July 20, 2014


Dearest friends, 

On our July 14th post we posted that ATDR
was forced to close intake of dachshunds 
for a time.

Here was the letter Mommy got about 
this very sad situation.


July 13. 2014

Dear Sarah,

Due to our high veterinary bills, it is with deep sadness we announce
 that ATDR has had to close intake to the many Doxies in need until we are able to catch up.  We continue to care for and adopt out the over 120 Doxies currently in our program, but will be unable to rescue any new ones for the immediate future.  Our vet bills run approximately $100,000 each year.  Adoption fees do not even cover half of these costs so we rely on individual donations to help with the rest.  Tragically, due to the economy and other factors, Doxies are being left in shelters at a higher rate and adoptions have gone down. 

You may be asking what can you do to help us open back up as fast as possible.  The best way would be a direct contribution.  With this, we can pay off our vets the fastest and most directly.  


 Mommy has been raking her brain trying to think up ways to make some money for the cause.

My idea, Mona, is to sell some of my kisses,
like I used to when I volunteered at the many events benefiting DROH and ATDR. My kisses are only $1.00 a piece.

Mommy thought she could offer to make custom Smileboxes. For a donation of $25.00,
she will make a Smilebox just for you or your peeps with up 10 of your favorite pictures. It could be to honor a Rainbow Bridger, a special
event, anything you would like, it wouldn't even have to be about us!!

What do you think? Anyone interested?



ATDR has a Facebook Auction Page that
has a new auction coming soon. 

AUCTION ALERT!!!  Items Needed!!!

We have another great Facebook Auction coming up in a few months
 to help raise money for the vet bills!  If you have any cute, fun,
 or Doxie themed items that are mailable and you would like
 to donate them to the auction, please email AUCTIONS@ATDR.ORG!!! 
We will provide a residential address to ship them to so we may put
 them in the auction album!!! 

 If you have not joined our ATDR Facebook Auction Page, please do so and 
 when the time comes...BID BID BID!!!  This is a big fundraiser for us
 and will help pay lots of vet bills!!  Be sure to read the Auction rules
 on the Facebook Auction Page before bidding!


sprinkles said...

That's so sad they've had to stop accepting new Doxies. I hope you're successful in raising $ and helping ADTR.

Idaho PugRanch said...

We would like to buy 10 kisses from Mona! How do we pay?
Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

haopee said...

Hi. We'd like to offer our services--errrr our assistant's services in creating a header for a winning bidder in your auction.

Please message us if we can help.