July 1, 2009



(Courtesy of Paco & Milo)

"To a MAN, the greatest blessing is individual liberty; to a DOG it is the last word in despair."

--- William Lyon Phelps

Hi dear friends,

It's that time of the month again, when Mommy reports on the previous month's adoptions but first........I'm so excited!!! Mommy took tomorrow off and she gets Friday off for the July 4th Holiday, so we are heading for the country tomorrow morning for 4 whole days. Four whole days for me to lust after my Sammy, maybe get a little sparkin in and some cuddling. "Be still my heart!!

Besides all the "fixes" Mommy is gonna get from her other girl, Roxie, Mommy is looking forward to all the shade on the deck. This picture is of me snoopervising the backyard from the top of the picnic table on the deck. I'm not supposed to be up there so don't tell Aunt Mary or Mommy.

My Sammy

Now for some exciting news. Remember when Mommy told ya about the peoples that adopted Mikey on 06/21/09? They said they wanted to adopt a little girl doggie. Well DROH's last adoption for June, on 06/28/09, was Belle. So now Mikey and Belle are brother and sister. Here is a picture of Mikey and Belle with their parents and one of his human sisters. Now that's the way we like it, a pair to the same home!! Their new Dad is a doctor, their new Mom is a stay at home Mom. Check out Belle already kissing on her human sissy.

Now some exciting news. DROH had 16 adoptions during June. That's a lot for one month. But even more exciting!!! The stats are out for the first 6 months of 2009 and Mommy almost fell off her chair when she read about in the DROH newsletter.

Intake 71**********Adoptions**********64

Thank you Lord, your goodness never ceases!!

Before we show you 13 of the lucky 16, I want to apologize for my secretary, aka the Mommy. She is falling down on the job and forgot to copy pictures of 3 of the doggies from the website when they first came into the program. "Our computer was broke for 3 weeks, Mona" "Mommy, that is no excuse!" Oh well, good help is hard to come by.


Sandy 06/27 ^ ---- Sorry, told ya the Doofuss needs help, she forgot to add this doggie at the bottom before Belle.

Schatzie 06/04 ^

Coco 06/04 ^

Remember she was the little pup that had been rejected by it's mother. The two guys that bottle feed her with a baby doll bottle and fostered her adopted her. These were the pictures right after she was born. If ya wanna see how she looks now, there are pictures of her on my Spring Fling post.

Dooley 06/04/09 No picture available.
Ilium 06/06/09 No picture available
Ruby 06/07/09 No picture available

Lula 06/08 ^

PawPaw 06/12 ^

Felix 06/19 ^

Mike 06/21 ^

Dinger 06/21 ^

Valerie 06/26 ^

Gaston 06/26 ^

Gussie 06/27 ^

Leelee 06/27 ^

belle 06/28 ^

There you have them!! Best wishes to all the adopters and their very special pups.
One last thing before we say good night. Most of you who have heard my rescue story, know that I am terrified of riding in cars and if it is raining I go ballistic, whimper and whine from the time the car starts until we get wherever we are going. Tomorrow it will take close to 2 hours to get to the country. I will be glued to my Mommy's left leg while she is driving and I get pretty heavy after awhile. My Aunt Judy found a CD that is recommended for dogs with anxiety and she ordered one. She says she will never go anywhere with me again unless we try this CD. When we went on our little day trip last month I drove Aunt Judy mad. "Me sorry. Aunt Judy. Mommy said she is used to it, after all she's had to put up with it since 2005. I know I am not the only doggier having problems riding in a car, so Mommy is posting the link, if anybody else would like to check it out.
PS....if your reading this Sammy, I'll be there soon!!


chicamom85 said...

Mona, thank you for sharing all those pictures. It makes me so happy that those doggies found good homes. I don't like riding in cars either and I get very nervous and drive my Mom nuts. She is going to check out that website and thank you. My Mom says to tell you to give your Mom a break about keeping up the blogs. Moms are not perfect I guess. Have fun visiting Sammy and be safe.

licks and sniffs, SAsha

Checkers said...

glad so many doggies found homes! and thanks for all the good work you and your mommy do for doggies.

Anonymous said...

Woooohoooo on all the adoptions!!! Im sooo excited for everyone!

I hope the cd works for you. Have you tried some "rescue remedy" before going on a car ride?

Have a wonderful long weekend and Happy 4th of July!!!!!

Lady Kaos said...

Have a fun weekend! I'm so jealous you get to go hang out with them so much!
That's great all those dogs found homes. I like hearing good news like that.

Snowball said...


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Thank you in advance.



Maggie and Mitch said...

What fabulous news about all of the adoptions! How nice to know that all of those doggies now have homes to call their own!
Have a great 4-day 4th of July weekend, Mona!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

chloejessica said...

Great photos! And I am happy about the doggies that found good homes! YAY! :)

Matilda said...

Hi Mona!
Ohhh all of them are so adorable!
I hope they are very happy with their new families!
Have a nice weekend!

Twix said...

Wow! That is a lot of adoptions! It is great that they have homes now and I am happy for them. But seeing them also makes me sad....it seems like soooo many doxies to need a home. And that is only one breed! I hope you have a great weekend with our friends!
Love and hugs,

Joe Stains said...

Those are some fabulous statistics! AND some fabulous folks who help all those dachsies find their furever homes!