November 12, 2008


"No one appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as a dog does." -- Christopher Morley
Hi dear friends,
The Doofuss did it again! She hit enter & went and published the Woof!! Stock pictures without telling you what she wanted to say about the pictures. So bear with us while we just tell ya about Woof! Stock, then you can just go an see the pictures. She will try to tell you about them in the order the were pictures posted but she is getting old so forgive her, I am so embarrassed.
The first two pictures are of me waiting in the car for the Mommy to get gas. Do I look inpatient or not? Couldn't she have gotten the gas the night before? What is wrong with this woman?
Then there are some more pictures the Mommy or Aunt Judy took. The man holding me, was such a nice man and he cuddled me while me and the Mommy was waiting to talk to the psychic. I figured if the Mommy let Roscoe climb on her lap and Bandit too, that I could get some cuddling too.
The next pictures show the DROH booth at Woof! Stock and there is a picture of
Skyler in front of the harness stand.
All the other pictures are of some of the different booths that were there. There was only two breed rescue groups there, DROH & LONE STAR BOXER RESCUE. Since the event was originally cancelled all the other rescue groups weren't able to make it on such short notice but we know their hearts were there.
In case you are interested, the Mommy is gonna post the organizations web-sites....they all do great work and it is inspiring to read their websites.
Now let me tell you what the pet psychic told the Mommy.
She asked the Mommy if I was scared of rain & cars. Yes I am!! The Mommy told her how I was found dodging traffic in a thunder storm when I was a little pup. She said I told her that I loved the Mommy very much, I do!!, and that I am so happy DROH found me and that the Mommy choose me as her new baby girl.
She asked if the Mommy left a radio on for me when she goes to work, she does!!
She said I love music and it helps me not feel so alone during the day. She said I told her I didn't like the Mommy leaving me everyday but that I know she has to work to by me my treats. She asked if there was a big dog that lives close to me. Yes, Spike. She said I like him but sometimes he says dirty things to me and I tell him that the Mommy wouldn't like him saying those things to me. She said she could see some little critters running around. She asked the Mommy if there were squirrels and birds that I tried chase. The Mommy said yes , but that all dogs do that. She said she saw little furry things. We gots mice. She said yes that's what she saw & that I was mad because they as too fast for me to catch.
WOW!! Some of that stuff is really true. Her wesite is:
Gotta go...........Love, kisses and huggies to all...Mona & the Mommy too!!


Raising Addie said...

WOW you guys did so much at WOOF!! Stock!

Thank you for sharing this very cool event with us so could can all feel like we were there!


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

It's okay Mona!

I understand their biped paws don't always work well with their biped brains!!

That's why we have soooo much to show and teach them!!!

Tank woo fur sharing - it looked like LOTS of fun!!!!


Simba said...

Its so difficutl to get good staff for you blog, I know, I know.

Simba x

Deefor said...

I love the pictures. All of them. That pet psychic is a little scary. Wonder what she'd say about me.


Peanut said...

Oh we wonder what spike could be saying to you? :)

Lady Kaos said...

Woof Stock looks like a ton of fun. Psychics creap mom out. She tries to avoid talking to them if she knows who they are.

Maggie and Mitch said...

That pet psychic is really something, Mona! It's kinda creepy!
What a great time you had at WoofStock!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

happy said...

Don't worry about it, my hooman is just as bad, or maybe worse. You know how cluttered her mind is...At any rate, those pictures certainly tell lots of lovely tales about the event.

Snowball said...

Look like you had a pawsome day. I love going out too but I dun like to have dogs trying to sniff at me. hee...