January 29, 2015



"For the soul of every living thing
is in the hand of God."

Oh my goodness, December was a busy month. The final tally for dachshund adoptions was 61. Another doggie got returned but like we have said before they are back with their loving fosters and their time will come again and in the meantime they are in
the palm of God's hand. 

Adopted: December 5, 2014
 Double Dapple

The first December adoption was a very special little fella.
For some puppy action check out Noggin's video. Just click on his name to go to his webpage or copy and paste the link to your browser.  Remember, being a double dapple he is vision and hearing impaired but found his forever home, no thanks to backyard breeders..


Adopted: December 5, 2014
Adopted: December 6, 2014
Dachshund / Husky / Mixed

Oscar - Jose
Adopted: December 6, 2014
 Chocolate and Tan Wire Hair 

Adopted: December 9, 2014

Adopted: December 10, 2014
Adopted: December 10, 2014

Adopted: December 14, 2014
Adopted: December 16, 2014

Princess Rubie
Adopted: December 19, 2014

Adopted: December 20, 2014


Adopted: December 20, 2014

Adopted: December 23, 2014

Grace Slick
Adopted: December 26, 2014
Senior -- 10 + years 
Grace's story...
Meet rockstar, Grace Slick, YES, that was her real name!  She's a bit of a chub but working on her stage figure one again!  She was owned by the same family for her whole life and they had a child, now 2yrs that Grace hasn't so crazy about.  So - children are a maybe, but only older ones!  She is in good health, needs a dental, but otherwise a happy and healthy girl.  She is beautiful and so happy to be out of the shelter.  Grace Slick just wants a chance at a new life, one without new babies! 
She would be thrilled to be in a place where she is loved and cherished forever! 
Grace found her forever home without children in a comfortable and loving home who didn't care that she might be a little gray and slow.    

Adopted: December 28, 2014

and last not least, 3 sibling puppies that all go adopted 
by the same family...........

Adopted: December 30, 2014

Adopted: December 30, 2014

Adopted: December 30, 2014

Looks like the pups new family will be very busy!!

Adopted 12/01/14

Adopted 12/05/14

Derek Deutsch
 Adopted 12/06/14
Color: Red Dapple

Adopted 12/07/14
Color: Piebald

Caroline Crayola"
Adopted 12/07/14
Color: Black & Tan
Coat: Wirehaired

Bentley Beckum 
Adopted 12/07/14

Sissie Schlitterbahn 
Adopted 12/08/14
Senior -- 9 + years

Adopted 12/10/14
Color: Piebald
Coat: Longhaired

Dominick Erdinger 
Adopted 12/11/14

Adopted 12/12/14

Adopted 12/14/14
Coat: Longhaired

Adopted 12/14/14

Adopted 12/14/14
Color: Gray (Blue)
Coat: Wirehaired

Adopted 12/14/14

Adopted 12/15/14
Senior -- 9 + years

Who says an old dog can't move? Clink on his name and it
should take you to his webpage, where you can see his roaching video. Weenie and Mona, the roaching experts,  are so proud of him.

Adopted 12/15/14

Adopted 12/16/14

Adopted 12/17/14
Senior -- 10 years

 Lost & Found Dept

Miracles do happen. Here's Cheeto's story........

Christmas came early this year.
Cheeto was reunited with his lost family!

Our sweet pup Cheeto of 10 years got out of our house on August 16, 2014. We had just moved so he did not know the area or how to find his way back home. I had been searching online on all different web sites daily. After four months of searching I finally found our boy on the DreamDachs website. He had been taken good care of by foster parents and is now reunited with his family and his new baby brother! Thanks to the great foster parents for taking such good care of our Cheeto and to DreamDachs for posting his profile so he could be found!
Cheeto & his baby brother

Adopted 12/19/14

Emerson Elf
"Emerson Belle"
Adopted 12/19/14

Notes from Emerson Belle's family........

December 29, 2014

We adopted Emerson Elf whom we renamed Emerson Belle on December 19, 2014. She has fit right into our family. She has the sweetest, calmest personality. She loves to cuddle and snuggle with us. And she sure loves to play with her toys, too! We are so grateful to be able to give Emerson a forever home and we are grateful she is happy with us!

January 19, 2015
This little black and tan sweetheart has been with us one month today. We were fortunate that her adoption went rather quickly since it was during the holidays. We had just lost our 14 1/2 year old blue and tan female dachshund, Samantha Belle in November. We began our search for another addition to our never ending love for the best dogs in the world, dachshunds. Little did we know how many dachshunds there were out there that needed adopting and/or rescuing. I found several organizations online but something about DREAM Dachshunds just stood out! So, the process with DREAM began…filling out paperwork, emails, phone calls and that significant home visit. Then the call came to come visit and meet our little girl. We met her on a Friday afternoon and she went home with us after that initial visit. Emerson snuggled up to us immediately, both me and my husband. We changed her middle name to Belle in memory of our last dachshund. She is now our Emerson Belle. Who knew we could fall in love so quickly with such a precious little pup?! She has been through a lot, lived several places before she came to us but she has adjusted so beautifully. She is truly at home. And she has made this her home, also! We had a little field mouse get into the house and Emerson suddenly became the fierce protector and tracker she was bred to be. She and my son-in-law tracked that little mouse until they both were successful! She was a hero! She now searches the house as soon as she gets up every day, then she will go outside and have her breakfast. She has a purpose!!! I’ve never seen so much dust on that little snout! She is having so much fun and we love watching her patrol and protect her territory! She is now very, very tired at night!!
She also gets great joy from playing with her toys! In the beginning, she didn’t quite seem to know what to do with all these toys but it didn’t take her long to learn to run, fetch and toss her toys around. We do let her sleep in the big bed with us. After all she’s been through, I don’t want her to ever feel alone or afraid again. She cuddles, she snuggles, she gives great doggie kisses! And she loves, loves, loves belly rubs! She just rolls over on her back as if to say, “Well, when are you going to rub my belly?” She is very obedient and patient to have experienced so much. She is also learning to love our adult children and our friends.

