February 8, 2011



(courtesy of Francesca)

"Happiness keeps you Sweet, Trials keep you Strong,
Sorrows keep you Human, Failures keep you Humble,

Success keeps you Glowing,

But Only Friends Keep You Going!"

(courtesy of Frankie Furter)

Hi dearest friends,

ATDR asked Mommy to do a bio for my new foster brother Weenie. He is considered a senior citizen since he is gonna be 9 years old on February 28th. A senior is considered any dog over 8 years old. Mommy didn't realize there are so many senior dachshunds waiting for their forever homes with ATDR. Twenty three, including Weenie and 2 that are pending adoptions. That's an awful lot of special doggies wanting to have their own families. Some of these special doggies stories are so sad, to be loved and then all of a sudden to lose your home like Weenie did or to be abused and dumped like a piece of trash. Mommy crys sometimes when she thinks about where I came from, if I was lost or just dumped on the street. Guess what? I'm a senior too. I could be in the same situation of these doggies if Mommy didn't want me anymore. It's a thought that makes me sad .

Here is the bio Mommy wrote for Weenie:

Hi there. My name is Weenie! My family took me to a DFW area kill shelter because I was going blind and they didn't want me any more. But my saviors at ATDR came to my rescue!

I might be blind, but that doesn't stop me from acting like a dog and a dang cute one too, or so everyone says. My foster Mom says she forgets I'm blind sometimes because once I got the lay of the land it didn't stop me from getting around. After a couple of days, she gave me free rein of the house & as long as stuff stays in the same place I don't stumble or anything. I do walk slow to make sure I don't bump into anything and my hearing is wonderful, I hardly ever bark. Mommy says I'm very sweet and like every body. I do like being with my foster Mom and am a little clingy. I know my name and come whenever anyone calls me. Mommy's dachsie and I became buddies right away and she looks after me, so I would love to have another doggie to live with. I love to be outside, but my most favorite place is in Mommy's lap. I love to sleep cuddled up with her, but I'm also fine sleeping by myself at night in a dog bed and love to play with squeakie toys.

If you're looking for a loyal and fun loving companion please drop me a line. I'd love to hear from you. xoxo, Weenie

WEENIE -- 9 YEARS young

Some one over at ATDR had a wonderful idea. Why not have a Valentine Special. A drive to find forever homes for senior sweethearts. So that's what happening right now so Mommy wants to share some pictures and a few stories of these doggies praying they will have a good and loving home to live there last year surrounded by love. If you're interested on adopting one please come over to ATDR's website where each doggie has it's own webpage and story.



February Is Senior Appreciation Month!

During the month of February, ATDR is featuring all of our Senior Sweethearts!

Adoption Fee Reduced to $100 - $125

For Any Senior Adopted In February



Blossom's owner recently passed away and she was surrendered by the family to rescue, with her best friend Ekeyo. We aren't sure if it was a case of "Jack Spratt could eat no fat", but little Ekeyo is very thin and Blossom is NOT. Blossom and Ekeyo are a sweet pair that both need a loving home - either together or separately! Please help one of these sweeties find a forever place to live!

Update: January 25, 2011 - Blossom is a super sweet, happy girl. Her tail never stops wagging - even at the end of her long walks when she's pooped out. She enjoys being around people and is more than happy to roll over for a (big) belly rub. The nice thing about Blossom is that she enjoys attention from humans but she is not demanding of attention. Blossom has a lot of life left in her and she is going to be able to enjoy it to the fullest as she continues to lose weight. Her energy level and cardio endurance have already increased significantly since she first came into rescue. She has a spring in her step that she didn't have before. Blossom is a great workout partner and motivator to get you outside walking every day. When she's finished with her walk she crashes out on the couch (snoring) near her humans. Blossom is an "easy" dog to have around. No excessive barking, no chewing, no destructive behaviors. Who could ask for anything more?


Meet Ekeyo (Eee-Keee-Yo) who recently lost his owner and was surrendered by the family to rescue, with his best friend Blossom. We aren't sure if it was a case of "Jack Spratt could eat no fat" but little Ekeyo is very thin and Blossom is NOT. Blossom and Ekeyo are a sweet pair that both need a loving home - either together or separately! Please help one of these guys find a forever place to live!

