April 12, 2015


at long last and a HAPPY SUPRISE!!

Adopted 02/06/15

Chelsea Chilly"
Adopted 02/09/15
Note from Cheddar's furever family

 Chelsea is adjusting just fine and so is our Moose. She's having a ball exploring the property (thankfully we had our fence guy add a mesh to our iron fence so the little bit can't escape). She is already in protect mode, and the horse in the pasture behind us has been put on alert! She is an absolute sweetheart! She is going to keep Moose in shape running around the house. We bought her some new toys and we are all having fun playing with them! Thanks again for helping me through this process. Cleo approves! I never see cardinals in my yard and one visited today. I like to think it was Cleo welcoming Chelsea!


Adopted 02/09/15
Adopted 02/10/15
Note from Ariellle's furever family.

Its been a week and Arielle has done really well. It's like she rules the house. She is a fantastic, loving dog. Just like any little dog, spoiled rotten. We love her very very much. Thank you DREAM for a fantastic loving mini Dachshund!


Adopted 02/11/15

Adopted 02/14/15
Adopted 02/14/15
Note from Bobby's furever home

 I just wanted to let you know that Bobby is doing really well. I brought him to work with me today because I knew it was going to be a slow day. He's doing so great! He's really coming out of his shell. He loves meeting all the new people. There's also an office cat and he does great with her! He must have been around cats at some point as he acts like she's just one of the dogs. She actually would probably really like a friend to play with. None of our other dogs will play with her, but I bet Bobby will in the not too distant future :o) At home he's doing really well too. Like you said, he likes to lay around and snuggle, and with the cold weather, we've been doing a lot of that! Sam and Bobby get along really well. They were laying together today and Bobby had his head on Sam's back. No issues with the two of them whatsoever, though I didn't think there would be!

Adopted 02/18/15
Courtesy Listing
Note from Oliver's furever family

 The meeting went extremely well and Little Ollie is a keeper for sure. We kept him from Sunday to last evening and he has quickly bonded with us. He and Red get along like long lost brothers reuniting, and it's beyond adorable the way they play and sleep in the same bed. We are very grateful to you for giving us first dibs on him. Many thanks.
Adopted 02/20/15

Adopted 02/20/15

Adopted 02/20/15
Alyssa Altenburg

Adopted 02/20/15


Rascal Romeo"Romeo"
Adopted 02/21/15

Dixie DivineAdopted 02/24/15
(a Prissy look-a-like)
Note from Dixie's furever family

 We are absolutely loving our little Dixie. She is such a sweet dog and so well-behaved. She's just a joy. And our two little God-daughters, 6 and 10, love her to pieces. Thank you! Thank you! We have had her all checked out by our veterinarian in Friendswood, and she was very impressed with Dixie too. We are VERY happy to have Dixie as part of our family!

Pei Wi Prancer
Adopted 02/25/15
  Archie Alpine
"Duncan Archibald"
Adopted 02/26/15
Note from Duncan's furever family

I'm happy to say I signed the adoption paperwork and brought Archie Alpine home with me last night. He's been very curious of the new surroundings and super well-behaved. And he got some good sleep last night too.

Hans and I decided to expand Archie's name to Duncan Archibald. That way he gets to keep his intake name while also having a name that comes from his new family. We'll be calling him Duncan, but feel free to refer to him with whichever name feels right to you. We're all very happy with how smoothly the transition is going so far. As you can tell from the attached picture, Duncan has had enough fun to need a hard midday nap or two to recharge. More pictures to come, including awake ones if I can be agile enough with a camera to capture something other than a super-happy black and tan blur!

Duncan's a wild man. Always ready to play and a ton of fun. He loves to go for walks where he runs fast enough to keep his marathon-training owners out of breath. Between the full body motion tail wags, stuffed toy tug-o-wars, and attempts to rile up the neighbor's chihuahuas every time he passes their window, it's been non-stop party. And Duncan is friends with everyone. He stops neighbors in their tracks, greeting their dogs while receiving compliments on what a fine-looking and great-acting dachshund he is. We can't help but agree.


Adopted: February 2, 2015

Adopted: February 6, 2015


Adopted: February 6, 2015

Copper Penny
Adopted: February 6, 2015
Adopted: February 10, 2015

Cupcake was rescued from Brazoria County after she was hit by a car! Both back legs are badly broken and she is unable to walk! Anything you can donate to help save her would be amazing!!!


