September 19, 2009



(courtesy of My Snowy)
"If kisses were ranked on a scale of sloppiness, then dog kisses would surely be ranked NUMBER ONE."

(courtesy of Mango's Crystal)
Today as been a Me and Mommy day. Just Me and Mommy all day. Mommy only left the house twice today and I got to go with her both times. We slept in this morning and I actually let Mommy stay in bed until 8:30 this morning. It was wonderful. There's nothing like extra snuggle time on a Saturday morning with my Mommy.
After Mommy and I had breakfast, she said she needed to go the the credit union. I just knew she was gonna leave me home so I jumped up on my big brown chair, climbed to the top and looked out the window. My goodness but I was so surprised when she got my leash and said "Let's go". So off we went. We was early so Mommy and I walked around and took some pictures of the flowers. They were beautiful and the landscaping was fantastic. So we are gonna share some of them with you and a story of best friends that Aunt Judy sent Mommy. But first. Mommy took some pictures of me this afternoon. It has been a beautiful day and we stayed outside almost all day. Me playing, barking at Spike and chasing birdies. Mommy reading, drinking diet Cherry Limeade and listening to our neighbors play Mexican music. Mommy loves listening but sometimes she wishes that Lorenza and her Mommy were here to intrepid for her.

Several years ago, Mommy posted a story about a Greyhound, named Jasmine, that was found locked in a storage room and rescued by some policeman. She was taken to a shelter and made all better. After she got better she became the official mother hen at the shelter and start taking care of every animal that came in the doors. Here is a picture of her and some of her children.

From left, Toby, a stray Lake land dog; Bramble, orphaned Roe deer; Buster, a stray Jack Russell; a dumped rabbit; Sky, an injured barn owl; and Jasmine with a Mothers heart doing best what a caring Mother would do... Such is the order of God's Creation.

So when Aunt Judy sent the pictures and story of these two best friends, it reminded her of Jasmine.

Suryia and Roscoe--Best Of Friends

The orangutan was in a rescue and not doing well. This old hound wandered in, absolutely emaciated, and the orangutan snapped to, like his buddy had arrived. He stayed with the hound night and day until he was well and, in the whole scenario, found a reason to live. They are now inseparable. Isn't that sweet?

Where you lead, I will friends Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick hound.

Doggy paddle’s the order of the day here for the couple who live at the Tigers sanctuary in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Suryia and Roscoe spend hours together every day—they’re particularly keen on swimming.

The two mates see the funny side of most things.

There’s always time to chill.

For once, Roscoe’s letting it all hang out.

The three-year-old orangutan goes everywhere with Roscoe.

A dog’s not just a man’s best friend, he’s an orangutan’s too.

Mommy was reading St. Jude Stories--the Partners In Hope Edition, while we was outside today and there was a story about a little girl there that missed her two dogs and cats so much that she would cry. Two of the nurses came into her room one night and got down on their knees and starting purring. "I'm Pepsie", one said & one said "I'm Zoe". The child laughed and smiled. It was a amazing and thoughtful thing to do. Shortly after that started the weekly pet visits every Tuesday and the gave the children a reason to smile. This is the kind of care the staff at St Jude's gives their patients. That's what made Mommy decide to tell the story of these remarkable good friends and remember Jasmine's story.
Just where would other animals and man be without dogs.
Love, kisses and {{{huggies}}} to all...............Mona



OMD! Gus is adorable! And I tink he reeely likes you!

We asked mommy if we could get a Orang-a-tang, and she said NO!!!

What's her problem?
Riley and Star.

Mango said...

What a wonderful story! Best friends forever!

And what a nice surprise to get that walkie.


Matilda said...

Hi Mona and Mommy!
Wow, what a great story and beautiful pictures!
Please use any my pictures. It is my pleasure!
Oh guess what? I met wire haired doxies today!

Alasandra said...

WE loved learning about Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Blue Tick hound, thanks for telling us about them. We thinks Mommy should get an orangutan for Fenris, but we don't think she will. ~S,S,C & F

Stanislaw said...

How neat! Monkeys and puppies - who'd have thought? And did you notice how he's got a hand (or foot) on the pup all the time? Very sweet.

Raising Addie said...

WOW that is a wonderful story! It's like they were long lost friends that finally found each other!

Thank you for sharing such a touching story!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie, and Hailey

Joe Stains said...

Oh man the photos and the story were great, I want my own monkey!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Tank woo fur sharing those great pikhs AND the stories!

PeeEssWoo: As fur Joey wanting his own monkey, he's already got The Doofus!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona and Mommy!
Thanks for sharing the story of Surya and Roscoe! It is beautiful!
Glad to know you and your Mommy are having a nice weekend together!
Kisses and hugs

Paco,Milo, Maya and mommy Simona said...

We're back dear dear friends...
We missed you're soooooooo special and important for us!!!!
Are you all ok????
Mona and mommy...this story is wonderful!!!
It's like they were long lost friends that finally found each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwww....we're crying happy tears....
Thanks for sharing such a touching story!!!!!!!!!!
You're great....and your hearts are sooooooooooooooo sweet and pure...
we're honored to be your friends!!!
Take care of you....we and the world needed people like you!!!!!
Tons of love and kisses!!!!

The OP Pack said...

Those were some very nice pics of you, Mona. It must have been nice to have a day with Mom all to yourself. And your storysharing brought a smile to all of us.

Tail wags, the OP Pack

Frankie said...

So cute. You have the best stories. Thanks for sharing!

xoxo Frankie Mae

Fred said...

I love it when Old Girl surprises me and lets me come too!

Anonymous said...

What a great day, wasn't the weather just perfect this weekend!! Love all the pics and all the stories!

Anonymous said...

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