June 30, 2008



"A bone to a dog is not charity. Charity is the bone shared with a dog when you are just as hungry as the dog." -- Jack London

Hi dear friends,

Well we can't load any videos, much less pictures tonight. We keep getting a message that says "error during upload". So instead of all the pictures we was gonna show ya of our visit Saturday at Aunt Judy's house with the boys is out for tonight. All I can say is that me and the boys had a wonderful time. The humans went off & left us by ourselves while they went to lunch and didn't even bring us any leftovers....SHAME ON THEM!! All I know is that Aunt Shirley had a fried seafood platter, Aunt Judy had a stuffed flounder and the Mommy had shrimp and grits. I think she might have made that up cause me sure never heard of anything like that.....have any of you? The Mommy said it was delicious....but how would I know....no leftover remember.

Anyway, we took lots more pictures in Aunt Judy's yard of a bunch of plants and flowers we missed the first time. Actually, it's not that we missed them...it's just that the Doofuss's camera battery went out.....won't happen again, the Doofuss says, because after lunch they went to Wolfe Camera & got the right kind. I say it's about time, since we've only had the camera 5 months. We also took pictures of the fig tree, the tomato plants and the Meyer Lemon trees. Does anybody know what a Meyer lemon is? The Iron Chefs use them all the time and the Mommy loves them. We also saw lots of bugs and the Mommy took pictures of them too.....WHAT A DOOFUSS.

So tonight, ya just gotta read. Neal, I love my Uncle Neal, gave the Mommy an article
he found that is called "What's your dog trying to tell you". The Mommy said she learned a lot she didn't know about us. So here goes.

#1. A peek at his ears reveals....
His mood. One of a dog's cutest features is an instant barometer for what he's feeling. For instance, are his ears relaxed and neither pushed forward nor back on his head? He's happy and feeling sure of himself.
If they're floppy ears, are they stuck close to his head? Or, if they're prick ears, are they open, forming a "V"? He's feeling less confident and may be a little worried. Are his ears bending forward? He's unhappy or feeling threatened, so you may want to give him space.

#2. Look at her eyebrows to know....
When she's confused. If she's not following your commands, her eyebrows (the distinctive ridge above the eyes), can tell you if she doesn't understand what you want. What to look for? One eyebrow up and one eyebrow down or both eyebrows are lowered. And what does
it mean when both eyebrows shoot up? Like humans, it means she's surprised.

#3. His nose tells you....
When he's jealous. If he's using his sniffer to push another person or dog away from you, it's a sure sign he wants you all to himself. Just like humans, dogs suffer pangs of jealousy.

#4. Look to her mouth to find out....
If she's laughing. Yes, dogs laugh! A dog's laugh is like a regular pant, only longer and louder. In fact, it's such a distinct sound, it is the one sound that has the power to soothe other anxious dogs.

#5. Watch his tongue to see....
When he's feeling stressed. The easy clue: He's flicking his tongue in and out of his mouth or licking his nose. Dogs do this when they are feeling discomfort or unease. Tip: An easy distresser: A lavender sachet. This sweet scent, which is known to soothe humans, also instantly relaxes dogs.

#6. When he cocks his head sideways....
He's curious. It's one of a dog's funniest expressions, but what he's really trying to ask is, "What was that?"

#7. Looking at her paw tells you....
When she needs more attention. Think she's trying to shake hands when she sits down and offers her front paws without warning? Not necessarily. This is her way of saying, "I'm not sure what to do now.'' giving her a command-such as"lay down" or fetch a toy"-will make her instantly happier.

#8. His tail reveals....
How he feels about what he's approaching. When your dog wags his tail to the right side of his rump, he's happy about what he's heading toward, like you are another friendly dog. When he wags his tail to the left side, he's afraid of what ahead. Each side of a dog's body corresponds to a different hemisphere in the brain that governs these emotions.

#9. When she does this with her body....
She's telling you she loves you. It's no secret that when you dog covers your face with kisses she thinks you're the greatest person around. However, there's another way your dog lets you know she loves you: When she bows down while doing a great big stretch with her front and back legs. "This is a 'greeting' stretch'." And when she does it in front of you, it's extra special, because it's a greeting dogs save only for those they adore the most.

Well there you go my friends. All of us doggies could have told our humans all those things about us if they had only asked us. The Mommy likes #9 the best. She says I must Really, really love her!!! I not only love the Mommy but I really like her too!! Now if we could just understand our humans like they can now understand us......What a lovey world it would be!!!

Bet ya can't guess what's starting to happen again? Thunder and lighting!!! Again!! Last night the Mommy took a video of Lake San Fernando, our street, when it was raining, with the water covering the street and all the thunder & lighting. We was gonna post it tonight and also show a picture of our street when the water drained off, but now we'll just have to wait for another day.

Mommy....."I'm scared again" can ya cuddle me a little bit?

Gotta go.........Love Mona


Lacy said...

w00f's Mona and mommy, try uploading ur videos early in the morning or really late a nite...sumtimes helps me...mama loves the watt iz me tellin her wiff my ears and tail...me iz hoping they gonna take me to the park tomorrow...it not pose to b any storms...

b safe,

BWTH Dog House said...

Hi Mona & Mommy, thanks for sharing...hope the compawter will be better soon. We got thunder stormy rain here too and I sneak into mom's blanket during the night.

slurpy licks,

Kess & Her Mama said...

So true! Thks for sharing it with us.