad enough! And poor little Tucker, bless his heart and then to top it off, you got in trouble! OMD!

Take care and be good!

Luv ya,
Riley and Star.

sprinkles said...

OMD, you have a lot going on right now!

Congrats to Sandra!

Glad Tiger is doing better.

I hope that the x-rays didn't hurt the babies. And that the meds didn't either.

Still keeping everyone in my prayers.

3 doxies said...

I know good and well I was here yesterday and haves no idea what happened to my comment...well, we does dis again.
Fur starters, I am over joyed bouts Sandra hooman pregnancy. If her is half da mom to a hooman dat hers is to doggies...dat little peanut sure is gonna haves a great life. Sandra is gonna make wonderful mom. Please tell her we send our huggies to hers and her hubby.
Poor Shelby, dat girl has had it so ruff and now dis...what next. I just hope her pups will be healthy and strong. May they all get super wonderful furever homes.
Hehehehehe...Mona, you cracks me up sticking your tongue out...hehehehehe!


Taffy said...

Crazy times, huh? Congrats to Sandra! I can see why she would be stressed but I completely agree with Lorenza. God will work things out in his time. Sometimes is sure is hard waiting though. Give her a hug from us, will you? We are keeping Tiger in our prayers but him getting his bandage off is a good sign. And, Shelby with puppies? That poor girl.

Mack said...

We will be saying extra purrayers for everybody!


Autumn and Jasmine the Maltese said...

Hi there sist!

Glad to hear bout Shelby and the puppies! Mom said, she would love to adopt 1 if only we were staying around there as she's began to fall in love with the breed =D

also, thanks for the package! I cant wait to see the postman ring our house for the package hihi

Autumn & Jasmine

Lola and also Franklin, too said...

You know, I read this yesterday but I was actually speechless. You and Mom and Sandra have so much to deal with. I hope that there are a minimal amount of pups and that it's easy to find homes for them. I've had pups myself, though - when I was with my original people. I know that they're a whole LOT of work and craziness even before it's time for them to get homes. And we Pei don't have huge litters.

lotsa licks, Lola

Scout and Freyja said...

Sending many and many good wishes for both of the momma's in the house! We are SO happy that the mean PURRson did not keep Shelby. Those little babies of hers would have been destined for a life in the dog ring - HORRORS! When my momma gets paid again she is going to make another donation for Shelby. It won't be much but every little bit helps☺ We ♥ all you guys a LOT!

mayziegal said...

Whew! My head is just spinning with all that news! I just can't even imagine what Miss Sandra is feeling.

But firstly, I want to tell Miss Sandra how happy I am for her having a little human pup of her own. I know she's gonna be a Most Wonderful mommy!

And gosh - I hopes that all of Shelby's puppies find really good homes. I bets a rescue might help you all find good adopters after they hear Miss Shelby's story and see her pictures and stuff. I know Brudder Ranger's rescue lets peoples "foster" their own doggies until they get adopted. (It's a rat terrier rescue, not a pit bull rescue. But maybe there are pit bull rescues who have things like that, too.)

My mom and me are thinking abouts you all and sending good wishes that everything will turn out A-OK.

Wiggles & Wags,

Kari in Alaska said...

so now I have to take back my rant since they say she was pregnant when found. Sorry. Rescue is a passion and I can get carried away

Don't forget, we moved to