January 31, 2012



"Some people deserve a second chance; everybody deserves a first."

One year ago a scared little dog was dumped at a kill shelter in Irving Texas by his owners because he was going blind and they didn't want him anymore. The Shelter called ADTR and said he was going to be put down unless someone rescued him, because no one would want a blind dog. ADTR rescued him and he started on the journey to his new life.

A call went out for someone in Houston to foster him for awhile because he was going to be sent to an eye specialist in League City. He needed a name so they called him IRVING. So a scared little black and tan doxie with dry, flakey skin and hardly any hair on his tail end made the trip to Houston, alone in a very big crate, huddled in the corner shaking and crying all the way.

In the parking lot of a PetsMart, the exchange took place. I lady came to take him home with her and she had a beautiful wire haired doxie girl with her. He was terrified but the little girl dog told him not to worry, that he would love it with her and the lady. He thought, is it possible that I'm going to have a second chance even just for a little while. It had to be better than the first 8 years of his life where he was left outside night and day with just enough food to get by.
So off they went and took him to meet the lady who would be taking him to the doctor. He would stay with the nice lady and her little girl but she had to work so the other lady would take him to his first appointment a week later.

From the moment he met the little girl, she took him care of him and made sure he was protected. Her name was MONA.

The lady's name was Sarah and she told the little dog called IRVING that he woud be safe and she would foster him while he was in Houston. This lady took him in her arms and gave him her love.
So the little boy took his first nap, the first of many, on her chest and knew at least for awile he would have the love he desereved.
That little boy was me, WEENIE!!

Sniff ya later......Weenie

PS.....stay tuned for how they figured out my real name.


Minna Krebs said...

Oooh......I just LOVE that story, cuz I know it has such a happy ending !

.....and I really love those fotos of Weenie and da mommie

Sarge said...

Hey Weenie!
Wow, what a sweet story! You definitely found the right forever home and you're in a wonderful pack now. Great pix and I love the header pix!
Grr and Woof,
Sarge, COP

Sam and Pippen said...

We just loves stories like these! Thanks for sharing it, Weenie!

Sam and Pippen

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh it be so nice and comforting to read such a nice story wit such a hap-pee ending. Me wouldn't nose what to do if me didn't nose Weenie. He be very special to me!


Nadine, Chewy and Lilibell said...

Okay, this seriously made my eyes leaky!! Loved it!

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We are all so GLAD that you found Mona and Miss Sarah. OH.. and US!!


Lovable Lily said...

We love such happy endings! The 31st is such a great day for me too 'cause it's my 8th birthday. Many happy and healthy and fabulous years ahead for you my friend.

Lily Belle

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Weenie - you made a great choice for your home.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

Mitch and angel Maggie said...

Happy Gotcha Day, Weenie! You have the best home in the whole wide world!

Love ya lots,

sprinkles said...

Has it only been a year? Seems like you've had him a lot longer.

Happy Gotcha Day, Weenie!

chasingsquirrelswithrusty said...

Oh Weenie! What a wonderful story! We loved reading it and are so happy that you have such a great furever home!

Rusty, Riley, & Roxi

Two French Bulldogs said...

what a great story
Benny & Lily

Bolo said...

Cool story Weenie!
Nose Kisses to all!

Neeko said...

Oh sweet Weenie and Mona ♥

My Mommy's eyes are leaky reading this Pawsome story...
God Bless your Mommy for saving you and your Sis Mona for taking you under her paw.

Love to all,
Neeko ♥

Miss HoneyBuzz and Momma Maureen said...

This just gave us all kinds of smiles and a major case of the warm fuzzies!!

Thank you for sharing da love :)

mwah - Miss HoneyBuzz