January 21, 2015


“The secret of architectural excellence is to translate the proportions of a dachshund into bricks, mortar and marble.”
Christopher Wren

Dear friends,

Again we apologize for the delay in posting the December
adoptions. We previously reported there had been 64 adoptions
for December but 2 were returned through no fault of their own and are back with their fosters but their time will come again.

There are 2 adoptions stories from January that we decided to share early. Mommy loves them and after reporting the sad news of Caesar passing it was nice to see Mommy smile again.



 Newly adopted Sam Adams was introduced to his Mom’s friends and family in this letter today! We think he is a lucky boy!

ADOPTED 1/18/15

 Here I am!

My name is Samuel Adams, but you can call me Sammy. I'm your new hot guy in town.

 I'd like to say that I am outstanding in my field. But the truth is, I was just "found" - outside, standing in a field. I was lost and I was starving (eeeeh-gads I even had worms). Good samaritans saved me with their love, food, shelter, and medicine. Now I am healthy, happy, and I shine like a new penny! Just look at how handsome I am!

 My first foster parents name all their best dogs after a beer, so that's where I got my name. Imagine, I could have been just another East Indian Pale Ale, or an Ichiban, or a Mabel Black Label? I was there and so I was saved, call me anything. 

In my next foster home I found I had 13 really BIG brothers. (uh - I'm only 9 pounds without much experience) I dug deep and found I had charm and incredible wit and with that I won them over. Again, I succeed. I'm good that way. :)

You must know, as I do, that my foster families are my true angels. Because of them I am alive. They helped me learn to be a functioning family member so I could be adopted. They helped me find a family, and here I am. 

 Alas, my forever home found me (furever as they say). I now have 2 big sisters under my tutelage and, oh dear, my work is cut out for me again.  I have a lot to learn about women. But I am here, and here I am! I have beds, kibbles, hugs, and endless love.

A bit more about me: If you have any left over holiday gifts, I would be happy to rip the paper off of them so you can store them for next year. Also, love butter, fat, meat, and cheese. And, by the way, as a dachshund, recipes for Wiener Schnitzel freak me out.

But enough about me. I can't wait to meet YOU! I think YOU would so enjoy knowing me. I'm good that way. :) 

Love & wet kisses,
(I love my forever home)


(a failed fostering story) 

ADOPTED 1/16/15

Tim and I have shamed ourselves and our family for generations by entering the despicable ranks of "failed foster". We began fostering the skittish, brindle half-breed called "Zeus" last October, a week before Dachtoberfest, as an accident when his planned foster fell through. Although I have been steadfast in my position that I do not want five dogs, that four is my limit, when Marcie sent the email yesterday that a very qualified someone wanted a "Meet & Greet" with him, I became frantic and physically ill. I called and called and emailed and texted Tim, who finally got back to me, untold minutes later, and he said, "I told you we should just adopt him." So, he called Marcie (because I was too ashamed) and told her. 

 To make this story even more pathetic, we don't even call him "Zeus" which is a noble and masculine name for a dog who physically deserves such a fine moniker. Instead, we call him "Papillon" which is French for Butterfly. We tried Beauregard, but he would not answer to it. He leaps and licks when we call 'Papillon'. Our very thick, muscular, male dog likes to be called Butterfly, and sadly, Tim and I acquiesced to it.

 Clearly, we run a shameful home where the Dachshunds (and half-Dachshund) (and wanna-be Dachshund Simone) run the show. I can barely hold up my head.

OK....if you haven't figured it out yet by reading Papillon's
story, Pam, who is Bentley, Spencer, Zoey and Simone's Mommy is the failed foster. That means that he'll be our buddy soon and get to stay with us sometime. How cool is that!! 

 Mommy assured Aunt Pam that there is no shame in being a failed foster. Mommy has failed a total of 4 times remember!!
Shelby might be the 5th but she is having a meet and greet 
Saturday with her potential forever family. Wish her luck!!





Daisy said...

Thank you so much for sharing such lovely furever home stories! They are both unique in how they got there, but both are heartwarming! The failed adoption stories always crack us up!

Julie said...

I luffs these stories and I think Papillon is a great name for a dog!
Loves and licky kisses
Princess Leah xxx

Cupcake said...

Sammy is so adorable. I love the letter. Aunt Pam, I'm SO glad you kept Papillon. Some things are just meant to be.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Hap-Pee Stories. And don't feel bad, Aunt Pam. My Mommy fails again and again and again. In fact.....she has NEVER won when it comes to fostering.

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Sammy Adams... that cracked us up... BEER name fur a German Dachshund...

Matilda the Boxer said...

What grreat stories! Tell Papillon hi for us when you meet him. I'd love to give Sammy a butt-wiggle too!

Teddy said...

So, there are times when failing is fantastic, such as when it results in a furever home! I love these stories!