June 28, 2013



"Take the time to live!
  Do not value the THINGS you
Have in your life,
 but value WHO you have in your life!!"

Check this out (click below)  ...it's funnier than a herd of dachshunds.

Head em up.....move em out! Rawhide!
We kept waiting for the cows to stomp the living
 crap out of it.

Outspoken Animals 

Menopause sucks.
Where's my Coffee?
Those Brownies were Far Out!!
There's a ringer competing in the Hogtown Olympics. 
I'm not Over-Weight, I'm Under-Tall!!
Okay, I caught him.... Now what do I do with him?
Lunchtime at the Corncob Cafe.

Hi, I'm Celeste, I'll be your Aura-Concierge today.
Flight 'Hum-One' coming in for a landing.

NO! We Don't want any Magazine Subscriptions! 

Mommy here.........

The girls survived their day at the groomer.
Prissy did very good for her first time.
Here 1s a tiny little video before and after video.

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Sketching with Dogs said...

Love the funnies, they really made Mum LOL!
Sweet video, enjoy your pampering.
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Unknown said...

That was hilarious and we too were waiting for them to pluck up the courage to give it a good stomping. Thanks for the laughs.
Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly
PS We have just been told that some people are not getting our posts. We are posting as normal.

stellaroselong said...

What a great way to start friday out with those funnies!!!
stella rose

Two French Bulldogs said...

Do funny!!
Benny & Lily

Ruby said...

BOL! Hey loved the Smilebox...you guys are almost as excited as me!
(at least you guys don't pull your Moms arm outta her socket! hehehe)
Ruby ♥