May 2, 2013



 "Walking with a friend in the dark is better 

than walking alone in the light."

~~ Helen Keller

It was a dark and stormy night

We got deserted by the Mommy.

And we was scared!!!!

Weenie here..........

 This last Saturday the weather man said it was gonna rain a little bit on Sunday BUT he lied.  There came a storm to beat all storms Saturday and Mommy got caught in it while Sissy and me was home alone. Poor Mona is terrified of thunder and lightning. Me, being the brave little man I am, had to comfort her as best I could. I wasn't really scared, RIGHT......NOT.

Mommy and the gang of dachshund folks she hangs with, went to a "meet and greet" at Becky's house to see Paxton. They was celebrating Becky and Meredith's birthdays too. Here's the Mommy with the baby. No dogs allowed or so they said.

"I ask you does this look like no dogs allowed?"

Mommy and Mandy Jo



The Mommy here.........

While we were at Becky's it started raining really hard with lots of thunder. No big deal, we were inside taking turns cuddling with Paxton. Around 7:00 pm it had slacked off a little bit and we all decided to take off for home. What would have normally taken 35 minutes to get home took over 2 hours. I have never driven in a storm like that before. It started hailing and lighting was striking everywhere. I had to change my route several times because of flooding. I was scared I wouldn't make it home, so I prayed the rosary on my fingers all the way. I knew God would make sure I made it home. I was so glad I didn't have the kids with me. There is no way I would have been able to control them and drive too. Knowing how Mona gets when it storms, I knew I had to get home.

My poor babies were in a corner, as far away from the patio door as they could get, huddled and shivering under a blanket. They had drug every stuffed animal and carcass in the house to the corner and were laying on them. I cried when I saw them like that. I picked them both up and wrapped all of us up in a blanket and sat in the recliner for another couple of hours listening to the storm and watching the lighting thru the patio door and trying to comfort Mona. I guess Weenie said his job was done protecting his sister since Mommy was home and he fell right asleep. Hurricane Ike couldn't hold a candle Saturday night.

Mona here..........

I couldn't help myself. I still remember what it was like when I was a puppy dodging traffic during a thunder storm and my poor brother, God only knows, how many storms he weathered being kept outside most of his life.

But all that's in the past. This coming Saturday, Aunt Judy has decided to have a dachsie play date at her house. Everybody will be there, humans and dogs too. Lets see, that's at least 12 peeps and maybe 25 or so dogs.

How long is it until Saturday?

Sniff ya later.........Weenie
God Bless..............The Mommy


Anonymous said...

Oh me oh my! I would have been scared also. Hope that she made it up to you with plenty of treats!

Lovable Lily said...

You all are SOOOOO brave! That sounds like it was really miserable. Mother Nature was really angry I guess.

We're glad that Mom made it back home safe and sound and that you were OK. We don't like the thunder and lightening either and we've been getting a lot of that around here these days.

Now tell Mom to be sure (as always) to take lot's of pictures this weekend. We always love to see all those cute little faces.

Lily Belle & Muffin

GOOSE said...

WOW that is quiet the storm and story. Glad you made it home safe with the pups. I bet there was much hugs and kisses when you got home. Hugs makes everything better.

Molly The Wally said...

Thank God you made it home safely and the babies were OK. I hate thunder but I have my little hiding place behind to the sofa to go to. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Casey said...

What a skeery time!! I'm glad your momma made it home eventually and was able to comfort you.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh my sweet of my life! You did such a good job takin care of sissy. I's sendin you lots of hugs and kisses fur a job well done!

Loads of Loveys....

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH MY.... that must have been totally terrifying... BUTT you two did the RIGHT thingy... your gathered your stuffies and kept them all feeling SAFE and SECURE with YOU.
Bravo. Well done.

Dip-Dip and the Bridge said...

Storms are very scary and that looked like a particularly bad one. We are pleased you are okay and your mom came to rescue you with cuddles!
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Two French Bulldogs said...

Gosh we would have been petrified. Glad we rarely get thunder or lightening. Glad all is well
Benny & Lily

Linda said...

Your one brave Mom, mine would have been a crying mess.
So glad you are home safe now.

xo Cinnamon