September 15, 2012



 Happy Birthday Aunt Pawla -- we love you.

Today Mommy went to the monthly Dachshund Rescue Birthday party luncheon. Aunt Pawla is the only one with a birthday in September. Can you tell she is a princess?

Everybody got one of these. Hee hee, looks like he was taking a dump.   
Lucky dog, got to have that whole cupcake and then it's own drink.

FWI....Aunt Pawla's real name is Paula.

This is where the OMD...OMD.....OMD'S  come in.
This is Miss Meredith.

It was Aunt Pawla's day but Mommy got the best surprise ever from Miss Meredith.
Take a close look. It isn't often you'll catch our Mommy speechless. She kept holding her hands over her chest, you'd have thought she was having a heart attack.

This is Aunt Brinda, hugging Mommy cause she was crying with happiness

Let me tell you why.

Right after Mommy started fostering, a special 5 year old red long haired girl came into our home and into Mommy's heart. Her name was Nikki. Mommy used to call her Nikki Nic. She was never put on the website because of her situation and at the advice of DROH's lawyer she was kept in hiding. She was with us for 6 months. I was very jealous of Nikki, I'm sorry to say. Mommy wanted to adopt her but I was always picking on her and finally Mommy decided to let someone else foster her so we wouldn't hurt each other.. It broke her heart. She was adopted months later, along with a black long haired girl, by an older couple who lived out of state. Mommy never knew who adopted her but never forgot her. She would now be 12 years old.

Of course, whenever rescue people gather for anything, they all gotta talk about what's been going on in both rescue groups. Everybody takes turns. Mommy was sitting next to Brinda. Thank goodness because Mommy almost fell out of her chair.

Meredith said she was picking up a senior dog from the Airport that is coming from Oklahoma on the 27th and wondered if Mommy wanted to go with her. The family that was surrendering her said she was fostered by a lady named Sarah Ricca. That would be the Mommy. 

So Nikki is coming back to rescue. Poor baby came from a horrendous situation, got adopted into a loving home, and now is back in rescue  because her Daddy died and the wife doesn't want her anymore. She's keeping the other dog but said Nikki was her husband's dog. In our adoption contracts, it says: Any dog that isn't wanted is to be returned to the rescue group it came from.

OMD, Mommy thought she'd never see Nikki again but now she's back. Wonder if she'll remember Mommy. I hope she doesn't remember me since I was so mean to her. I'm a much nicer dog now and if she comes back to us, I'll be extra nice.

Guess what?  Nikki's second foster was named Lisa and she had a blind black & tan dachshund. What a coincidence.

Now for our OMD.

Look who's coming tomorrow to visit us?

Yep, Miss Ruthie and her Mommy are coming to our house. Miss Sandra is coming too with Bella. We invited Minna Krebs and Pickles to come too but their Mom said she has to work so they probably won't make it.

Talk about excited.

I still got a bushel of apples left from the Back to School Bash to sell and Weenie still has his Magic Bubble Bee ready to fly you ladies around. Bet Bandit still has his yellow airplane gassed up and ready to fly. The Chip In is still active until tomorrow night.

Gotta go now. The sooner we get to sleep the sooner we can meet Miss Ruthie..
Sniff ya later...........Weenie


Molly The Wally said...

Oh do let us know about Nikki how sad. Have a lovely fun filled Sunday and we hope you have great fun with Ruthie.
Best wishes Molly

Amber DaWeenie said...

It just be so nice to wake up and read all this good news. Doesn't happen to me too often! So glad Nikki is coming back. Now, nice!

Mommy put Red Girl on the "Our Rainbow Friends" site.

Hap-Pee Sun-Dae!!!

Murphy said...

It's sad to see a pup returned to rescue but now that you can be nicer to Nikki maybe this can have a happy ending!?!?!

Your friends,

Murphy & Stanley

Ruby said...

Oh, so happy for your Moms! I hope you have a good times with the pups!
Hey, if you could put me down for 2 tickets in each raffle and 6 apples for my teaches, I would be much appreciated! (That be a total of 10 buckaroos)



sprinkles said...

I'm happy for you that you'll get to see Nikki again. I don't understand why that woman wouldn't want her. You'd think she'd want to hold on to anything that belonged to her husband, since she doesn't have him anymore.

Rama's Mama said...

Hi there! New follower here from Da Weenies of Florida! So nice to meet you!

stellaroselong said...

It made me and my mom sad and happy to read your post...first sad cos that poor little nikki has to go through losing her home AGAIN, then happy cos she is coming back to you...and I just know you will be nicer this time won't you?
Stella Rose