February 23, 2008


Hi friends,

Today has been a lovely day. Me and the Mommy got up early so she could take our car to the doctor. It kept blinking at the Mommy all the way home from work last night & she got scared -- she said this is the last car she plans on buying for a loooog time. She is going to be off Monday, so that means I get to have her all to myself for 3 whole days--well almost. Allegra, her bestest friend from where she used to work for 40 years, is finally getting out of that hell hole and coming to work at HPA where the Mommy has been working since JULY 9th, 2007 -- a day which I will remember cause that was the day she stopped having to work 10 - 12 hours a day, stopped working weekends and not being to play with me a whole lot. Besides my 2 barkday parties, that was the bestest day of my life!!! Anyway Allegra had told the Mommy she would buy her dinner at Maggiano's Italian restaurant, the bestest in the whole word -- even better than her uncle's Italian restaurant -- "it might be the Mommy favorite but not mine cause he cooks bones just for me" I guess I'll let her a few hours with her friend cause she is thinking about adopting a dachie from DROH. That would be AWESOME.
Now that all that is cleared up let me start talking about ME, Duckie, Mona Lisa and Woody. Here I be standing guard over my toys and Woody, who belongs to the Mommy.
Here I be touching heads with Woody cause great minds think alike. I knocked poor Mona Lisa over but she be OK. Now I will show ya my 2 bestest toy friends in the world and of course Woody.

As you can see they are all standing around waiting to be played with, but first let me tell you a little something about each of them. What more can I say about Mona Lisa, that hasn't already been said. She is my baby--my PRECIOUS MONA LISA. I promised her I would not do to her what I did to Duckie.



This be Duckie. He was my Chrtistmas stuffie that the Mommy gave me. I kinda operated on him, his front end is still wound free but he went and got skinny and is now flat & thin...maybe that lap band surgery wasn't the bestest idea!! I still play with his carcass whenever I can.


This is Woody. I don't get to play with him much. He don't belong to me. He belongs to the Mommy and has a special spot in her heart. Woody is at least 60 years old because the Mommy said Woody has been around as long as she has.
Woody was a "Welcome Granddaughter" pressie when she was born. Her Grandpa gave it to her when she was baptised. She loved her Gramps lots and lots and named her first ever very own doggie Samantha after him. His name was Sam and he be the person that started the dachshund tradition in our family. He has a special spot he sets at so he can watch everything and everybody that comes to our door.

Here I be still standing guard in the backyard. Can you see something wrong in this picture? The grass be almost as tall as me. "don't ya think it is time to cut the grass Mommy? "ok, ok I will get Roland to cut the grass tomorrow, Mona"

This has been be a very strange winter here in Texas...last night it was cold and it was "44 degrees" this morning so we had the heater on. This afternoon it was kinda warm again and we turned everything off. It got up to 78 degrees--What kinda winter is this, I ask ya?
Last but not least, the picture below is of me trying to scratch my butt. There be scratchy stuff in the tall grass.....


love ya lots & lots......Mona


the Corgi Girls said...

We love your pics! Especially the melding of the minds between you and the wooden toy, BOL!

We love you!
M & I

Lorenza said...

Hi, Mona!
Sure you did a great operation on that toy!
Enjoy your long weekend with your mom!
Kisses and hugs

Amber-Mae said...

Wow, one major operation on its butt ha! Good job!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Maggie & Mitch said...

We think Woody is just adorable! You could hook him up and he'll roll along side of you and be your very best friend, Mona!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Pacco de Mongrel said...

hey...love ur wooden wheely...

hope he won't get wounded...heheh

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