February 1, 2009


"When Vanity Fair asked clothing designer Bill Blass, "Who or what is the Greatest love of yours life? ", he answered succinctly, "My Dogs".
From Dog Love

Hi dearest friends,

Guess what? With the the help of Roxie, Sammy and Andy's Mom, my Aunt Mary, we found a "U" doggie. We don't even know if this doggie is a he or she or what kind of dog. Does it really matter? A dog is a dog is a dog!!! This doggie is from Japan and it is very hard to communicate but last night when we looked, we found that there is some English on the blog now. There is also a translation thingie but when the Mommy clicked on it it said "no English to English translation. I told the Mommy to heck with it because we are interested in the doggie and all doggies communicate on a much higher level than our humans....everybody know sthat!! Another thing we found out is that whoever manages this blog loves flowers as much as the Mommy does, so we are gonna show you some gorgeous ones from the blog. All the pictures on today's post are from this blog. We also found out they have some mighty tasty looking food in Japan. The Mommy stomach is growling right now....bet you an hear it from where you are!!

Strings of Friendship "U"

UME TYAN from Hyogo, Japan

If anybody knows this doggie, is it a he or she and what breed. From the pictures we can't tell.
We also don't know what most of the flowers are but they are all beautiful.

Ume Tyan running down a road. The Mommy wants a bush like that in our back yard.

Did we ever tell you about The Mommy's ex boyfriend, Jeong. He is Korean and is a florist and he does work like the picture below, he even makes vases. Mona......I have a secret. The Mommy was engaged to Jeong a hundred years ago but two work-a-holics just don't mix. They are still best friends and I love him too cause he loves me and whenever we go to his shop, he always gives the Mommy flowers to bring but most important.....he gots a jar of treats just for me. We don't visit him near enough!!

Guess what? Yesterday I got a Christmas Card. I was so excited!! It's almost Valentine's Day and I got another Christmas card. It's from Sugar & Posh.

This little video was taken yesterday when to card came.

Gotta go now. The Mommy's stomach is really making noises now so I better go feed her.
Love, kisses and (((huggies))) to all........Mona


Asta said...

Hi Mona
How clevew of you to find a U-doggie..He looks gweat and those flowews awe bootiful..It's so nice that youw Mommi is still fwiends wif hew ex boyfwiend..he sounds like a vewy nice man..flowews and cookies is a pawfect combination
have a gweat day
smoochie kisses

Mango said...

Mona! I LOVE the way you totally ignore your mom! Looks like you were maybe having trouble finding the right pee-pee place.


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Great job!

Furry beaWOOtiful floweres too!

Tank woo fur finding a U furiend!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
I don't know if Ume is a girl or a boy! Maybe a girl because the mom's name is Ume too!
You were acting like I do when my mom calls me... I never come!
Kisses and hugs

apple + chelsea said...

Those flowers are so pretty!!

<3 Apple

Emily said...

Hi Mona! We don't usually listen when our mom calls us either! Have a great day! -Hector and Lola

Anonymous said...

OH love all the pics, especially the flowers!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Maggie and Mitch said...

OMG, how stoopid are we! We visit umetyan all the time! We love the flowers and the delicious food on her blog!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

We forgot Ume too, we visit her blog but have hard time understanding, we just love to look at the pics. She puts the best food pics up.

You listen like me my friend :)