March 8, 2008


Hi friends,

Mona here. Copper, Hana, JB and Meeska & me will be starting the next leg of our journey again soon. I just called the Mommy to check up on Mona Lisa and she reminded me that daylight saving time is here in the USA tonight.
Me don't like it, me can tell you. That means we gotta turn ours clocks ahead one whole hour. Do you know what that means. Well let me tell you. That means that we are being robbed of an extra hour, we could have, trying to find Hershey and bring him home. Besides us girls need for beauty sleep.

So don't forget before ya go to bed tonight to set yours alarm clocks ahead 1 hour.
Do they change time in other counties me wonder? What about at the North Pole? Whatever the time will be, we will continue on our GREAT ADVENTURE. We just got to rescue Hershey, cause we know everydoggie is missing him like we are. Who knows maybe someday we can write a book about our great adventure. You would buy it won't you? "THE NORTH POLE GREAT ADVENTURE BY A BUNCH OF DOGS & A CAT." Does that title sound too long? We can work on it and all our proceeds would go to bring all the lost & stolen dogs & kitty cats back home where they belong. How about this for the title of our book? "FINDING HERSHEY" or "HERSHEY DIDN'T PHONE HOME" gonna take a little nap to make up for losing that stupid hour. Me wish they would just leave time alone.



happy said...

Yes, beauty sleep is very important!

Ricky Pepper said...

We wish they would leave time alone too! Thank you for your adorable birthday card!

Ricky & the Babes

JB's Big World said...

We lost an hour of our life and our adventure.....gotta go. Get up, no more sleeping!

Mack said...

Well hello fellow Texans!!
Mack T. Beans here! Me and my crew live in Angleton, so we live super close to you guys!

Your mom is sooo great to do rescues like that. We got my sissy Paris from the Cocker Spaniel Rescue and my other sissy Lilly from the SPCA. We fostered her a while, then decided she needed to live with us permenantly!. Super Cool bloggy!

Maggie & Mitch said...

Mom isn't fond of DST either! She gets up early and she wants it to be dark when she goes to bed!
Hey, Mona - my mom sent your mom an email!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch