January 5, 2013

The Texans Won and Christmas Puppy Rescue


 "People have choices, animals don't!"

Hooray........the Texans won their playoff game today.


Houston Texans vs Cincinnati Bengals

Jan 5 @TexansQ1Q2Q3Q4





TEXANS .....  19

BENGALS  .....  13 

Dearest friends,

We have someone we want you to see. He was rescued the day after Christmas. 

He was left in a box at the curb of a street and one of ATDR's volunteers saw the box moving and there he was.


 He's a tiny little fella, 2 pounds when found. Aunt Judy is fostering him.

Be back tomorrow with details and more pictures.



GOOSE said...

What a little cutiie. And congrats on your win. I was thrilled to see Eral Campbel at the game.

Momo and Pinot said...

Happy New Year!! We're sorry for not being able to visit you for so long.

We really hope this little cute friend willl find a forever home. Our paws crossed.

Momo & Pinot xo

sprinkles said...

He's absolutely adorable! He'll be snatched up in no time.

Hope you're having a happy new year!

Molly The Wally said...

Have a super Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Lovable Lily said...

Oh, oh, oh..... Adorable! All that cuteness rolled into one.

How could anyone be so heartless as to leave him at the curb. I guess that's a lifelong question we'll never understand.

Don't think you'll have a problem adopting him out at all. Sending a BIG thank you to Aunt Judy for taking the little one under her wing.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Poor little fella. At least he is SAFE Now.. with Miss Judy.

THANK YOU fur the Comment E-mail. I don't know WHAT is going on with Blogger.. some folks are having trouble getting Pictures to post and now this... BUTT it seems to be working OK now. Whew.

Alien said...

Just flying by to say hi.

So cute!


Cupcake said...

I'm so glad Aunt Judy is fostering him. He is in good hands.

Love, Cupcake

Milo Robinson said...

WHAT A CUTIE!!! Glad he's in safe hands :)
Love Milo :)

Tweedles -- that's me said...

ohh that little baby puppy is so adorables,, i am blowing kissys to him!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh my goodness so precious!!!
Benny & Lily

The Websters said...

Yes, we love him. Send him on up here and I'll tell my grandma about him. She will love him too.


Amber DaWeenie said...

OMD...Someone's unwanted Christmas present no doubt! He's so lucky he was found. Bet he'll have a wonderful forever home very quickly. Hey Weenie>>>>>>>>want a baby brother???