Thank you so much, DREAM Dachshunds, for providing such a great environment for these wonderful little dogs! And thank you for helping us find a new love of our life! We couldn’t be happier!.

Emerson Belle & her parents

Nathan Northpole
 "Murphy Joe"
Adopted 12/20/14

Note from Murphy Joe's family..........

We officially adopted this little man today! His name is now Murphy Joe. He and our Weimaraner Lola had a great day together! Thank you so much for allowing us to have some extra joy this Christmas season!

We lost our 14 year old Daisy (Irish Setter mix) in February. She was also a rescue. She died on our daughter's birthday. We had to call Madeline in Mississippi to tell her. Then July 1st my Dad came here on Hospice from Florida to live with us. He died on Aug 30th. It has been a VERY hard year for our family. We have looked on and off for months for a rescue dog for us, and to keep Lola company. Lola came to us as an 8 week old puppy, and only knew her home here with Daisy, her older, grouchy sister. She mourned for a week after Daisy died. 
Murphy Joe's family

Bridgette Ballot
Adopted 12/20/14

Adopted 12/21/14
Color: Double Dapple

Note from Casper himself.......... 

 Hello everyone, I’m Casper and I was adopted on 12/14/14 by the McNeal family. First of all I want to say thank you to my friends at DREAM for getting me into such great shape and to my foster dad Kerry who was sad to see me go but glad to see me find a forever home! My new family had recently lost their furry baby Henry from pancreatitis. This is a disease that us doxies are prone to getting. So read up about this if you have a furry doxie in your life. Anyways, Henry was about 10 years old and the center of their world! It took a toll on the whole family to lose him. Even the cat Polly was grieving for Henry. My dad was especially saddened to lose Henry but he started looking at rescue sites and that’s where our story begins….
He looked at so many doxies, long haired, short haired, reds, pie bald, dapples but he kept coming back to me (puppy smile)! Dad called my mom and asked her to look at me and tell him what she thought. She loved me at first glance but my dad was worried that he wouldn’t be able to love me like he loved Henry. My mom assured him that he could. She reminded him that if they were able to adopt me that we would be rescuing each other! I get a family and they get a new fur baby! Mom filled out the application and they waited. That afternoon a nice lady from DREAM called to do a phone interview. The call went great! Mom and Dad were getting so excited about me. My foster dad and my (soon to be) forever dad started texting each other. Ryan and Cassidy (the human kids in the family) were getting excited too. My mom said it was a miracle because they are 22 and 15 and hardly notice anything outside of their world. By that Sunday, my foster dad brought me over to meet my new mom and dad. I don’t mean to brag, but they loved me right away! After the home inspection and all the paperwork and play time… I was home!

Since my adoption we have been busy. We’ve had Christmas, New Year’s, we’ve been to the ranch, we went to the beach and camped overnight! I have had such a great time and the cat even likes me too! When they are at work I have the whole kitchen and breakfast room to myself. I have my potty pads and food and bed and toys there to keep me busy. I love it and they love me. Oh did I mention I’m deaf? Yep, that’s right. My mom and dad work with me every day to learn hand signals so I will be sure to know when they are telling me what a good boy I am. So a thumbs up means ‘good boy’. I am sending out a big thumbs up to DREAM Dachshund Rescue to helping me find my forever family! 

Adopted 12/22/14
Color: Chocolate Dapple
Note from Sophia's family........

 Sophia is doing great! She has settled in nicely to our home and gets along wonderfully with our two other dachshunds and four little boys. The kids love her; it's hard not to! When she's not playing with a toy, running around the back yard or going for a walk, she is snuggled down on the sofa for a nap. She has a great laid-back personality, sleeps through the night, is friendly with everyone, stays well in her kennel and potties outside. She got a clean check up from our vet and everyone there was happy to meet her as well. We couldn't be happier with her and thank you for all the wonderful work you do to take care of these little ones!

Adopted 12/22/14

Note from Darby's family........

  Sweet Darby is doing really well. Sleeps on the couch with James in the evening and then in the big bed at night. We don't have any dogs that play with balls so James bought him a couple last night and he's in little dog heaven. Carried his tennis ball around all evening. He even took it to bed with him.

Adopted 12/22/14
Coat: Longhaired
Senior -- 9 + years

Adopted 12/23/14
Color: Piebald

Adopted 12/28/14
Senior -- 9 + years

Mary KissmasAdopted 12/31/14
Color: Piebald
Well there you go. Was it worth the wait?
God Bless........the Mommy, Sarah


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That's amazing, what lovely adoption stories
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Princess Leah xxx

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That's amazing and wonderful...all in one sentence!


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CONGRATULATIONS on UNITING so many Peeps and Pups...

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So many adoptions! Fangtastic work!!

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I love reading the stories from the new parents. It makes me so happy that all these beautiful babies got a forever home! I'm so glad Cheeto is back with his family.