November 27, 2011



The way you get meaning into your life,
is to devote yourself to loving others,
devote yourself to your community around you,
and devote yourself to creating something
that gives you purpose and meaning.”

Christmas is coming...........28 days & counting!
"Are you being naughty or nice?
Remember Santa Paws sees everything.
He's magic like that!"

Hey Blogville,

This naughty or nice stuff is a real tuffie. I haven't destuffed a stuffie since before Thanksgiving. What to do? What to do? Speaking of Thanksgiving, our friend Mr Pip has been accused of a turkey day crime. Yes! He has been falsely accussed of stealing some Yummylicious looking turkey. WE DO NOT BELEIVE IT!! How could his peeps not believe it was the cat, when the proof was right in front of their faces. Bet his girl doesn't believe he did it either. So I have decided to hire the best lawyer I can find, unless, of course, our COP Sarge can get him out of this mess. Thinking about doing it is not a crime! Is it? Anyboby got any ideas who I can hire to defend PIP. I thought about Perry Masin but Mommy said he left this earth when he got cancelled, whatever that means. I have started a defense fund in Pip's name. OK.....During Thanksgiving we all thought about what we are thankful for. I was thankful for my Mommy & my sister taking me into their home and making it my forever home. There are still so many dachshund rescue groups needing help taking care of them and lots of doggies already in homes needing help. Aunt Paula sent us a picture of a little doggie named TULSA being in a contest to help raise funds to pay for pay her brother's medical expenses. He is at the bridge now but his Mom still has bills to pay.

All it takes is a vote. Please see below.
Please take a few moments to vote for Tulsa (aka Dorothy) on the I20 Animal Medical Center's Facebook page. Tulsa's brother (Dickens) lost his battle with two types of cancer recently (he was cared for at this clinic). If Tulsa's photo wins, her mom will receive some much-needed money towards vet bills.

As of this writing, Tulsa/Dorothy is in 2nd place.
Let's help her win!

(Tulsa AKA Dorothy)


We also found out about a raffle that Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas is having. Mommy helps do home visit in Houston for them. All us Rescue Groups gotta stick together you know!! The Grand Prize is a one week stay in Florida. Don't know how close this place is from where our friend, Amber DaWeenie at lives but if we win, its gotta be closer than here. Wow!! wouldn't that be terrific to win and get to visit with Amber, Max the other Daweeier and the pack.


Here's one more fundraiser that ATDR told us about.

Almost Home Dachshund Rescue Society is having a fund raiser raffle for this darling quilt. Tickets are only $3 for one and $10 for five. Can be purchased online. Raffle ends 12.5.11 Winner announced 12.7.11. Interested? The link is right below the quilt pic. with all the info on the quilt.

Don't know about you guys but I could do some serious roaching on this quilt.


We did it again!!

HOUSTON TEXANS.......... 20

Sniff ya later........Weenie


Anonymous said...

Wow there sure are lots of things goin of Mona.

Looks like Pip is still in jail, dang I sure wish that Sarge would get on the case, I just know that he can prove Pip's unfairly jailed!

woos, Tessa

Nola said...

He is innocent! Heading over to vote right now!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola

Two French Bulldogs said...

Tulsa Dorothy is hilarious
Benny & Lily

Amber DaWeenie said...

Hi Weenie.....great postin job! You did dis all by yourself? Your paws type good. Me should hire you!

Well, Destin Florida is located up in da Panhandle of Florida. Me is located down in Central Florida between Orlando and Tampa. Ever hear of da brand new Legoland of Florida? Dat just about where me is---15 minutes from dere.

Mom doesn't have a Facebook account butt we'll head over and see if we can vote.

Haves a good week!

Luv Ya...Amber D

kissa-bull said...

we went and voted for tulsa and posted on our facebook page to vote....
the shelby was wondering if their is more than one holiday card excahnge going on cause we signed up for the dwb one on the dwb website but did'nt see you guys on it :(
please have your mommish peemail ours so we can know what to do

pibble sugars
the pittie pack

Wyatt said...

What? Pip is in trouble again.....Yikes. And what is this about Santa seeing if I'm naughty....double yikes!


Tweedles -- that's me said...

Oh gosh
If Pip is in trouble again, we hope someone is feeding him!

Mr. Pip said...

Bawhahahahaha!. Oh thank you my dear friends. I have been let out on good behavior and Rosie has been put on a turkey free diet.

Your pal, Pip