UPDATE on Cupcake! The surgeon says the break above her knee can be fixed with screws. BUT the broken ankle is severe. He said if it was on a human,  the ankle would be pointing sideways. He said she will always be weak on that side. She is having surgery TODAY (12/22/14) at Bay Area Veterinary Specalists in Houston!!!  She will go to a local temp foster for 8 weeks of surgical recovery and then she will go to live in Corpus Christi with her fosters. It breaks our hearts knowing she dragged herself around looking for food until she was taken to the shelter. She is a trooper!   As severely hurt as she is,  not a whimper out of her. We still need donations to cover her surgery. It is both back legs and the cost is high. Please no amount is too small. If you can't donate please pray for this sweet baby girl and SHARE her fundraiser!! As soon as she is out of surgery we will post another update!!

Cupcake got a new cast this week!  She is now sporting a holiday red cast! 

Adopted: February 11, 2015

 Senior -- 11 years old
Adopted: February 13, 2015
Adopted: February 14, 2015
Adopted: February 15, 2015
Adopted: February 16, 2015
Lexie Marie
Adopted: February 18, 2015
(a Shelby Lynn look-a -like)
Adopted: February 19, 2015
Adopted: February 19, 2015
JP Patches
Adopted: February 21, 2015
Adopted: February 21, 2015

Adopted: February 21, 2015
Color: Red piebald dapple
Adopted: February 23, 2015
Adopted: February 24, 2015
Adopted: February 28, 2015
Senor -- 9 years old

Gizmo's story....


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Name: Gizmo
Rescue ID: D130119
Status: Adopted!
Adoption Fee: $150.00
Species: Dog
Breed: Dachshund
Learn more about the Dachshund.
Color: Wild Boar & White
Sex: Male (neutered)
Current Size: 14.8 Pounds
Current Age: 9 Years 2 Months (best estimate)
Activity Level: Moderately Active
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor Only
Good with Dogs: Yes
Good with Kids: Yes
Housetrained: Yes

12-3-2014 FACEBOOK POST:  Feeling so sorry for Gizmo, my 8-9 year old frosty-faced foster dog.  He has a HUGE personality and is very healthy.  I cannot begin to describe his humerous behavior, some consisting of training by a loving owner who died.  He deserves so much more attention than he gets living with a large, somewhat jealous pack. But he has had no adoption interest.  I LOVE YOU, GIZMO....there has to be the perfect forever home and owner for you out there somewhere!

2-6-14 UPDATE - Foster mom writes: More about Gizmo, my adorable foster dachshund.  This hilarious little guy dances in circles ahead of me when going to get his meals in the kitchen. Before his bowl is set down, he does a rollover. Could it be that he was taught some canine free...style moves in the past?! Gizmo also loves our bedtime ritual of him getting onto his pillow bed and me putting his blanket on him. He plays and plays until I completely cover him. Then total silence. For three nights now, he has come to get me to put him to bed. He is funnier than any dog I've ever owned or fostered!

In Gizmos-s own words:

Treats. I love treats. Treats. I have had lots of treats in my lifetime. I will roll over for you if you show me a treat. It’s something I’ve been taught to do in the past. 

My personality is awesome. I wag my tail whenever I see a human. I love humans. And I talk. If my cuteness doesn’t win you over, my talking will. My face is so full of expression when I am looking at you and talking. 

Though I plan to leave my mark on the world, I won’t do it in your house like lots of other boys will. And I’m not into barking a lot or talking loudly. My foster mom says I’m submissive, and that is a good way to be. My motto is “Live In Peace”.  If you are looking for perfection, go no further. I’m the guy you’re looking for
Dixie Lee
Adopted: February 28, 2015
Mona here.......
As most everybody knows Mommy's first dachshund was
Angel Samantha,who was not a rescue. I was the first girl
dog she adopted and I came from DROH. Prissy was
adopted from ATDR and now Sammie Jean from DREAM.
Then there were my 4 brothers from DROH and then
dearest Angel Weenie from ATDR.
DROH will always have Mommy's heart because they are
the ones that started her on her journey as an adopter,
a foster and a better person.
Mommy and I were trilled to hear that DROH has agreed
to allow us to spotlight their monthly adoptions.
So here's goes..........
Penny Kringle
"Penny Sue"
Adopted 02/07/15
Pete Paradise
Louie Buffett
Adopted 02/08/15

Madeline Andrews
Adopted 02/09/15

Kip Kringle
Adopted 02/16/15

Badger Kringle
Adopted 02/21/15


                                    Comet Kringle
                                   Adopted 02/24/15..

                                        Cherry Buffett
                                       Adopted 02/24/15

  Sable Earnhardt
Adopted 02/28/15



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