May 13, 2008

Bennington & Japanese name tag.


"There are three faithful friends: An old wife, an old dog, and ready money" -- Benjamin Franklin

Hi my friends,

The Mommy got some wonderful news today, that I wish we would have gotten on Mother's Day instead of today and then the Mommy might not have cried so much because my brothers weren't with us. DROH sent the news to the Mommy's e-mail at work and she didn't find out about it until today when she was checking her e-mail this morning since she was off yesterday. BENNINGTON, DROH's little blind long haired dachshund got adopted on Mother's Day. The only thing more exciting would have been if my brother, Toby, had been adopted....but then she would have been crying for joy. Every doggie deserves a home where he will be loved and cherished regardless of his handicap....well now Bennington has found his. Hooray!! and God bless his new parents.

These are the pictures that were on DROH's website of Bennington.


Now the Japanese name tag:

I have been tagged by my friend Sugar the Beagle, who lives in Singapore, who was tagged by his friend Kess, who lives in Malaysia to do some Japanese homework.

Instructions as follows:

Spell out your name using the given Japanese letter-translation below. Tag six of your friends to do the same & inform them of the tag.

A = KA G = JI M = RIN S = ARI Y = FU

B = TU H = RI N = TO T = CHI Z = ZI

C = MI I = KI O = MO U = DO

D = TE J = ZU P = NO V = RU

E = KU K = ME Q = KE W = MEI

F = LU L = TA R = SHI X = NA

M -- RIN O -- MO N -- TO A - KA

Thus my new Japanese name is Rinmotoka. It sounds like a fine name to me, kinda like royalty. I will call myself that in honor of Jody's human sister. Emily, who was adopted by Chris from Japan when she was only 4 months old. She is a dear friend & the bestest Human sister Jody could ever have.

Emily and Rinmotoka

I have chosen to tag Lorenza, Jelly Bean (JB), Mack, Ricky/Cinders & the Babes, Rossi and Snickers......and just because I want to hear from them, I miss them a lot!!!, Roxy, Sammy and Andy.....heehee.....that's a lot more than 6 but that's the way it is.

Love & kisses to everybody......Mona


Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
Sure is great to know that Bennington found a lovely home!
Thanks for tagging me!
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

I like your Japanese name alot! Mine is Karintukushi Rinkaku. BOL!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

JB's Big World said...

Hi Mona,
Ooh, this meme sounds really interesting. I will try to get my mom to help me this week....along with another one I have to do. I like your Japanese name. I can't wait to see what mine is....I should probably spell out my whole formal name, Jelly you think?

happy said...

Ohayou Rinmotoka! You have a lovely Japanese name!

Happy to hear that Bennington has found a loving home!

Simba said...

Thats a very long name. Suit you though. Please to hear another doggie has found a forever home.

Simba xx

Maggie & Mitch said...

That's awesome news about Bennington, Mona! We are so happy!
What a lovely Japanese name you have!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

THat is such great news about Bennington! Looks like he went to a great home!

THanks for tagging me!


One of the pack said...

Mona, aka Rinmotoka,

What a great Mom's Day present to have one of the babies adopted. Keep sending good vibes to all the pups. They'll find furever homes soon.

Heidi, Lady of Leisure

Kess & her mama said...


Thks for participating in the tag and coming by to visit me. You're right. It does sound royal! Mine is Mekuariari which sounds like "me cool everyday" (hari hari is everyday in the Malay language).

Love, Kess, the beagle.

Sharon said...

Oh my goodness, I just spelled out Snickers name in the Japanese spelling game and it is; ARITOKIMIMEKUSHIARI
I think we'll stick with Snickers!
Sharon and Snickers