October 13, 2007



We got our questions from MayaMarie so we are ready to share our responses to her interview. Since Evander is still with us we wanted to include him too & The Mommy said for us to go ahead so his feelings wouldn't get hurt cause after all he is part of our pack.

Question # 1 -- I see you are gonna have costumes and dress up, where are you going and do you get prizes or treats? And do the humans dress up too?
Our answer: Oh yes, there will be lots on treats, door prizes and we get to meet the Wizard of Oz and since Todo can't come, our own Sable (DROH adoptee) will be taking his place. The party is the annual DACHSHUND RESCUE OF HOUSTON'S HAPPY HALLOWIENER PARTY.Mona is gonna be a HOOCHIE MAMA, JACKS is going to be a HOBO, Toby don't want to go (THE MOMMY SAID--we'll just see about that) and since Evander is a foster he will just wear a harness that is bright yellow and says "I'm available for adoption!!" in all kinds of colors. The humans can wear costumes if they want to and the Mommy said she is not going to comb her hair when she gets up in the morning & she will go as woman that just put her finger in a light socket and got FRIED.....heeheehee!! and believe us she looks very scary in the mornings. The party will be at the home of Cindy & Dave Barnard who head the Barnard Foundation here in Houston. Since DROH is a tax exempt non profit organization the Barnard Foundation gave us a check for $5000.00 last year with a pledge to give us another $5000.00 if we could raise another $5000.00 by December 31, 2006 and we did!!! Here's hoping they do it again, donations are always welcome---15,000.00 can go a long way toward rescue and boarding homeless little lost souls like us. BTW, Cindy and Dave adopted two of us several years ago and they do everything The Mommy does and more.

Question # 2 -- Do all of you get to be free in the house? I mean no gates, no crate?
Our answer: Yep, if we are good but if not we go to time out. Time out is located away from everybody in the back bedroom with nothing but bread and water, where we have to stay by ourselves while Mommy is at work....ALONE....BOO HOO (crying).

Question # 3 -- I see y'all like to tear things up. What's the worst thing y'all have destroyed?
Our answer: Toby speaking--I chewed the DSL cable on our computer. It took The Mommy, our human nephew ( a comptur geek) and DELL over three weeks to figure out why the computer wouldn't work. I was in time out for a loooog time for that one.
Mona speaking--I chewed the top off of one of The Mommy's dress shoes and she didn't find out about until 5 minutes before she was leaving for a wedding. I was also in time out for a loooog time for that one.
Jacks speaking--I tore off the cover on The Mommy's heating pad and then chewed on the cord. I didn't learn my lesson very well, cause I've done it a least 3 times and now The Mommy hides the newest one when it's not in use. I can't even count the times I've been sent to time out on those ones but now I just go into time out without being told when I get THE LOOK!!
Evander speaking--I chewed up MONEY...enough said but it cost me big time time out.

Question # 4 -- We like the Shrek movies too! My favorite character is Donkey and Missy's is Puss. Who is yours?
Our answer: Donkey, Donkey, Donkey -- us boys of course. Mona's is the dragon cause love is blind and she loves all of MR & MRS Donkey's babies flying around after Shrek 2 is over.

Question # 5 -- I have a window to look out and see the world. Do you have a window or door to see what's going on when your inside?
Our answer: We only get to see what goes on in the world outside in our backyard. We have a patio door, and the Mommy leaves the shade all the way up so we can look outside---not fair, not fair !!---we gots birdies, squirrels, lizards and that darn cat from next door in the backyard all the time & we can't get to them---not fair, not fair !!
We used to have a screen door in the hall way we could look out of when the door was open but somebody kept jumping on it whenever somebody walked by on the sidewalk so now it's busted & the front door stays shot or we will get out and go on a Walkabout. "why is everybody lookin at me--I was only protecting us cause somebody we didn't know was in the yard (it was only the yard man, Toby, but thanks anyway!!)"

Well that's all folks...quite a mouthful but we are long winded like The Mommy.
We swear this is the truth, the whole truth and nothin but the whole truth, so help us GOD

1. If you are interested in being interviewed, leave us a comment saying, "Interview Me".
2. I will respond by posting 5 questions for you. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

"My little dog, a heartbeat at my feet." -- Edith Wharton


Kapp pack said...

Great answers! Way to leave the humans guessing about the DSL cord!

Woo woo, Kelsey Ann
BTW, thanks for the link and I will add you to my friends list too!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
Great interview and great answers. Now I know every one of you have spent long time at the back room!
Have a good night

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Mumsie is liking The Mommy more and more. Does this mean she might develop a back room for us? I didn't mean to lift my leg on the kichen island today...I mean a dog's gotta just let if fly sometimes. We didn't let her read the part bout the puter cord...she might put us in time out for just laughing about it!

Wiry Barks,

powder-puff said...


Nice to meet you, thanks so much for stoppin by my blog and of course you can call me PUFF!!!

what a PAWSOME bloggy you guys have, ill be back!!!

keep in touch!!!

peace out

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh wow! Love all you'all's answers. We learned a lot, and I have to say, you'all have me beat in the destroying things category. We can't wait to see the pictures from the halloweeen party. Sounds like real fun.
Thanks for playing. Holly the Malamute posted for all of us to tell how we help around the house. What do you'all do?
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

Clover said...

Hi guys!
I liked reading your interview! Wish I didn't have to stay in jail all day while my parents are at work. I will tell them that you guys get to be free and make them feel sad for me, and see what happens.
Love Clover xo

Miss Reina said...

I'm always ready for an interview!