Update: January 25, 2011 - If you've ever wanted the advantages of a puppy - for example small size and good energy level - without all the training required in a puppy then Ekeyo is your man. Don't let Ekeyo's age fool you, he's got plenty of spunk left in him. He's always up for an adventure. He enjoys walks and exploring the backyard. Ekeyo had bad teeth when he came into rescue so he lost quite a few during his dental cleaning. As a result, his tongue sometimes hangs out the side of his mouth due to the missing teeth but that gives him character and charm. It's actually quite cute. Ekeyo enjoys cuddling with humans but is not excessively needy or demanding of attention. He is crate trained but would probably enjoy sleeping under the covers with his human(s) if given the option. No worries about Ekeyo chewing up your favorite shoes or destroying your home. He's way past that destructive puppy phase. You know, it's true what they say: good things come in small packages. :)

ROCKY is 8 YEARS 1 MONTH young
Rocky's story really frustrated Mommy because it sounds like nothing more an excuse to dump these 2.

Rocky's companion, Ginger (available for adoption) can also be seen on our website.
Rocky and his companion Ginger were taken to a small N. Texas kill shelter when the family got a new puppy... their reason? The "newly adopted puppy won't accept Rocky & Ginger." Yeah, we know what you're thinking... we thought the same thing! Such is life in the world of rescue. We hear every excuse in the book - "we're having a baby and we can't keep our dachshund": "we're moving and they don't allow pets" (never heard of a city that doesn't allow pets!); "our dachshund is old and we want to "donate" him to rescue" or worse yet they dump them in a kill shelter.
SO, here we have Rocky, a handsome, playful and loving dachshund who loves to snuggle, curled up on the sofa with his foster mom & a few foster siblings. He's housetrained, very sweet and will sleep in a dog bed on the floor or he's happy to share the big bed if he's allowed to! Rocky is very alert and energetic, but he enjoys his naps as well. His only vice is he's a little TOO interested in the resident Cat so no cat siblings for this boy! His foster mom said he warmed right up to her and the other foster doxies the moment he arrived and we are sure he will adapt well to his forever home. He and Ginger would love to be adopted together (ask about our "adopt a pair o dox option"!), but would consider going their separate ways if the right home came along.


A little girl who loved her owner and stayed with him until death parted them.

This beautiful black and tan, spirited senior sadly lost her owner while on a walk. She dug a hole and planted herself by his head and stayed with him until he was found the next morning. She truly is brave and courageous. Although her owner loved her very much he did not have the means to take care of her. After coming into foster care she has had all her shots and bloodwork and a much needed dental! Daisy May is wonderful with all ages and she loves to dance when she's been a "good dog". She loves attention, but is often quiet and shy when she meets someone new. She is currently in a good foster home and brings her foster parents love and laughter every day. Please consider adopting a senior!

EBBY is 8 YEARS 9 MONTHS young

EMMA is 11 YEARS 3 MONTHS young

FANNY is 8 YEARS 1 MONTH young

Meet Fanny! Fanny is the life of the party! She loves everyone and wants to be a part of everything! Fanny is a little overweight, but as soon as she drops about one and a half pounds she'll be just right. She's a bit low to the ground (surprised?) She even rubbed a callus on her chest. Doctor checked it out though, it's just a "beauty mark", gives her character. She loves to ride in the car. Fanny is an all around perfect companion dog! Please consider a special senior dachshund!

Fanny would be great with other dogs or as your one and only. She brings joy with her wherever she goes. Would you like a little joy in your life? Fannie is waiting for you!

GRACE is 9 YEARS 10 MONTHS young


So sad for her and her owner

Honey Bear was a 15 year old owner turn in in Lewisville. Her owner was put into a assisted living facility that does not accept dogs and the kids were going to keep the dog (Mom had the dog since a pup) but Mom has dementia and when they took the dog up to visit Mom, she threw her across the room. The kids decided there was no reason to keep Honey Bear since Mom did not recognize her so they turned her into a kill shelter. Honey Bear is not ready to die yet, she has more energy than some 10 year olds! If you have a spot in your heart for an old girl, she really deserves a forever home!

Please consider adopting a senior dachshund!

HOPE is 13 YEARS young

JUMPS is 11 YEARS 2 MONTHS young

LEILA is 8 YEARS 1 MONTH young

Meet Princess Leia. And what a princess she is going to be! Leia, 8 years old, was saved out of a high kill shelter just hours after her owners turned her in. She is working on gaining some weight since all her little bones are showing but that does not slow her down a bit. She does fine with the other dogs in her foster home but she was very leary of her humans at first, especially when they would pick her up off the ground. Something tells us she did not come from a very loving home. Her new life began when she was turned over by them and saved by ATDR. Leia is crate trained and working on her house manners! She is fully vetted and ready for her forever home!

