June 2, 2012

BANDIT, Epiphylum, Day 2 BABY GIRL update

The flower at 10:30 pm the night it bloomed.

 “The earth laughs in flowers.”

 ~~  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Over at the Spring household they have a problem and the problem is Bandit. Uncle Raymond fixed that problem real fast. Mommy had to laugh because Samantha used to do the same thing.
Who Me?

The Evidence
The Solution

The End Result

A Samantha memory:

Mommy here.......When Samantha was little she had a fascination and taste for tomatoes. I used to have tomatoes growing in a planter. One day she came into the house and almost gave me a heart attack. She was bleeding, blood was flowing from her mouth and I started screaming. Thank God it was only the juice from a tomato she had gone into the planter and picked herself. She liked to pick one, carry it around in her mouth looking for a safe place to hide it, find a  place to hide it then pick it up again, carry it around some more and then find another safe place to hide it. This would go on for hours until she was tired of playing with it and eat it.
These are the memories I live for. I miss my first daughter so much. She has been gone for 7 years now but I still miss my tomato stealing angel.

 -- Epiphylum --

Last night Aunt Judy sent Mommy pictures of the flower from the bud to bloom. As promised here it is.

Baby Girl Day 2 Update:
"But Mommy, It's my bed!!"  

"It will be again, Little Fella now lay your head down down and think about Amber DeWeenie and you'll be fine"

 "Ah, this is much better but I'm still gonna dream about my girl Amber!!"

"Your welcome brother." 

Later...........Mona, Weenie, Baby Girl and Mommy too.


Gloria Hood said...

Ahhhh sweet pups! Loved the tomatoe story! Maybe I will do that to our potted plant, hehe. Mom love your flower too!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

BaaaaaWaaaah what a FUNNY story about the tomato.. Blood/Juice.

I love the flower pictures!!!

YES buddy.. dream of the Beautiful Miss AMBER!!!

harrispen said...

What a funny story about the tomato thief. I like the time lapsed pictures of the flower too.


Cupcake said...

I know you still miss your Samantha. My Mommy had Sasha years ago and she still tells stories about her. Us doggies stay in your hearts and minds forever.

Love, Cupcake

Two French Bulldogs said...

now who could have done the taste test?
Benny & Lily

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh Weenie...Maybe you should just come stay with me at my house until Baby Girl moves on! I gots lots of room here! As long as you don't mind all the cleaning and banging and Count Vacula!

Lorenza said...

I loved the story of Samantha stealing the tomatoes!
The pictures of the flower are amazing!
Sweet dreams to all of you!
Kisses and hugs

~Shelle said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog!! Isn't Mayor Frankie and his blabbermouth sidekick, Ernie the best!! :)
I have actually followed your blog for a long time now, finding it about the same time as Frankies a couple years ago. I didn't really start posting anything on anyone's blog until Puddles did something outrageous (like usually) and we got a conversation going back and forth about nonsense (like usual).
I always loved to see your love for animals in action. I was here when Shelby was found and was horrified by the pictures of how she was treated... then encouraged by the love of her coming into her own with the Fearless Five (and the others).

You are a special woman... and your dogs and doggie friends, definitely have someone to champion them!

Much love,
Shelle, Milo and Dixie

Lovable Lily said...

Such a beautiful post! The flower is amazing. Your story of Samantha just warmed our hearts.

Lily Belle