May 25, 2008

Sammy & Roxie


"Keeping your dog close to you at all times is the best gift you can give your dog"
Hi my friends,
Today was one of the best days of my life. I got to see for myself that two of my best friends were OK, after their horrible battle with a very mean snake. The Mommy & I had a lovely ride to the country, I was treated like royalty, the Mommy had a wonderful Taco Salad and Lemonade for lunch and Andy fell in love with me. I also got to play with Maggie and Jake, the Dachsies's cousins, the Mommy saw some beautiful flowers on their land, got to fed a whole pond full of catfish and I got to roam free outside as long as I wanted. I was is Dachshund heaven!!.
I know that everybody, who knows & loves Sammy & Roxie were real scared for them, just like we were.......but we aren't worried any more. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so we took lots of pictures to prove they are OK. Sammy the Brave will just have a few battle scars.......but we girls like men like that. There are also some pictures of the flowers we saw.

This picture is of Sammy. If you blow it up you can see where the snake got him in the middle of his forehead & under his eye. It is healing up nicely and he can see perfectly.

This is Sammy. You can see where the bite is crusting over & it doesn't look like he will lose any skin but time will tell.

This is Sammy curled up napping.

This is Sammy and Roxie, snoozing away between the Mommies.

This is Roxie.

Guess who? This is the way Roxie lays on the floor. She was under the coffee table & you can't see her front legs, but she had her chin resting on her paws.

Here is Roxie yawning. You can't see where she got bit but you can feel a bump
on her cheeck.

That yawn was so good Roxie just had to take a good stretch on the couch. Look how loooong she is.

Me looking out the window. The Mommy said I was daydreaming.

And here is everybody else. Andy.....isn't he cute.....thank GOD that nasty old snake didn't get him too!!
This is Maggie, the Dachsies's cousin. Aunt Bec is her Mommy.

This is Jake, the Dachsies's cousin and Aunt Bec is his Mommy too. Jake was outside most of the time we were visiting & the Mommy didn't get a shot of himself alone so Roxie is in the picture too. You can see on Roxie's leg where they shaved her to get an IV in.

The rest are just some random pictures.

These are not dirty marbles....they are Yummy plums, or so the Mommy said since I didn't get to eat any, that grew on one of their fruit trees.