February 4, 2008


Hi dear friends,

It has been over 3 months since the Mommy had to give up my brothers, Jacks and Toby. The Mommy still crys over having to do it when nobody is looking but I see her and it makes me want to cry too, but she has come to terms with it now. I used to have 2 other brothers, Siskle and Peanut, that the Mommy was forced to give up in July 2006 and she swore then that she would never give one of us up again. But life is hard and many things force us sometimes to do things we would not normally do. She now feels ready to talk about it & wanted to talk to our DWB friends & hope everyone can understand the anguish she has gone through. SISKLE IS THE BLOND WIREHAIR & PEANUT THE HANDSOME BLACK ONE.

When we were all adopted, the Mommy's Godmother, Aunt Annie lived with her and we loved being with her because she spoiled us all the time and then the Mommy would spoil us some more when she got home. In July 2006, Aunt Annie broke her leg and was in the hospital for more than a month and then had to go into a nursing home. The Mommy was working 10 hour days and then going to the nursing home and not getting home until all hours of the night. My brother Siskle wasn't taking her abscence very good and he needed more attention than the Mommy could give him. Peanut was always digging out of the yard whenever he had chance and the Mommy would have to chase him all over the neighborhood cause he would never come when she called. After many prayers, she decided that for their own good, she would give them both back to DROH. It was a very hard decesion to decide which of us would go but Siskle and Peanut both needed more attention than Mommy could give them and Jacks, Toby & me got along so good so they left our home and there has always been an empty hole in the Mommy's heart since they left. That's why it has been so hard on the Mommy to have to give up Jacks & Toby.

But to every dark cloud a little sun will shine even if it never seemed it would come about. Siskle was re-adopted almost as soon as he was given up by a couple that had 4 other dachsunds including another wirehair. After 3 months he was given back to DROH because he and the other wirehair couldn't get along. The Mommy was so upset but then my little brother was adopted again by a couple that had a BIG DOBERMAN PINCHER. Siskle and his new brother got along from day one & now they do everything together--sleep, eat, play and share their parents like Siskle would never do before. We get to see Siskle at all of the Spring Flings and Halloweiner parties so at least we can keep up with his antics.

Peanut had a much harder time after he left the Mommy. When the Mommy first started fostering him it took 3 months to gain his trust--he was found tied to a tree outside of the city pound. Once he knew the Mommy wouldn't hurt him, he never tried to bite or gave the Mommy any trouble. Four different fosters could never handle him and said he was a biter. There was talk of putting him down but Ron and Deb, the Vulcan & Dr Zues, said it would kill the Mommy if they did. So they took him in and within 2 weeks Peanut and Ron were best friends and he is now Ron best boy and was adopted by them. Now you see why Ron and Deb are the Mommies bestest friends. We get to see Peanut all the time because his new Mommy and Daddy live right close to us.

The Mommy just had to get this off her chest. Today's my brother Siskle would have been 3 years old & she started crying early this morning when she remembered it was his birthday. Please tell the Mommy not to cry anymore because Siskle and Peanut are in good loving homes. We cry too much around here already.

Sorry to be so long winded......Mona

ps.....please excuse my typing....our spell check isn't working & I'm to tired to change anthing.


Simba said...

Sounds like your Mummy has had a lot to deal with. I hope things are better for her and you now.

Simba x

Amber-Mae said...

That's a wonderful but sad story. Sooooo many doggies she had to give up. I understand why...But I hope you guys are making her life very happy & bright. I know she will not give you guys up.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sugar said...

Hi Mona,

I have dropped by to say hi, and have just read your latest post.

In life, we are often victims of circumstances and are forced to make decisions that we aren't exactly happy with.

Do cheer up, as it is comforting to know that both Siskle and Peanut are currently in good hands.


Sweet Licks,

Reina said...

Hi Mona,

I totally understand how ur mum feels.

I hope jacks is doing fine. I miss him!


Lorenza said...

Mona's Mommy!
Don't be sad! We know all of them have good homes now and sure they are happy with their families!
Kisses and hugs

Pacco de Mongrel said...

sometime faith brings us together and also separate us..

we juz hope all ur brothers n sister will enjoy their new homes n family...

Chinook said...

Hey hope your Mummy is feeling better now. Sometimes things just don't go the way we want it to, but it's all good that your brothers found good homes too! I'm sure your Mummy tried her best, so give her some licks and ask her to let it go k. =)

Lotsa licks,

Frasier said...

Hi Mona
Hugs to mommy.Its not easy but it was something that had to be done.You mommy has a big kind heart.

Asta said...

I'm so vewy sowwy all that youw Mommy had to deal with and it's all so painful to have to be sepawated fwom those you love and on top of that wowwy about them, but now she at least doesn't have to do the wowwy pawt, cause youw bwuvvews got wondewful homes and you can still see them too..go give youw Mommy a big kiss and smoochie kisses fwom me too