January 11, 2009

Before and After & MY FRIEND MATILDA

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "He wags his tail, and the room looks as if a devastating army had marched through it." -- James K. Jerome

Hi friends,

I am waiting for my sister Pam to pick me up for our little road trip. I am packed, dressed and missing my little precious little girl, so while I have a few share minutes, I thought I'd show you Mona's before and after pictures from yesterday. I dropped Mona at Tina & Chris's house yesterday afternoon. For those of you who are worried, I did not just dump her there. I stayed for several hours visiting and making sure she was settled in. Maybe it was the lose of her hair, but she was very frisky. She and Baby Girl looked so excited to see each other and the boys just kinda ignored her....Gordo .. "it's the same old Mona, Pops, she just looks a little naked." Tina, Chris, Emily and I went to dinner at Los Cucos and when we got back, I decided it would be best if I didn't go back into the house because I didn't want Mona to get stressed out, she has separation anxiety. She sat at the door whining when we left for dinner. I cried when I got in the car to drive home....talk about separation anxiety!



Before I go I wanted to tell you about a new feature we will be adding to Mona's blog until we run out of letters. If you noticed, I as usual, messed up the other day and added a picture of Elmo, just because I was thinking about him and forgot to remove his picture from the bottom of the post before we published it. That's what gave me the idea. It will be called "The Strings of Friendship -- A to Z" Each day at the bottom of Mona's post will be a favorite picture of one of our DWB friends....friends now or hope to be friends and there blog address. Why? Just Because!!! We want everyone to know how much we enjoy being a part of THE DWB COMMUNITY OR BETTER YET FAMILY!!

Mona & I want to show you a picture of a special little girl. Her name is Matilda. She is a wirehair like Mona but she also could be my Siskle's twin sister. I have fallen in love with this little girl for that reason. I miss all my sons and Siskle was my little imp. I saw this picture of Matilda with a cherry tomato in her mouth. My Siskle used to go into the garden, pick a tomato off the vine and carry it around with him all day before eating it. So precious and a wonderful memory!!
I will be doing a special post about Matilda and Siskle soon to show you how much alike they are.

Well it's almost time for Pam to pick me up so I guess I'll close for now. I have got to see how Mona did without me last night. I didn't sleep at all. I promised myself I wouldn't call every few minutes to check on Mona but promises are meant to be broken.

Love, kisses and (((huggies))) from The Mommy, Sarah.
PS........we're going to Cousita to gamble......remember Pam won $10,000.00 last time we went. I lost $250.00. Maybe it's my turn!! Wish me luck!!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Please tell Mona her fresh khut looks furry nice!

Hope woo won something!


Lorenza said...

Happy trip and good luck gambling!
Kises and hugs

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Mona, I like both before and after pictures!
Wish your mom luck!
Wish you win 1 million, Mona's mommy!

Raising Addie said...

Good Luck to your mommy on a BIG WIN!!

We just LOVE that picture of Matilda!

Mona, you look gorgeous after your haircut!

Great idea on posting your friends!


The Aphasia Decoder.... said...

Mona looks great with her new do. Your A to Z friends features sounds like fun to follow.

Levi's mom

Krista from Wisconsin said...

Come check out our blog update and our cute pics. Mommy is looking for all of support during this difficult...please come leave her words of advice.


Dannan and The Girl said...

Mona, you surely look like a different doggy when you get your fur cut! I think you look a bit puppyish with the short hair. Definitely beWROOtiful, either way!

The Mommy - The Girl wishes you much luck! She bought a lottery ticket yesterday (she never buys them, but she had a feeling - we haven't checked it yet, though!

The Girl is crazy with separation anxiety, too. It's all I can do to get her to go away overnight! She gets real upset and cries when she has to be away from me. I know I made a big deal of it when she went away in December for one night, but really, that was mostly for effect. But The Girl really does get upset. Don't feel like you're the only one, Mommy!

Brown dog kisses for luck,

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Oh, we both so naked now!!!

slurpy licks,

Huskee and Hershey said...

Awww... Huskee's mom here... I totally understand how it feels to love your little one at home!! When we went on a recent trip, we called and called just to check!! (I was begining to think that I am going mad)..
Hope you have a great trip!

apple + chelsea said...

Has fun on your's trip!!

Matilda is a pawsome friend to has, and so'z are you's!!

<3 Apple

Matilda said...

Hi Mommy!
I am really happy you love my pictures. I am looking forward to seeing Siskle's picture,too.
Mona, you are always cute both before and after your haircut.
Good luck to you guys!

THE ZOO said...

hafe a gud tyme. Monas cute wiff her noew haircut.

Amber-Mae said...

I much prefer the before you coz you look sooo pretty with all that long messy hair but however, you still look good bald. Hee!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Amber said...

Hi there, have fun at your trip! Mona looks different but still adorable as always. I see some resemblances in Matilda ;)

Amber licks!

Anonymous said...

Mona looks wonderful after her haircut. Nanuchy my terror mix and my sis's maltipoo Elise both get extra frisky after I shave them down.

Have a great trip!!

Mack said...

Mona's hair cut is super hot!!

Did you win anything at Coushatta???

Ruby said...

I love Mona's hair clip. She looks so cute.
Good luck, I hope you hit the jackpot.
Love Ruby

Maggie and Mitch said...

We get frisky when we get our haircuts too, Mona! It feels good, right?!
Both of us LOVE cherry tomatoes! yummmmmmmm

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

maybe too late, but good luck. MOna you look great!!

Elmo&Dana said...

yay for short haircuts!

Elmo is taking pain reliever meds made for humans, but one pill is divided into fourths. He seems livelier after the meds. Haha. We also purchased small heat pack made of yellow earth for elmo to rest on, from your idea!

Krista from Wisconsin said...

Thank you for stopping by and sending her Mommy prayers. I hope you all liked our pics. We would love to be your friends....stretching out to say hello.

Scrappy and Bailey

the Corgi Girls said...


First off, Mona, we could barely recognize you with your new 'doo! You look lovely, and youthful for sure!

Second, Matilda (although not as cute as you Mona ;o) Is absolutely a doll! We love her curls and bat-ears! Too sweet!

M & I

Erin,Bubs,Tex and PN4 said...

Have a good trip! Mona will be fine of course! Most dachshunds have SA,Texas screams bloody murder when I walk out of his sight, which also helps me, cause I don't feel so bad leaving him. I do practice leaving him places a lot...eg: my room or in the house, so he will not be overly stressed if I have to board him somewhere!!

Have fun!

Erin and the dachshunds

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