October 4, 2009


QUOTE OF THE DAY: (uninvited kitty in front of Joey & Tanner's house)

"Dogs bark at the moon just to keep humans guessing."

Hi dear friends,

I had a wonderful time yesterday. We went to Aunt Judy's so I could play with Brooklyn and the boys and Mommy could get a Georgie "fix". Between the rain, we played a lot outside but then when it rained we just brought it inside. There's nothing like 6 sets of muddy paws coming in and out of the doggie door all afternoon. Good thing Aunt Judy has ceramic floors like we have at our house, much easier to clean.

Meredeth came over with Puff Daddy, the poodle and her Mom, Becky, came over too. Mommy was kinda disappointed that Bradley didn't come but they was going to Puff Daddy's graduation from obedience school after they all went to lunch so he didn't get to come. Not to worry, we go visting every other week and get to see him most of the time.

Mommy always has one picture that she likes the best and this time I wasn't even in it, George and Brooklyn were. All of our visits always end with everybody taking a nap, it's exhausting having fun, you know. So as you can see everybody knocked out. Everybody was jockeying for position and I didn't want to sleep but I finally gave up. Harley was under the blanket and all you could see was the top of his nose.

We did something else exciting other than play. Mommy and Aunt Judy are coordinating our costumes for the Hallowiener this year. It's too soon to reveal what are costumes are just yet but here's a little hint....me & George go together, Brooklyn and Bandit go together, Harley is going as an animal and Mommy & Aunt Judy are going in black & white strips. Wanna guess? The picture below is of me trying on my costume. This the top part of it.

Here are some random pictures of us all together.

These below pictures are Mommy's favorites of each of us hanging out.

Mona, that's me.

Meredith and Becky took Puff Daddy to his graduation and then Meredith called & asked if Mommy was still there and since we were, she came back with her George. George is very shy and is more of a Mama's boy than Bandit. Meredith adopted him after she had fostered him. He is a gorgeous black long hair. When he came to Meredith, he had no hair down his back and a very bad skin infection. She couldn't give him up after he grew all his hair back.

Meredith's George

George, with his little cute brown nose.


If you look closely at Brooklyn's pictures, she is never very far from a ball. At first she and Harley would chase each other and fight over the balls but now Harley usually lets her win.

Harley and my Mommy have become buddies now and that has made Mommy very happy. He had a lot of issues when Aunt Judy first starting fostering him but he is very sweet now. Brooklyn has been very good for Harley. He used to be a loner but now Brooklyn makes him play with her.


Then there is Bandit. He is never very far from Aunt Judy and can usually be found on her lap or trying to jump on her lap.


Mommy caught him in mid-leap. His feetsies were off the ground here.

There is so much going on every weekend this month, so Mommy took tomorrow off and we stayed home all day today and are staying home all day tomorrow too. Next Saturday Mommy is doing a community service thing with the hospital, then the next weekend she & Aunt Judy are going to a Trouble Shooting Computer Class for Dummies and we gotta go to the Bono Family reuion, then the next Saturday is the Halloweiner and then we have one weekend to take a breather. DROH is particpating in Woofstock again this year on Nov 7th, so I gotta get my kisser in shape for the kissing booth.
Now for a few video's Mommy got to load today.

Here Aunt Judy was getting our lunch ready and she dropped a few nuggets.

The feeding frenzy begins.

Brooklyn and her ball.

Meredith's George does not like to get his feet wet
so he was walking around the garden on the flower
bed stones. Very good balancing act.

That's it for tonight. Mommy said the first person to guess what my costome is will get a Halloween treat from me. So you got until the 15th to guess at which time I will reveal what all our outfits are. We are working as a team this year to try and bring home 1st place. Remember the hints.
Love, kisses and {{{huggies}}} to all....Mona


happy said...

Hi Mona, another great weekend you had there with all your friends! George is looking great! Can't wait to find out what costume you're going to wear. Clueless.

Mango said...

WoW! I would not want to get between you guys and your foodables!

I am thinking you are most gracious to allow that pup to step on you whilst you are meditating.


Autumn the maltese said...

Hi Mona, great weekend you have there! lots of friend to play with~~
It would be great if I got lots of friend like you =]

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend. Love seeing all the pics!!

RE: Czarine's pics. I'd love for her pics to be on your blog too :)

The OP Pack said...

Those videos were so fun to watch, especially with the pogo jumping pup in one of them.

Looks like it was a very fun weekend for all.

woos, the OP Pack

Deefor said...

You really have snuggly fun getting together with all those doggies. Glad they're having fun. Thanks for putting Arrow's picture up! He's very excited.


Abby said...

Hi, Mona & Mommy...

What fun...You have sooo many friends...

Looks like it was a great weekend...

Abby xxxooo

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khwite an assortment of happy pups AND peeps!