November 4, 2009



"A loving friendship, formed over thousands of years, flourishes between dogs and human beings. Dogs have left the hunting pack of their ancestors and have become members of our human world."

--- Celia Hadden

Hi my friends,

I have missed you guys so much in the last few days but Mommy just wasn't much into doing anything but crying. Mommy thought it was all over but this morning we got some bad news and she started crying all over again, but we gotta share the good news first


Woof! Stock

Next weekend, DROH will be participating in Woof! Stock for the second year in a row. I am so excited. We are gonna have a booth where we can sell stuff Aunt Judy makes like harnesses, belly bands, leashes, caps and a bunch of other stuff plus the bandannas Nancy makes, and our DROH T-shirts. There is gonna be a costume contest and Guess what? Me and Brooklyn are gonna wear our cheerleader outfits. Guess what else? I gotta get my kisser in shape cause we're taking the kissing booth and I have volunteered by lips to raise money for DROH. Here are the details. Sure would be nice if some of my Texas DWB friends could come, I'd give my kisses away for free to them.

Woof! Stock 09 will feature dog games, competitions and costume contests, Houston Canine Frisbee Disc Club demonstrations, animal communicator Griffin Kanter, a Blessing of the Dogs Ceremony, Breed Rescue organizations, animal friendly vendors, drawings, raffles, shopping, photographs, food, music, and much more. Micro chipping, a permanent form of identification used to identify your canine friend in the event they are separated from you, will be available for a donation. Admission is $10 for individuals and $25 for a family. One Woof! Stock 09 T-shirt is included in the individual admission price and two Woof! Stock 09 T-shirts are included in the family admission price. All funds from admission price and other donations go to support the animals that are waiting for forever homes at Bay Area Pet Adoptions/SPCA.Bay Area Pet Adoptions/SPCA has been serving the Houston/Galveston Bay Area since 1967. Our primary mission is to find homes for the companion animals taken into our program, while providing them with necessary medical care and socialization skills until adoption. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. For more festival information, please visit our Woof! Stock page at


October 2009 Adoptions

adopted 10/05/09......Bronx

(Bronx is Brooklyn's biological brother)

adopted 10/05/09.......Winnie

adopted 10/05/09......Brooklyn

(Bronx's biological sister)

adopted 10/10/09......Mia

adopted 10/12/09......Dominik

(Dominik was one of our burn victims)

adopted 10/17/09......Bobo

adopted 10/18/09......Suzanne (no picture available)

adopted 10/22/09......Eric

adopted 10/26/09......London


Travis Update

Dachshund Rescue Of Houston UPDATE: Travis is doing well, he is back at the vet's office as he is not a big fan of taking it easy and leaving his "cast" alone. We will update with pictures soon.
October 23 at 7:17pm

Dachshund Rescue Of Houston
He is also not to jump, run or play for 8 weeks. He thinks he is all better and ready to go but we and the vet staff know better. Soon enough he will be ready to go!
October 27 at 5:49pm

Travis is doing better and better everyday. He was staying with Meredith under her watchful eyes, as earlier reported, but no one was able to keep him quite. He is very bored and hates being crated but it's the only way for the time being. Again from the bottom of our hearts, God Bless all who have helped make him whole again.


Steve Update

Remember Steve? Well we now know when he's all well, he is gonna be a beautiful velvet looking black & tan hunk just like my brother Jacks is.

This is his original website picture when he came into the DROH program.

This picture was taken last month.

Every morning before she leaves for work Mommy reads the e-mails we get during the night and this morning she found one from my Uncle Ron about Randy. He passed away last night of old age. DROH never knew how old he was just that he was very old. Thank God there are fosters like Uncle Ron and Deb, that foster dogs we call Forever Fosters. There are very few people that are interested in adopting a old dog but they deserve a good home too. With Randy's passing DROH has 5 Forever Fosters that will be with their fosters until they go to the bridge or someone adopts them. There are pictures of all of them on the DROH website. Please pray with all of DROH that someday Coney, Copper, Penny #3, Rusty #3 or Toby #2 find their forever homes but not to worry, they are all in good hands & dearly loved.

RIP sweet Randy..........19XX--2009


It is with a heavy heart that Deb and I must tell you we lost Randy last night. For those who don't know, he was one of our forever fosters. We are grateful to have had Randy for the two short years he lived with us. He will always be remembered and missed... Ron

Gotta go now, Mommy eyes have started leaking again thinking about Randy and it's way past my dinner time.
Love, kisses and {{{huggies}}} to all........Mona


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Sorry fur the loss but look at all the happy faces and let them find your heart!

PeeEssWoo: Good lukhk with Woofstokhk!

happy said...

Sorry to hear about Randy. Hope your mom is comforted in knowing that he had two wonderful years with your Uncle Ron.

Glad to hear Travis is doing better now.

Two Country Poodles said...

Sorry for the loss. At least he passed while in a home with his family members.

Hey there was a dog Bobo adopted on Mollie's birthday...That is ironic....BOL BOL

Wags and Licks,
Mollie Jo & Bobo

Mango said...

Sorry that Randy had to cross over the bridge. That is always sad for those of us who stay behind.

So many nice pups finding furever homes!


Frankie Furter said...

Loved the first pic with the snootie in the tulip.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Randy's passing but at least he was loved!!! Candle lit and prayers on the way!

Yay, Im going to see if I can make it out to woof stock this year. It was a lot of fun last year.

Yay on all the adoptions and great news about Travis and Steve!

The OP Pack said...

So sorry for the loss of Randy, hugs to your Mom. But she should be happy for all those pups who found wonderful furever homes. HOpe today is a better one for Mona and the MommyToo.

Hugs, the OP Pack

Raising Addie said...

We are so sorry to hear about Randy. He will have lots of friends to keep him company at the bridge.

We can't wait to see pictures from your kissing booth work!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Hailey