April 29, 2008



"The favorite food of dog is a treat that tastes like a postman"

Hi my friends,

You remember yesterday how happy the Mommy was about my Bradley being adopted? This evening we got a telephone call from Bradley's new Mommy, wanting to introduce herself & her family to the Mommy. Bradley has a new 5 year old beagle brother and a 10 year old human sister, who loves doggies, plus a new Daddy & Mommy. They said DROH told them that Bradley likes to dig but his new Mommy said that it didn't matter. I can't tell you how happy it made the Mommy that she will be able to have contact with them. The Mommy has always been able to keep up with her former fosters and even gets to see them at the DROH functions. Wasn't that sweet of his new family to want to keep in touch with us. She even said they would like to come for a visit sometime & that she would send pictures ig him sometimes.

This picture was taken of Bradley, the day the Mommy picked him up to start fostering him. She took him to my Aunt Judy to pick out a harness for him. The Mommy fell in love with his eyes ... He is such a handsome boy.

One last picture before we say goodnight. Ron & Deb sent the Mommy a picture of my brother Peanut with some of his siblings. Of course he has 10 other siblings too....

I know it's hard to believe but the Mommy didn't even post a picture of me!!!

Love ya all Mona


happy said...

That's so nice of them wanting to keep in touch. Bradley sure is in a good home! He look so adorable in the picture.

powder-puff said...

Hey Mona!!

I hope you are having a great week!!

lots of love

Simba said...

So pleased to hear about Bradley. I'm sure he'll be happy with his new family.

Simba xx

Maggie & Mitch said...

Bradley is one handsome boy! We're so glad your mommy gets to keep in touch with him, Mona! Hey, you're right! Where are the pictures of YOU?!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Ricky Pepper said...

awww Bradley's new family sounds very nice! Please keep us updated when they email you, so we can know how he's doing too! My sister Lucy has a crush on Bradley...it must be those eyes!

Clover said...

Yay! That is great news about Bradley! I can see how happy that would make your Mom!
Love Clover xo

Lady Kaos said...

That's so cool!!! Mom says she could never do fostering - kids, dogs, cats, anything! She's end up attached to them and we'd be living in a house completely full of adopted former fosters.

Anonymous said...

Ah, it was a bittersweet kind of day. Hope all goes well!

I will be HAPPY to come over and help get rid of baby squirrels, especially is there is a meatloaf cake with mashed potato icing. YUM!

One of the pack said...

Happy Days, Mona! Adoptions are the best. Looks like a terrific pack to us.

Thanks for sharing the good news.


Amber-Mae said...

It's goo to know that he's gone to his new home. He's a cute fella that's for sure!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Mack said...

Hi Mona -
My mom is gonna go to the dog show Friday the 18th - will you guys be there then???