September 10, 2007


Hi friends.....

Our doofus Mommy finally found out how to load pictures to our blog thanks to Roxie, Sammy & Andy's Mom that is. Yahoo...Yippie!!! Until we gets a camera we will be using pictures Mom can get out of our pictures folder.

There is only one problem, we don't gots no digital for now
this will have to do. Just imagine the cuties up top are Jacks & Evander. Of course my real brothers are both cuter then these guys.

Since the Mommy hasn't bought a camera yet, our best friends, the Dachsies Mom
is going to take a picture of us to add to our blog and then you can see how very handsome the boys are and how pretty I am. Are you listening MOM. WE WANT A CAMERA NOW!!!

This is the Mommy speaking now.
I promise, cross my heart & hope to die, to buy a camera next payday and take so many pictures that everybody will be sick of seeing your silly there.

Night, Night everybody......Mona


Rockford said...

Heroooooo all you Dachsies! Rocky and I just wanted to stop by and say heroooo to you. Thanks for stopping by our blog and keeping us in your thoughts and prayers! Rocky is feeling better and I am just duckie! Take care, love Mati

Anonymous said...

Well, they are cute ... we'll just have to wait and see if you are cuter, LOL.

Simba said...

You don't know how lucky you are. Once they start with the camera there is no stopping them. They take photos of you sleeping, eating, bathing ,sleeping. Make the most of the peace and quiet while it lasts.

Simba xx

ROSSI said...

Yahooo!!.. Yippee!!.. another good news huh!.. hehehehe.. great!, can't wait to see u guys caught in action!


p/s : eagerly anticipating to 'meet' u Mona!

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends.
I already know you but I want to see your new pictures in your blog!
Have a nice day