September 25, 2007



We had a talk with the Mommy last night and told her we know she needs to work so she can earn money to buy us treats, stuffies and meaty bones, but we want her to start reading your blogs for us at least once a day so we know how everybody is doing. Is that too much to ask? If she has time to watch DANCING WITH THE STARS tonight...she can make time later to catch up on our friends.

So...she has 30 minutes to post something before her show starts. The Mommy just read MayaMarie's post about the nickname game and we are tagging ourselves, since MayaMarie said we could. So here goes.

Mona: Monie, Stingy Gut, Munchkin and Ramona (her real name)'s not a nickname but sometimes The Mommy call her Samantha because Samantha is always on her mind and Mona knows the Mommy gets forgetful sometime.

JACKS: Jackie, Jackson (his real name), Little Man, My Baby and Pumpkin.

TOBY: Cupid (his name when the Mommy adopted him), Big Boy and Good Boy.
(Toby speaking....Cupid was a stupid name to call a big boy like
me---do I look like a Cupid even if I am an angel?)

UPDATE ON YESTERDAY'S RECIPE-----do not make the jello just sprinkle it on the cottage cheese and cool whip, that's the sugar in it. One of the Mommy's friends, also a Doofuss, tried to make it last night for a party a work today and it was like running all over the place. Can you believe it, this other Doofuss, called the Mommy at midnight to ask what she did wrong. We don't know about you guys but the Mommy was snoring up a storm at midnight and can she snore!! heheheh.

Gotta go's 7 minutes before DANCING WITH THE STARS so the Mommy is out of here.

"Histories are more full of examples of the fidelity of dogs than of friends" -- Alexander Pope


Lorenza said...

Hi, friends
That thing of the nicknames is not always very fun! I have lots of them.
Does your mom has already a favourite on Dancing with Stars??
My mom likes a lot that show!
Have a good night

ROSSI said...

Hey.. where is my sorry for dropping in late.. due to am super busy for the past week n now is settle.. and i wanna tell u that i finally have a big brother!.. he is officially staying with us now..


Simba said...

Humans are selfish. They always have time for other stuff.

Simba xx

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

We have the same problem with our mom ...

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hey Dogs...ur mom gave our mom the idea of the pointing finger. And it seems it's always pointed at me, Scruffy. Sniff...I'm such a good boy too, NOT!!!!!! Love ur nicknames!

Wiry hugs, The Scruffster

Frasier said...

My daddy watches that show!!I' d like to say mommy watches sports in our family but I' d be lying....well maybe not she watches the cycling guys

the Corgi Girls said...

BOL! Ya'll are TOO cute, we'd love to have you as friends... we really like Texas and Dachsies! Moms, so preoccupied with other things, aren't they? We'd love it if you added us to your blog, we'll add you too! Our mum's TV addiction will be on soon as well... its top chef, at least it has to do with food... and she lets us cuddle on the bed with all the blankets to watch with her, yay!

Clover said...

I hear you guys. My mom has time for work but not to blog for me?? I will have to set her straight.
Have a good weekend!
Love Clover xo

Reina said...

Hi Friends and dearest Jacks!


They are showing Dancing with the stars here in Singapore but i never get the chance to watch it.

I hope my mummy will never get hook on shows like that:p


Cubby said...

My mom's the same way about Survivor!

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh you'all to too much! Love the nicknames. My mom is like that about The Closer and Top Chef. She tells us to be quite and we get cookies to be good.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie