January 24, 2009



"The dog has seldom been successful in pulling man up to it's level of sagacity, but man has frequently dragged the dog down to his." -- James Thurber

Hi dear friends,

You remember yesterday, I told all of you how excited the Mommy was about going to see Evander tomorrow. I didn't realize why until today when the Mommy started crying this morning when we came into the computer room. Samantha went to the bridge 4 years ago tomorrow and she just needs to get out of the house because everywhere she looks, she sees Samantha's stuff, which will never be thrown away. So today she has been reliving every minute of the last 24 hours before she had to make the decision to let Samantha go and what a hard time it was. For all of those Mommies and Daddies who have lost your beloved doggies, hammies or kitties lately, the Mommy wants everybody to know it will get better but to take all the time you need to heal. It took the Mommy 3 months even to talk to anyone about the pain she was in. She shut herself off from family and friends and didn't come alive again until she got me and started volunteering with DROH. Any way .......

Since the Mommy thinks a good love story cheers everybody up and makes them feel toasty inside (that's what love feels like!!) lets go straight to one the Mommy just learned about. I hope I haven't let the cat out of the bag to all of the DWB community. It's a doggie love story and since I love romance, me and my love Snowy and Crystal and Mango, let's get right to it but first........SNOW!!!
You all know how I feel about snow or the lack thereof in Houston.

These pictures came from where the lovers live. The trees from British Columbia and the snow on a deck from Massachusetts.

Strings of Friendship "M"

MJ the Pit-bull from Victoria: British Columbia, Canada

My best country buddies, Roxie, Sammy and Andy, told me about MJ so I decided to check her blog out. First I saw her glorious snow pictures and then I read were she loved a handsome mastiff from Massachusetts. Now that's what I call big puppy love!!
The lovesick boy and his lady loves Christmas card.

MANGO, the mastiff from Massachusetts

Aren't they the perfect couple. The only pit-bull I have ever known is Brownie, my neighbor, and he always barks and talks dirty to me so I hope both MJ and Mango will be my friends. I've never even seen a mastiff.
If you haven't met them before here are their blog address:
Since doggies are not the only members of the DWB community, I wanted to share some pictures of some kitty cat friends and since one of them has a name that starts with an "M" here she is and her sisters too.

These flowers are forms of Cats tails as is the one at the top of this post & of course the Mommy just thinks they are so beautiful and colorful.

These two cats are Misty and JB. Misty is in the back and JB (or Jelly Bean) is in front.

And this is Poo Poo. She went to bridge recently and the Mommy hopes that Samantha, Addie's sister, Zoe, and Poo Poo are hanging out together at the bridge smiling & playing together. I always wanted a kitty cat sister and I bet Samantha did too so. It would make the Mommy feel happy to think of the 3 of them together.

The Mommy says she hopes you didn't mind my starting this post off gloomy but I worry about her sometime and I know that all you doggies make her feels so much better when she has to cry her heart out. I wish she had know about DWB when Samantha was alive for the support and from what I hear.....that girl was something else and would have some stories to tell.
Love, kisses and (((hugs))) to all......Mona


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Our moms never furget the ones befur us....

Nor when the day khomes, will they furget us...

Khool on featured those marvelous M's!


Erin,Bubs,Tex and PN4 said...

Hugs via Cyperspace

Erin and the dachshunds

Tibby said...

Hi Mona!
I'm sorry that your mom is sad today. Give her lots of extra kisses and cuddles! We hope she is feeling better soon. I know Mango and MJ, they are a cute couple, huh?
:) Tibby

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
I know Samantha will be forever in your Mommy's heart and memory. And that is pawesome. Never forget.
I know about MJ and Mango!
Kisses and hugs

Anonymous said...

Another doggie from MA!? I'm so excited I will have to go check out his blog! And his GF, cause I don't want her to think I am going to steal him! BOL

My Mommy's doggie Chelsea is over the Bridge too. You can find more out about Chelsea on my blog under "Tribute"


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Sorry your mom had a tough anniversary. I'll bet you were able to help her focus on the good things Samantha brought into her life, instead of focusing on just the end.

Levi's mom

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hi Mona,

We never knew Samantha but your mommy talks about her alot and we know she still misses her. Take care of your mommy because she loves Samantha as much as she loves you and she needs you just like she needs her memories of Samantha.

We hope both of you have a good tiem with Evander.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Raising Addie said...

Mona please give your mom lots of snuggles and kisses from us.

This post brought mom to tears... again. She is getting a picture and favorite toy to send to your mom. She is very honored to do it.

Time is funny you know... sometimes it seems to go super fast and you can hardly remember things that happened. And then there are times where you can remember every minute, every second and it hurts just as much regardless of how much time has passed.

Gotta go... too sad. Please tell your mom to think of all the happy times. Believe me, we know it's easier said than done.

Lots of Luv & Kisses

MJ's doghouse said...

oh mona....such a nice blog...thankyou....my mom says to tell you your mom and you can blog anything you want asa long as it is dog related..or cat related....i must have missed one of mangos blogs...cuz i never seen the one with my christmaqs card before...thanks so much...you are very cute also

Mango said...

That MJ is a wonderful gal. Thanks for sharing us on your bloggy.


Matilda said...

Hi Mona,
Your mommmy is missing Samantha, it is a tough anniversary. Give her a lot of kisses and hugs.
And thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog. Your messages cheer me up.

Simba and Jazzi said...

We are sending your Mummy hugs.

Simba x

Joe Stains said...

We are sending hugs to your Mom. Mango and MJ are our buddies too and they are so totally nice and cool!

Anonymous said...

It does get easier. There are just some that hurt more than others. I've lost many pets over the years but Patachou my rottie angel will always stand out more than anyone else. He was my heartdog and a part of my heart broke off when he died.

Love seeing pics of all of your friends!