November 2, 2012




 ~~ "The hardest thing to learn in life is which bridge to cross
 and which -- To burn ."~ 

 Weenie and Mona here...............

We missed wishing all our friends a Happy Halloween this year and didn't get to dress up but we still had fun. Aunt Tina and Chris sat outside their house passing out treats to like 200 kids. The 6 of us doggies all lined up inside, behide the big glass door looking out and barking. Ya should have seen some of those rugrats screaming and running for their Mommies.

We got a update on Mommy yesterday and we are very excited.
We get to come home in another few weeks.

All of Mommy's sutures, stiches and tubes came out yesterday. She feels lots better but has to take an antibotic for 2 weeks and then if everything goes OK, she can go back to work and we can come home. Please keep prayering for Mommy and don't forget us, pretty please!!

The Mommy here............

I have decided to do our October adoptions early and share a little
something about adoptions.

  Marriage or Relationship

 If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him and never say it's not quite as good as his mother's

Then adopt a dog.

  If you want someone always willing to go out, at any hour,
For as long and wherever you want ...

 Then adopt a dog. 

 If you want someone who will never touch the remote, doesn't care about football, and can sit next to you as you watch romantic movies

..then adopt a dog.

 If you want someone who is content to get on your bed just to
warm your feet and whom you can push off if he snores

 ..then adopt a dog ! 

If you want someone who never criticizes what you do, doesn't care if you are pretty or ugly, fat or thin, young or old, who acts as if every word you say is especially worthy of listening to, and loves You unconditionally, perpetually 

 ..then adopt a dog.

We had 15 more lucky pups finding their forever homes during Oct 2012.

(I did his home visit)

Hank Adopted: October 7, 2012 Dachshund 

 Drover Adopted: October 9, 2012 Dachshund

(Syrus was one of the dogs that stayed with us the night before the I-45 Puppy Transport. His transporter adopted him 2 days later)
 Syrus Adopted: October 11, 2012 Dachshund


Buddy Adopted: October 11, 2012 Dachshund

Delaney Adopted: October 12, 2012 Dachshund

(Sarah and Delaney were adopted together. Sarah is Delaney's Mommy)

Sarah Adopted: October 12, 2012 Dachshund

 Penny Adopted: October 15, 2012 Dachshund

 Lulu Adopted: October 18, 2012 Dachshund

Lillian Adopted: October 20, 2012 Dachshund / Mixed

 Murphy Adopted: October 22, 2012 Dachshund

Gabe Adopted: October 22, 2012 Dachshund


Simon Adopted: October 24, 2012 Dachshund

Blue Eyes Adopted: October 27, 2012 Dachshund

Bradley Adopted: October 28, 2012 Dachshund

Princess Adopted: October 29, 2012 Dachshund / Mixed

....have a GREAT Day!!!
The Mommy, Sarah


Cotton said...

Wow. I really love this post! Congrats to the 15 adopted <3 I think this post is so meaningful

scotsmad said...

We would have loved to bark at the trick or treaters....but we were banished in the back yard...yuck!

We're always happy when we hear of dogs who find their families.

XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

Amber DaWeenie said...

We're just so thrilled to hear the good're feeling so much better and all those pups finding their forever homes. The rescue is really doing a great job.

GOOSE said...

Look at all those happy doggie faces. And we are still praying for your mom. AND we could never forget you!!

Susie and Sidebite said...

We still got our paws crossed for Mom, and they will stay that way till she is home with her troops.

Your Furiends
Susie & Bites

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sending good vibes to the momma. Good post
Benny & Lily

Lovable Lily said...

Well that sure is good news about your Mommy! We are so happy that she is starting to feel better. We're hoping that the antibiotics do the trick for her and then you will all be reuinited again.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Ruby said...

YEA!! Great news about your Moms!!
And, good jobs barkin' at all those ankle biters!!
We LOVE your adoption updates!! Keep em' comin'!!


Molly The Wally said...

We wish mum well and send lots of love. Great news about the forever homes. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

The Websters said...

OH my goodness! Was that little doxie blue eyes secretly a husky?

It is so true that us dogs are the very best. We are good at everything.


Casey said...

YAY for so many adoptions!! We're keeping our paws crossed for your momma.