February 16, 2009



"If you don't mind throwing tennis balls for eternity, I do have a job for you in doggie heaven." -- Frank and Ernest comic strip

Hi dear friends,

Hope everybody had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Hope every doggie, kitty and hammie enjoyed my cupcake video. It was so yummy. If you looked really close at the video, you will notice there was a chunk missing off it before the Mommy gave it to me. Guess how ate that chunk.....the Mommy of course.

Saturday, we went visiting to see Aunt Jody's boys and the 3 little ones she was dog setting. The Mommy said when everybody was at my Dachshund Play Date, she wasn't able to play or cuddle with the 3 little ones so we packed it up and drove to League City. It stormed while we was there but it didn't stop us from playing outside before the rain started. Aunt Judy's yard is blowning already and you all know how beautiful her flowers always are, so of course you get to some of them too. Aunt Judy gave each of us doggies, a treat and everybody had different kinds and sizes. There is a video at the end of this post of all of us in action.

First a few pictures of us.

HEIDI...look at that face

She is a chocolate piebald.

ME with my treat & I ate it all!!

ME, HARLEY (chewing his bone) and a really big stuffie.

HARLEY, trying to get his ball.

CHLOE, the 4 month old baby

CHLOE, taking the panda away from George

GEORGE working on his pig ear



BANDIT with his treat

The Mommy is so jealous of Aunt Judy's yard. Our yard is so brown and dead. The Mommy said she can't wait for our hibiscus to come back. Aunt Judy says we are having a false spring and we will probably get one more freeze and everything will die. All of these were taken in her back yard after it rained.

We have two videos to share with you but before we go here are a few random shots of some of us.

This video is a riot. No doggie was hurt during the filming of this video but poor Aunt Judy was getting a beating and excuse all that racket in the background....it's just the Mommy laughing.

This next video is of us chewing on our treats.

That's it for tonight..............love, kisses and huggies to all...............Mona


Asta said...

Tht looks like a gweat dachsie pawty..one's cutew than the next..wif you being the cutest of them all..I'm so glad you and youw Mommy had such a good time..the flowews awe lovely
smoochie kisses

Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Mona,
You always have the funnest playdates!! Those flowers are lovely and we think Bandit's markings are so cute!!

Maggie and Mitch said...

Mom is drooling over all of the flowers! She can't wait to see flowers blooming in our yard!
You have the cutest friends, Mona!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Amber-Mae said...

I hope that bone you were chewing was really tasty!

Butt sniffs,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun. Love seeing so many cute babies getting together!!!

The Daily Echo said...

That's a very bewootiful garden. We are looking forward to helping Mom with her flowers again this year. She said something about having to hang them all up high - out of our reach. She just doesn't seem to appreciate our gardening skills.

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

A post FULL of khuties!


Raising Addie said...


How much fun was that!!!

I would have loved to have been covered up in Doxie's giving kisses! That video was tooo much fun! And did I hear Zoe's name... that was soooo sweet!

Lots of Luv & Kisses
Addie, Lucie and Staci