September 1, 2008



"A dog's bark may be worse than his bite, but everyone prefers his bark"

Hi my dear friends,

We are home. It's good to be home but I already miss Roxie, Sammy & Andy and the Mommy misses her rocker too. Because the Mommy is old and needs her sleep, I told her it was OK if we just showed you a few pictures for's hard for an old person like the Mommy to go back to work after being off for 4 whole days.

As promised the Mommy took lots & lots of pictures of cow dogs, but because there are so many we are gonna do a post tomorrow, after America's Got Talent. It's gonna be called Home On The Range. Just so you know there really was cow dogs, here is a picture of the four of us barking at that old cow dog.....of course she was safely on the other side of the fence.

The Mommy has always been a country girl at heart and grew up in the country when she was a little during the summer each year for the first 13 years of her life...Ah to be young again!!. The Mommy wants to show you what's it like going to my Aunt Mary's temporary house in the county, Did I ever tell you how much I love my Aunt Mary and the Dachsies?

To get to the house, ya have to go down a private road, where ya gotto know the code to get through the gate. Notice the funny looking thing in front of the gate? Those are called cattle guards. If a cow gets loose and tries to get across he can't because they have wide slits and it would get it's hooves caught in it.

You have to drive past the cemetery aways before you get to the outer gate that protects the outer yard and the you get to the gate where the inner gate is & the house is...kinda confusing huh? The fence has this Texas star with words on it.

This is the actual gate to the outer yard where the cars get parked. Then there is another fence separating the house from the outer yard. The idea of this gate is to keep the cow dogs in front of the fence and the cars & everything else behind it. It also keeps the cow dogs from leaving cow paddies everywhere....remember no poopie for humans to step in or doggies to try and eat....YUCKY!!

This is the fence that is around the house where us doggies can't get stepped on by cow dogs, or get run over by cars pulling up but it don't keep the copperheads out!!

Before the Mommy goes on any further she wants to show you what she found in the backyard when we got home. Hibiscus, lots of hibiscus. The Mommy thought the bushes were dead. There are 3 bushes in the yard. One bush doesn't have any blooms on it so she don't know what color it is. If ya blow the pictures up you can see all the blooms that haven't opened up yet and the dead ones that have dropped. As all the Mommies out there know, the Mommy os very proud of her hibiscus cause they are the only flowers she doesn't kill...heeheehee!!

Now to show you my friends, case ya forgets how to tell hows how, since they are all red. This well be important in later posts about our trip. Have you every noticed that the Mommy always says Roxie, Sammy and Andy? That's the order they came into my Aunt Mary's life. Roxie was a gift to Mary when she was just a newly weaned puppy. Sammy was adopted next from DROH and then Andy got adopted too. Isn't that neat?

This is Roxie, aka Roxie Doodle, and she always wears a green collar.

This is Sammy, aka Sammy the Worrier, and he always wears a blue collar.

This is Andy, aka as Andy Roo, and he always wears a grey collar. Of course the oddball in black is me!!!

Since the Mommies spend so much time on them rockers on the front porch, that I told ya about earlier, here they are. Now tell me what do you see so special about some old wooden chairs & an old dead stump. The only thing I saw was Roxie jumping on the stump and then into MY MOMMY'S lap and stealing all her kisses that belong to me. Wait a minute!! I did the same thing to Roxie's Mommy too!!

This picture is of the deck in the backyard. My Doofuss Mommy kept saying it was a patio in previous posts but it's a deck. This is where the hummingbird feeders are and the tree with the pecans, that them pesky squirrels keep stealing, is right in front of it on the left. Right in front of it is the base of the Jacuzzi, that we torn apart. Do the Mommies really think sticking a bunch of rotten boards and some cans in front of it is gonna keep the mighty hunters out of the hole. They went to LOWES Sunday afternoon to buy some boards and nails but it was so crowded no had time to help them. The Mommies said it was because all them husbands out there, who told their wives they would fix everything before the summer was over, was all there.

This picture is of the base that we tore apart. Pretty impressive job, don't ya think? Aunt Mary said she thinks another creature of the night, like a raccoon, might have broken in & then we finished the job. Snakes could crawl inside there & bite somebody so it's gotta be fixed soon.

OK....just one more picture to share with you tonight. This is a picture of the destruction me, Roxie, Sammy and Andy caused to the living room and how we left the house when we took our leave.

The Mommy took exactly 100 pictures and Aunt Mary took lots too, so we will need to do several posts to cover everything. Tomorrow come see the cow dog pictures, after America's Got Talent. I ask you again....what is more doggies or America's Got Talent?

Love, kisses and (((huggies))) to all.....Mona & the Mommy too!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
Thanks for sharing all those pictures!
That picture of you all with the cow dogs is pawesome!
And the one of the destruction thing is great too!
Glad you and your Mom had a great weekend!
Kisses and hugs

Franny said...

Looks like lots of fun, Mona! Whenever you're with your doxie friends, I wish I was there too, to join in on the fun. You're lucky to have such great friends to play with. I hope you and the mommy had a great weekend!


Amber-Mae said...

That cow is huuuge!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

What great photos, it looks like such a nice place.

Simba x

Deefor said...

Nice pictures. That looks like a great place for doggies to run around and play.


Dana & Elmo said...
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Dana & Elmo said...

I didn't mean to delete the last comment ughajakljefalwkef.

I think it said something along the lines of,

ooo cowdogs!
Well well Mona, you are also very cute yourself, in a less fluffier way, which is hard to pull off, but you pull it off super well! :D

JB's Big World said...

My mom says those chairs on the porch look like a great place to relax. I think you all did a lot of destruction but what fun to be 3 doggies together!
Mom says she loves your hibiscus pics ....he favorite flower.
Sorry I have not been by mom has been busy still and she has been working in the yard for 3 days now!
Hope you had a nice Labor Day!

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Mona,
Oh my... those cow dogs are BIG! I definitely do not want to be caught under their hooves.. *shudder*
I think I need to get my mom some hibiscus bushes too since they seem quite 'hardy'.. My mom has a knack of killing plants, even cactuses.. Hehehe..

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Hi Mona,

It looks like yur mommy & you had a nice vacation. The pics are great!

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Joe Stains said...

Wow those cow dogs are HUGE. MOm thinks those rockers look very nice for reading and relaxing, I think the hole in the jacuzzi looks better tho!!

Great job on in and out of house destruction!