April 3, 2008


Hi friends,

The Mommy & me are so excited!!! DROH will be participating in the:
TOTALLY TEXAS PET ADVENTURE DAY and we will have 2 booths. One will be setup for peoples to hear about DROH and fill out applications for adoptions. A lot of our foster parents will be bringing their fosters, who are on the Available For Adoption List, so peoples get to see want handsome doggies they can become furever parents of. One of our booths is going to be a KISSING BOOTH. DROH asked some of us who have adopted from DROH to come and help man the kissing booth with dogs that are calm & like to be kissed & give kisses---GUESS WHO?? ME, MYSELF & I!!!!

Simba, my love, I am only doing this to raise money for DROH, you know I only love you and all them kisses won't mean nothing....but it will be kinda fun.

Any doggie, Mommy or Daddy, that lives in Texas or anywhere close, wants to come
me would give free kisses to DWB doggies. But donations will be taken. This is not a DROH function. It is for all rescue groups in this part of Texas. Last year DROH just went to check it out & found out it was something we wanted to do....anything it takes to get the word out.

OK....now for the Mommy's dream. Her wants to lose 100 pounds.The Mommy is too fat. She was a cubby kid and kept growing wider not taller. She has been fat all her life and being a diabetic doesn't make it easier to lose weight. When the Mommy got sick & had to give my brudders up she and her sister, my Aunt Pam, decided to stick to the diabetic diet the hospital had her on. The Mommy had so much more energy & she felt better than she had in years. The Mommy had lost 35 pounds and then the identity theft took place & there went her diet. Now her eats everything that doesn't eat her first. I don't like it....the Mommy can't get sick again....what if something happens to her. What would happen to me? Who would take care of me?

So here's the plan to get her back on track. The Mommy has joined the gym where she works with some of her co-workers and they have started a "FAT" club in the office. Everybody will do whatever food plan they want but once a week they will all weigh together. This is not a contest.....it's just a way for a bunch of cubby folks to get together and try to get healther....you've heard "misery loves company" haven't you?


= this (we hope)

Please wish the Mommy good luck!!!



happy said...

Oh wow, kissing dog! You must be really good at kissing! Good luck to your mommy. I'm sure willpower does wonders!

Simba said...

Well if its for a good cause. Maybe I should come and keep an eye on you.

Simba x

Maggie & Mitch said...

Lots of luck to your mom, Mona! Losing weight is hard work but she can do it - we know she can!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Mack said...

Where is it gonna be held?? Cause Mom & I would love to come meet you!! We couldn't see the writing at the bottom of the flyer - Mom is way up there in years.

Anyhoo, do you guys ever go to the Pearland Dog Park!??

Jessie and Jake said...

We think the kissing booth is a super idea! We will blow you kisses from Canada since we don't live anywhere near texas (make sure to wear a lot of chapstick)

PS Our mama wants to wish your mama good luck!

Peanut said...

hmm do you think I can get my mom to drive 4 hours one way so I can give you a kiss? Good luck to your mom. My mom needs to get off her lazy behind also and do something about her FAT problem.

Lacy said...

woofies and burfs Mona, we wishes u mama good luck on her losing weight, mama iz pose to b on one too...heehee u will haff a lot wantin to kissie wiff u Mona...

b safe,
Rocky, Bear and angel Lacylulu ;)

Lady Kaos said...

I love giving kisses, too! Too bad we don't love closer, I'd definately come make a donation!
Good luck to your mommy, too! We'll give her all sorts of support!!

Clover said...

Hi Mona!
Great news about Pet Adventure Day! I bet you will have a ton of fun!
We would like to wish your Mommy good luck too, we know she can do it! We are here for support if you ever need it.
Love Clover xo