November 25, 2011



Peace on earth will come to stay,
When we live Christmas every day.
~~ Helen Steiner Rice
SANTA PAWS is coming!!
Are you ready? Santa Paws knows whose naughty or nice!! He's making a list just like we are so if ya don't want rocks in your stocking ya better be good.

Happy day after Thanksgiving! It's 30 days until Christmas Day. Weenie didn't even know what Christmas was until I told him.

"My poor brother was kept outside for the first 9 years of his life but now he is with me and Mommy and we gotta make up for all that he's missed."

Weenie here....."I have nothing to put on my list. I've got all I ever wanted, a Mommy and a sister that love me and I won't ever be left outdside in the cold and rain again. My wish is that every homeless pup finds a home in time for Christmas."

Mommy here......."Well said my little fella!"

OK......We had the most exciting and Yummylicious Thanksgiving ever! We went over to Aunt Tina & Chris's house. They said they had a suprise for us. OMD!! They sure did. They got a new pup. Her name is Hoppy Sue. "Are we there yet Mommy?"
Here are a few pictures of us doggies playing outside. The doggie with the butt facing the camera is Hoppy Sue.

Mommy was so happy cause I was feeling frisky and was playing like my old self. Look at my smile!!
Even if I'm kinda losing my hair and going grey all over, I'm still kinda cute or so Mommy says..
My handsome brother in his new T-Shirt. He aint't got lots of hair like me so he was kinda chilly.
His shirt say's "I Luv My Mummy" Just so you don't forget our friends.

Baby Girl Mr Grins
And introducing......Hoppy Sue Lookit that tail. Kinda looks like a puggie, so she's gotta be a mix.

OK one last Thanksgiving thing, and then its over until next year.. Mommy don't like turkey much but she loves veggies. Aunt Tina roasted all these veggies........
they ended up looking like this. One word Yummylious!!
We got a little Smile Box of Hoppy Sue doing trick. Weenie said he wishes he could climb too!! We love new friends and she's a keeper for sure.

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Sniff ya later........Weenie


Anonymous said...

Woo Hooo!

Congrats to your furever home Hoppy Sue!

What a beautiful smile Mona! I thinks that you ALL look pawsome!

It looks like you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Yeah Turkey!

woos, Tessa

Nola said...

So glad Hoppy Sue has a furever home! Yay CHristmas is almost here! I got my tree today!
Kisses and Tail Wags,
Dachshund Nola