MARGIE is 16 YEARS 11 MONTHS young
ATDR oldest senior

Margie's a beautiful black & tan lady, whose tan has turned to white. She found herself in a shelter and made such an impression that we're honored to give her a second chance. She has settled in with her foster brother & sisters as the Queen Mother. She is completely potty trained & so laid back that she sleeps most of the time. When she needs to go outside, will come & stare you down until the door is opened. She knows that good things come from the kitchen & is often disappointed with her mealtime regime. Queen Margie has had a bit too much cake in her life & is resigning herself to the green bean diet. She loves to walk around the block on a leash, but we're taking it easy with the exercise for the time being, as we discover any health issues that may unfold.Margie is a grand ol' girl and she would just love to settle into a loving home where she will continue to be the Queen Bee, have lots of soft doggie beds to lay in, many chewies to munch on, and lots of pets and scratches to enjoy

MARLENA is 8 YEARS young

This beautiful girl was dumped in a north Texas kill-shelter with painted purple toe nails! Marlena stole the hearts of everyone at the shelter and ATDR was the first place they phoned when they knew she needed a way out! Someone loved Marlena once, but allowed her to breed many times over the years. She says she's ready to start interviewing potential homes! Marlena will enchant you as a total love bug whose number one priority is snuggling in your lap! She's quiet, house trained, well minded, entertaining and enjoys using the doxie ramp up and down from the big bed.

Marlena is a bit possessive of toys, bones and her person and would probably do best in a home without children. She's definitely a queen, and after all she's been through, she deserves to be the main center of attention! Marlena's going to be a wonderful addition to the lucky home she chooses to share.


Was almost blind.
Sidney is a lovely black and tan long haired boy. He’s about 8 years old and was rescued from a local shelter after being found as a stray. He had surgery for “cherry eye” and for cataracts. Sidney had a great outcome and is another big success story for Dr. Hermann! He has no hesitance in going up and down the stairs and has learned to use doggie steps for the sofa and the bed. The good news is he is heartworm negative and house trained. He interacts wonderfully with his foster brothers and he loves to snuggle and give kisses. So much so that he's earned the nickname “Mr. Smoochie Man”. He is a fantastic Doxie and deserves the chance to improve his vision and find his forever home.
Update: June 17, 2009 - Sweet Sidney had his cataract surgery on June 11th and is doing great! His recovery includes lots of eye drops and meds but he is being a trooper about it. His biggest complaint would be the E collar he has to wear for about a month to protect his eyes. The morning after his surgery he got a look at his foster Mom and brothers for the first time and everyone knew he could see. Thanks Dr. Hermann!
Update: January 9, 2010
Sidney had his 6 month checkup after his cataract surgery and he is doing FANTASTIC. The vet is very pleased as he continues to improve each month. His vision is great but he has developed “selective hearing”….especially when foster mom is trying to get his attention. He is quite a character.. Sid loves plush toys and is squeaking on one a good portion of the day. He has a tremendous appetite but still maintains his girlish figure. He continues to require special eyedrops but only once a day now. He is very good about getting his medication and will reward you with Special Smoochies. He would do well with mature dogs as he has little use for pesky puppies.

SKEETER is 8 YEARS young

TAG is 13 YEARS 6 MONTHS young
Still looking for a home after 2 1/2 years

Sep 2008 - Hi, My name is Tag. I know it is a strange one, but that is what my owners told the shelter it was when they left me there to be put to sleep after living with them faithfully for 11 years. I was very sad and scared because I didn't know what I did. I thought I was a very good boy. Quiet in my crate and snuggly in a lap. I am very housetrained too! My foster mom took one look at me and just shook her head. She said not to worry anymore, I am safe now and all my problems would be taken care of. I am off to a good start. After getting my shots and my nails trimmed I am on a diet to lose 7 pounds. I am well on my way because I have already lost 2 pounds! I had to have TWO hernias repaired and several big warts removed. But now all my surgery is over, my stitches are ALL out and I feel so good. I can fit thru the doggy door now and I love to use it to go sit in the sun with the wind blowing my ears. A much nicer place to be then a shelter and a much happier ending than being put to sleep.
Update Dec 28, 2008 - I have now lost a total of 4.5 pounds!! I weigned 20 and now I weigh 15.5! Mom is VERY proud of me. I feel so GOOD! But I must confess I am getting tired of diet food. BLACH!!! I yearn for yummy people food! Mom is saying NO WAY!!! I still have about 2.5 to go.
Update July 01, 2009 - I am still on my diet. Yuck! My foster mom gives me lots of rawhides to crunch on. I am VERY fond of those....and she says they don't count for my diet....YEA! My fur has grown back in nicely from all my surgery. I just love napping on soft doggie pillows and sneaking up the ramp onto mom's bed when she isn't looking. Sometimes I can hear her calling all over for me and I just hide further under her pillows. She is catching on though, but never makes me get down. She says I deserve to snuggle under a pillow if I want to. I am very content. I really don't demand too much....soft pillows all around, a lap to snuggle in, gentle hands to pet and scratch me, rawhides to munch on, and a leash to go on jaunty walks. And of course someone who will let me go up the ramp and hide under the pillows on the big bed......

Update Nov 30, 2009 - I am one happy old fellow!! I now only weigh @ 14 lbs!!! I am no longer on a strict diet!!! Oh I still eat my green beans and I have to eat diet food some of the time to keep myself trim (I could still lose a pound)...but the rest of the time, I get to have whatever the other dogs are having...sometimes fish, sometimes venison, sometiems duck or lamb....YUM!!!! I and I always make sure mom knows when it is time for my after dinner Senior Crunchy! One does have to keeps ones teeth brushed after all doesn't one! I am content to stay here with my foster mom and allow her the privilage of rubbing my tummy and snuggling me at night with my foster siblings. I have taught her to be a pretty good snuggler. As long as I have a soft pillows all about I am a happy camper!

Update June 25, 2010 - Uh oh!!! I have lost TOO much weight! I have not been eating diet food for a while but I continued to lose weight. I am now just under 12 pounds! Mom is so concerned about it and the fact that I gobble my food until I choke that she is giving me puppy food...WET puppy food. I am in HEAVEN!!! They say I need to get back to 12 or 13 pounds. An old guy like me needs a few more calories in my senior condition. My how the story has changed from 2 years ago!! My delicious new situation makes me one joyful little old fellow.....so much that I sing when it is supper time to tell mom how glad I was they rescued me....and how I admire her cooking skills with a can opener!!! I still have my issues she says....I can't swallow well and it gives me syncope and I faint briefly (but not very often anymore and the wet food will help), I now have a moderate heart murmer so they are always listening for coughing (kind of funny when every time I clear my throat mom comes running in), and I am taking arthritis medicine now but it has put a little spring back in my step. In all, life is good on the Doxie Rescue Railroad....greeting new fosters as they come thru and teaching them not to steal my delicious food and helping them learn they are safe now and will soon have their very own family to love.


Tom Boy is a very distinguished gentleman of about 7-8 yrs. He is 11lbs of total love and devotion! For a dog that came from a back yard breeder; he has acclaimated to the good life quite well! Tom is starting to enjoy the feel of grass under my feet and sunshine on his back and belly. He love sleeping in the big bed with Mom and love to have rubs on the belly!!! He is completely crate trained and will use the puppy pads when I can't get outside. Tom would be perfect for a single person or couple with a low key quiet lifestyle! Tomboy has had a few medical issues that are requiring a Cardiologist! Please send healing Doxie rays his way and stay turned for more updates on this special guy!
Update: March 29, 2009 - TomBoy has much improved since his visit to the cardiologist. He had an echo done of his heart and it shows that he has Pulmonary Hypertension. He also had a touch of pneumonia. TomBoy is now on nebulizer (breathing) treatments for the pneumonia and medication for the Pulmonary Hypertension. The medication that he is on for the PHTN is very expensive as there is no generic form and of course no insurance for him. He is on Sildenafil (Viagra) and Digoxin. Yes I said Viagra (Sildenafil)! It was made for the PHTN and the makers discovered other things the medicine did and decided to market it for that purpose. Tomboys foster parents are paying for his medications out of their pocket at this time (Approximately 240.00 a month). IF anyone out there would like to be TomBoys pal, we would greatly appreciate it!Since starting TomBoy on the medications, he has improved 90%. TomBoy is back to being his silly self. He runs and plays with the other dogs, keeps his yard protected, and plays with the doggie toys again! TomBoy even rolls over on his back for his much loved belly rubs.

Mona's Mommy here.....
This was a very hard post for me to do and I cried doing it. It just isn't fair that these dear ones may never have a home but they will always be loved by ATDR and all of our wonderful fosters. The saddest thing is that it's not just dachshunds that need help in this world. Please consider the old ones regardless of the breed. Please visit a rescue group to find a little love and make a senior happy.
{{{huggies}}}....Mona & Weenie


Frankie Furter said...

This made ME feel very much sad. I hope my mom doesn't see it. She would be a total train wreck over all these that need homes.
I am soooooo glad that Weenie is doing so well with you and your mom. He is very much lucky. I will be very much sorry when he DOES find a furever home.

Benny and Lily said...

Oh my word, could we please bring all those kids home.
Benny & Lily

Cupcake said...

Thank you for this post. Thank you to all of you at ATDR. It is so sad. I hope all these senior babies find wonderful homes.

Maggie and Mitch said...

We hope all of those beautiful seniors get forever homes. Seniors are the bestest!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Lorenza said...

My mom cried too!
She really can't understand how someone is able to get rid of you just because you are getting old!
But it is pawesome that ATDR is taking very good care of them!
I hope all of them find lovely forever homes soon!
Take care
Kisses and hugs