September 23, 2012

3 - 0, Fuzzy Nation and A Weenie Smilebox


“Find the seed at the bottom of your heart 
and bring forth a flower

– Shigenori Kameoka

First time in franchise history.  
We're 3 and 0 ~~~ 
Houston Texans......31

Denver Broncos......25

Hi friends,

Fuzzy Nation has picked 100 pups in their next Super Model Contest and 2 dachshunds, that we know and love,  are in the running to win the grand prize of $15,000. Even the second or third prizes would great. All money won goes to the rescue group where the pups were adopted from. There are all kinds of doggies in the running. So we ask you to go vote and even if it's, not for a DROH or ATDR doggie.  We're just saying.

If you click the link below or copy and paste to your browser you can read the Fuzzy Nation notice and see all the fantastic doggie pictures and vote too.

Mommy just doesn't know what to do. I, Mona, was adopted from DROH and I, Weenie, was adopted from ATDR. So to be fair, since you can only vote once a day, but for only one contestant, one day she votes for Adam and one day for Banana. 

Vote for Adam

Vote for Adam!
Now through October 12th
Now through October 12th
Help us save homeless Dachshunds
First place is $15,000!
Little Adam, adopted from Dachshund Rescue of Houston, has made it into the top 100 in Fuzzy Nation's Super Model Contest! If he wins 1st place, DRoH will receive $15,000! - which will go a long way toward rescuing abandoned Dachshunds. Please VOTE for "Adam Wei" ONCE a DAY until October 12th!

Vote for Mommy's Namesake
Sarah Lee Banana Cakes

Called Banana in the contest.

I am Sarah Lee Banana Cakes, but my friends call me Banana! I'm the super fuzzy pup in the middle of my picture! I was rescued by All Texas Dachshund Rescue! I had a great foster family, and then my forever mom saw me just knew I would be hers forever. Just when I was ready to go to my forever mom, something terrible happened. I ruptured a disc and had to have emergency back surgery. No one knew if I would walk again, and my mom was told that if she changed her mind about me, it was okay. Not just anyone can handle a paralyzed dog, but my mom never wavered! She learned how to continue my rehab, found someone to make me fancy wheels if I needed them, and even ordered me some ruffle butt diapers to make me look stylish. Thanks to my doctor, the ATDR volunteers, and my mom, I am back on all 4 feet! Since then, I have become Miss Dodgerslist 2012 and help educate people on life after IVDD. I also helped raise over $1000 for the Spay Neuter Assistance Program in Pasadena, where I was fostered. I also help mom take care of our own foster dogs and help give back to my wonderful rescue. 
Remember when Sarah Lee came into ATDR's organization on Mommy's birthday last year? What an honor that was for Mommy when ATDR decided to name her Sarah.
This was how she looked then.

Weenie here.......
It's been a very boring weekend around here. We ain't done nothing. Poor Mommy had to go have a Ultrasound yesterday. They think her got Gall Bladder problems. She always worries about us but never takes care of herself. We wish somebody would talk some sense into the woman. So we been napping with Mommy most of the weekend and just now I decided to take matters into my own hands. I made this with my own hands.

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Gotta go now. Mommy needs some loving.

Sniff ya later.............Weenie


Two French Bulldogs said...

we better get to those voting booths for a good cause
Benny & Lily

Ruby said...

Oooo, going now!
Now, give your Moms LOTS of lovin'!!



Molly The Wally said...

Popping over now. Have a happy Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

You two FUR SURE give your mom some super Sugar to help her to feel MUCH BETTER.

stellaroselong said...

We are on our way to the voting booths right now!
stella rose

Casey said...

You know I would love to help you out, but one of LBR's dogs is a finalist too! So I have to vote for Pink. Sorry.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Okee Dokee.....I's just put in my vote fur today! We'll head back there tomorrow! :o)

Weenie...I's so touched by your roaching video. Can I roach with you?

The Websters said...

OH THE CUTENESS! Adam is so so so so so so so cute.