June 22, 2008

Jody's Visit -- Day 6

"I'll miss the wagging little tail;
I'll miss the plaintive, pleading wail;
I'll miss the wistful loving glance;
I'll miss the circling welcome dance."
-- Henry Wittet
Hi my dear friends,
Mona & Jody here, posting together one last time. Jody is going home tomorrow and I know I'm gonna cry. The Mommy has already been crying and we haven't been doing much today because the Mommy wanted to spend this whole last day with Jody so she could cuddle and smother him in kisses all day. I don't mind because I know she will miss him a lot. I wonder if he will mis us too? She says its just like giving up one of my brudders but she knows we can visit him whenever we want.
The words in our little daily quote explains ecaxtly how the Mommy feels.
How could anybody not love a cute little face like this!!
The Mommy said she can see straight into his beautiful brown eyes into his soul.

We hope everyone has enjoyed getting to know my friend Jody a little bit.
Here are just a few more pictures of me and my friend. I am so happy Chris, Tina & Emily gave me and the Mommy the opportunity to have such an honored guest in my house.

Jody, on what's left of my pillow, watching the Mommy like he always does.

Love Mona and my bestest friend Jody too!!!


Amber-Mae said...

Jody has sooo much fun that he's sooo pooped out on your bed!

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Don't cry Mona & Mommy!!
I bet another little dachsie will come your way soon!!

Jessie and Jake said...

Wow Jody sure is pretty and sweet - we think she is a great house guest!

Frasier said...

Hi Mona
Your mommy has a kind heart.
Dont cry lil one !

Maggie & Mitch said...

We know you're sad to see Jody go but you gotta remember all the fun you had! He'll visit again, right?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Snowball said...

Don't be sad, Mona and the Mommy. I am sure Jody will miss you too.


Chef said...

I'm sure Jody is going to miss you too but can't you visit with each other? Please don't be sad!


Clover said...

Jody does have a super cute face! I love the picture of him in your bed!
Love Clover xo

Joe Stains said...

I am sorry your visit is coming to an end!!! Enjoy the memories!

Deefor said...

Jody was a fun guest. I hope you can see him again.


BWTH Dog House said...

Dont be sad Mona...sure you can see Jody again....

Ferndoggle said...

You'll have lots of great memories to keep you company!


-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Don't be sad, Mona, you & Jody could visit wif each other again. We want to say that you look very bewootiful in the big pic of you on yur bloggie.

Yur Sibe friends,

-Cosmos & Juneau-

Kess & Her Mama said...

We agree with your mommy. Jody has the most soulful eyes.