December 19, 2008


QUOTE OF THE DAY: "A house without a dog is as strange to me as a house without any windows."
-- Anonymous

Hi dear friends,

This is not the post it was gonna be. It was gonna be a happy post but the Mommy is MAD, very very mad, actually she is LIVID. If you've never seen a red haired Italian get mad you haven't seen nothing. Yesterday the Mommy got a call from my Aunt Judy asking if she could transport a little doggie from Spring to Pearland, tomorrow. Of course the Mommy said yes but then Aunt Judy told her the story. It made the Mommy cry. All of you know how the Mommy feels about rescue and how much she hates to hear about animal abuse. Not just abuse but neglect, which can be just as bad, sometimes worse. Here, word or word, is the e-mail DROH and other rescue groups in Houston got 2 days ago asking for help. Sorry there is no picture but the Mommy wasn't able to get the picture to transmit. She will be taking pictures when she picks him up.

Can you help Snoopy?

Hi there. The above photo is a male "rare" breed of Dachshund, which you all I'm sure know of. I rescue mostly large breed mixes that have been dumped and abandoned, etc. The story of Snoopy is one of many you've heard many times over. A 'friend' of a friend got him and another red Doxie "for her son" (who is FOUR). The woman hates dogs, the husband is the one that did it anyway behind her back. They are now divorcing. The 2 dogs were quarantined to a "run" along the side of their house. No dog house, no concrete (think summers, rain, IKE!, etc.). When they were feed, key word "when", it was a large cup of kibble that was dumped over the fence into the grass for them. Water was the same way. And this family is "well off" financially. I heard the story and needless to say was livid. I asked my friend of she could keep the dogs in her backyard until I could come up with something.....anything, but that they could not remain in that living condition. She went and got them from the lady and the lady said "yes, please take them, they are gross, and I'm sure they are covered in fleas". This lady said she would 'try' to pay for the vet expenses (which when asked about the records , she said they have never seen a vet ever....that she didn't even understand why animals need to go to vets if they aren't sick)!

She claimed she would help pay. She is now saying she won't, that it's too much money, but just bought $9000, worth of new furnishings. What's done is done, I know. My friend has/HAD them both, but her fence is still rickety from Ike, and the red male got out. He is pretty deaf due to being accidentally hit in the head by the owner's 4 year old son swinging a bat. Signs are up in my friend's neighborhood. So that left behind the above boy, Snoopy. He is 1 and 1/2 years old. He is from a breeder, but forget getting any info as said 'lady' isn't helping at all. I sent my friend home with a large dog house, a dog jacket, toys, bones, food, Frontline, flea shampoo, id tag, etc. She is MORE than happy to "foster" him as long as it takes, but she is very tight on money, as in zero dollars extra ever. I am still supplying his food and treats. He is lonely I'm sure. He only knows the outdoors. When brought in on a very cold night he clawed at the bathroom door, then began to chew it. She has two new cats inside and so she put him back outside in his jacket. If an organization can 'donate' an exam & neuter, I will personally help him find a good home. I have 20 rescued pets at home. (don't worry, we live on acres, and they are treated like royalty, but I'm sure you can guess what our pet bills are for 8 large breed dogs, 4 cats, 2 bunnies, a parrot....etc!!! We are also willing to 'enroll' him officially in any rescue group and work it that way as well, and still let her (or anybody else) foster this little guy. He is intact. Still young, so hopefully if HW negative, he can still just be treated by starting monthly preventative.

I have just gotten an update, that some lady in my friend's neighborhood was seen walking a red male dachshund yesterday and acted very weird when my friend asked her if it was hers. Again, one at a time here....right. Snoopy needs help......can you help. or guide is, or anything is appreciated??


Snoopy came from Magnolia, Texas which is just down the road from Spring, where he is right now. From his picture, the Mommy can tell that he is gorgeous and he is a piebald, like my dear buddy, Bandit, that you have seen on my blog many times. The Mommy has a few things, she needs to get off her chest so here goes.

The Mommy here.....Not only was this dog neglected but the red male was abused....hit with a baseball bat and never taken to a vet....give me a break. Left outside during Hurricane Ike, thrown food and water over a fence and never given any medication to ward off heart worms or fleas. These poor dogs 'so called owner', needs to be locked up along with Michael Vick....they deserve each other. STUPIDITY, IGNORANCE AND DONE RIGHT HATE FULLNESS, are the words I would use to describe this woman. But the words for the lady and her friend that asked for help would be ANGELS, SAVIORS AND ABOVE ALL ELSE A RESCUERS. I will be picking him up tomorrow morning and transporting him to Pearland where he will be examined and treatment will be started if he needs any. He is safe now and will be with DROH until a home can be found for him.....but not to worry we have a foster already lined up for him. I just hope that the little red male is alive and pray that if someone found him, they will love him the way all doggies deserve.

Mona here.....the Mommy didn't mean to make anybody cry, like she did but it helps to get it off her chest. Tomorrow we will have a happier post.

Thanks for hearing the Mommy out.......Love, kisses amd huggies to all.....Mona


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

My mom and I will admit we khouldn't read all of the post - but we sadly know the story -

All we khan hope is that someday, 'people' like this get treated like 'this' -

Please give your mom a BIG KHYSS from me!


Peanut said...

Mom says she would like to hit those people in the head with a baseball bat.

Raising Addie said...

It makes me just sick that an adorable little dog could be treated in this manor!

The work that you and DROH does is simply amazing!

I too would like to have a go at giving that woman a smack with a baseball bat. It wouldn't do any good though. That woman will get what is coming to her. --Karma--

I can't even imagine how scared that pup must have been during Ike! Oh it just makes my blood boil!

We are thankful for DROH and all generous people out there that foster pets! Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!


Lorenza said...

I am so sad to know this story. I want to tell some bad words in spanish to that "lady".
I hope those doggies will be fine!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Elmo&Dana said...

It's amazing what some people can manage to do..

I hope he is happy soon.

Deefor said...

It was hard to read that but it's good to know that doggie will be getting some care. Thank you for your really really nice card. You look so serious.


Asta said...

The Mommi has evewy wight to be Mad..we awe too..It did make us cwy, but thank dog fow hoomans like youw mom who cawe and help and wescoo these sweet innocents..
Thank you on behalf of all us fuwwkids
smoochie kisses

apple + chelsea said...

we'z love friends!!

are youz staying warmz mona?

Happy howlidays!!

<3 apple

Lacy said...

w00f's Mona and Mommy, unfortunately, abuse and neglect does not take a howliday...and this goes to show u the real angels of the world, hoomans that rescue and protect innocent "furkids"...God bless ur mom and all like her...the true meaning of miracles...

b safe,

Painter Pack said...

My mommy agrees with your mommy 100%!!! My brother Jack and my sweetheart Koova were both rescued from bad BAD homes as pups, as was I. I pray that the little lost boy has found a loving home! And I like your bloggie!

Mya Boo Boo

Maggie and Mitch said...

We would love to take that same baseball bat and crack it over the heads of those stoopid hoomans who deserve it! grrrrrrrrrrrr

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Joe Stains said...

I need to mail out 20 boxes of poop now, argh people are so so terrible.

Ruby said...

Hi Mona
It's good to know that you & your mommy & DROH are around for those poor animals.
I hope that woman gets whats coming to her.
Give your mommy a fix for me.
Love Ruby

Anonymous said...

God I really really really hate people!! Those poor little babies. Im happy to hear that Snoopy is now safe and pray the little red one is too. Good job everyone!