September 13, 2015


Hi Blogville,

It's me, Sammie Jean. We been back home for almost a week now but Mommy was off Tuesday too, to go to the dentist, and when she got back to work Wednesday she had to work overtime

the rest of the week so no post until now. The Mommy kinda screwed up and forgot to take our
camera so she used our new 21st century IPhone and still hasn't figured how move the pictures to our computer. She's kinda slow like that but she did send a few to herself by e-mail because she just had to tell you all what I did. For those of you who haven't noticed I'm kinda a TOMBOY, just like Mommy used to be.

But first,  the main attraction in  the country wasn't the cowdogs but the hummingbirds.
They was everywhere. Aunt Mary made this video. She has 3 in her front yard but CHARLOTTE, more about her later, has taken over one and the hummies won't go near it.

If this didn't load, click at bottom of post
where it did.

Now about me ....

There are lots of doggies at Aunt Mary's and you've met them all at one time or another,
plus 3 kitties, and there will be pictures of them soon, if Mommy gets off her tail and loads
the pictures but this is about me and SHERMAN.


SHERM is my new best friend and has been teaching me all his hunting tricks and we
spent a lot of time together. As you c an tell by the name Mommy calls him, he kills and eats
wood rats, YEP, he EATS them. Disgusting Mommy says but I say if you can grab a little meat,
go for it. So on Labor Day I was just walking around on the front porch  ..........

and saw something out the corner of my eye I just had to attack. I deaded it real good.

Mommy was not happy.

"What do you mean I can't EAT him?"

OK just so you don't think I'm all blood and guts,  Mommy wants to show you the girly
me. Yesterday just me and Mommy went to Aunty Judy's to buy me some harnesses.
I've been wearing one of Mona's from when she was a youngster like me but it was too tight.
So first, with our regular camera, she took my pic in Mona's harness on the way to Aunt Judy's. Mona and Prissy were not happy campers being left alone at home and I laughed and laughed at them and Mommy said I was a naughty girl for doing that but it was the first time it's been just me and Mommy alone together.

Here I am in my girly harness..........

Here I am in my other harness. Mommy loves giraffes.......

So what do you think, am I  a monster or what?  Just what does 'Look at me I'm Sandra Dee" mean anyway. Maybe some of our old lady peeps might know, Mommy did, but I sure don't.

Love ya...........Sammie Jean


sprinkles said...

I love your harnesses, they're both really pretty. Just like you, Sammie Jean!

easyweimaraner said...

you are a super hunter ( I know our mom's haven't a passion for hunters...sigh...) but let's say with that prey the would give you a gold medal here in france :o)

Amber DaWeenie said...

{sigh} I NOSE just you you mean. I don't dead anyting BUTT sissies Pepper and Jennie are always deading frogs and lizards. Mommy gets so mad too. She tries to save everything.

Two French Bulldogs said...

LOVE the dress! Those hummingbirds fly like 870 mph
Lily & Edward

Murphy said...

The dresses are beautiful but the blood and guts is kinda gross (mom made me write that).

Your Pals,

Murphy & Stanley

Hailey and Zaphod and their Lady said...

Welcome back and congrats on your hunting.

Ruby said...

Oh gurl, Moms are just no funs, right??!! I say, WooooHooooo!!!! on the deadin' thing! Hey, that's what we terrierest are suppose to do, right? So why do they scream and gets all grossed out when we do it?? Peeps are weird.
OMD, your harness are FABulous!!! I loves them! I wish I could wear one so stylish..mine is kinda boring and dull.
Looks like you had a FABulous time in the country!!
Ruby ♥

Cupcake said...

You look beautiful in your harness!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Giraffes! Stanley kills frogs and bugs, and I am happy about the bugs!