January 26, 2008



It's me Mona. Me been having so much FUN!!!!! Some of the guesses have been so funny & the Mommy has been laughing up a storm at some of the comments.

There are no more hints for ya except to say that the Mommy thinks Copper gotta be a mix but she is going by what Copper's Mommy told her.

We do have one winner, that hasn't changed since me last posted. The Mommy won't say what the winner or winners will get but I know there has to be treats ... cause the Mommy likes to spoil me and she buys me some Yummy, Yummy treats.

the Mommy speaking now. "all will be revealed tomorrow evening with pictures of what I thought his breed would look like. All I can say is. his gotta be a mix but not with a dachshund because if I know anything it's dachshunds"

Until tomorrow GOOD LUCK!! Mona & the Mommy.


ODIES said...
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ODIES said...

random random guess because i have no idea ummm

welsh corgi and norfolk terrier?

Maggie & Mitch said...

Corgi and King Charles Spaniel mix? Can he please stand up so we can see his tail and how tall he is?! hehehehe

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Asta said...

I guess Cowgi-pomewanian cutie???
Whatevew he is what a gweat smile!!! A vewy happy dawling cutie is all tha is impowtant..who cawes what we awe as long as we'we loved!! that's what weally mattews wight??
smoochie kisses