August 31, 2014



"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress 
can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 
~~ Mahatma Gandhi

It's that time again, late as usual, for our monthly
adoption report. There were a total of 50 lucky pups
that found their forever homes during July between the
3 rescue groups we support. To us it doesn't matter which
rescue group has the most, it just means we can save more from the streets. There's a saying that goes
"Until there are none, save one."

Many of us, including some of our dear Blogville friends,
were on the streets at one time. Mona was. This was her
DROH bio picture from 2005.

Prissy was an owner surrender when she came into rescue.
Here is her ATDR bio picture from 2013.

Coco came into rescue when her owner died and nobody
else in  her family wanted her. She is still available for
adoption. Here is her DREAM bio picture. 


So you see it never stops. Some dogs get tossed away like
garbage, the way Mona was, and some through the death of
a loved one. This is why the need for RESCUE never ends.

So now for the lucky pups and a few updates.

*****Lovie UpDate*******
Lovie continues to improve! Notes from her last vet visit: "Looks very good: better musculature, stands unassisted and eats standing up. Cannot walk yet, but continues toward that goal. Pain responses in both rear feet and tip of tail indicating good sensation. Her skin is sensitive to touch. Runs all over with neck roll around her waist (foster mom's idea/invention...). Great personality and attitude. Still improving. No need for cart because she's mobile and gaining back muscle." So while not walking yet, DRoH's sweet little girl is still moving toward that goal. Her foster mom came up with the great idea to support Lovie in the correct posture using a neck roll -- this allows all of the appropriate muscles to work properly. We are hoping to soon have a "Lovie Walks" unassisted video for you!!

 Speaking of videos, below is a link to Lovie in action.
If it doesn't open when you click on it, please copy and paste to 
your browser, you won't be sorry...........

Before we highlight ATDR's adoptions, we'd like to share 
a special Mama and Baby who are new to rescue. 
This os Mollie and her baby Millie. Both are available
for adoption.

Mollie came from MCAS and was thought to be a dumped mother, because she was lactating. Low and behold when she went for her spay, it quickly turned into a C-section, because this little girl was carrying ONE FULL TERM puppy!

 Sweet Molly is a beautiful long hair, Double Dapple girl. She is about 5-6 years old and weighs about 10 pounds.

Molly is vision impaired; she does see, but not 100%. Her hearing is fine.  Molly is spayed, current on vaccinations, micro chipped and on heartworm preventative.

 Meet Millie!
This cute girl came into the world very unexpected, you could even say she was a miracle!! 

 This precious girl is a double dapple and does have some special needs. She does appear to be mostly deaf or very hearing impaired and has limited vision and may possibly be blind, BUT that doesn't stop her from racing around the house and harassing the other dogs.  

adopted 7/2/14

adopted 7/14/14

adopted 7/14/14

adopted 7/16/14

adopted 7/18/14
adopted 7/19/14
9 years old

adopted 7/19/14
Charley Marley

adopted 7/19/14

adopted 7/23/14

adopted 7/26/14
12 years old
Meet Gus!!  At 22lbs this sweet boy could hardly walk and he was out of time in the shelter.  An angel swooped in to free him and he began his journey in rescue. Gus had trouble walking because he was so obese and his nails were wrapped into his paws.  After a trip to the vet, some careful clipping, some pokes and prods, a big dental, and a new diet regime he started down his new road to health.  

When he was rescued.

Several days after his vet appointment, his skin began peeling and scars and sores began forming down his side.  A quick rush to the vet and he was diganosed with being squirted with OTC topical flea prevention which many dogs have terrible reactions to, causing chemical burning of the skin days and weeks later.  Sadly many shelters will use these cheaper products to contol the flea problems in their kennels and Gus was one destined to have a reaction. 

After weeks and weeks of medication, creams and care, his skin has healed and he has also lost many pounds!!  7lbs to be exact!!

Gus today.

Gus is one of the most adorable, cuddly doxies we have ever met.  He has a teddy bear face and personality to match! He loves to be snuggled and is devoted to his humans. Even the old ones  
deserve a chance at life even if for a short time.

adopted 7/26/14

adopted 7/26/14

adopted 7/26/14

adopted 7/26/14

Back in July when we reported the June
adoptions for DREAM we told you about this special needs

Lilly Lollipop
 here is the newest update........

Update from Lilly's Foster Mom:

Lilly is doing really well! Her little legs are getting stronger every day. She's been on serious crate rest for weeks, and really enjoys her occasional break from being crated. When she's out, she loves her doggie bed and rests quite comfortably in it. She sleeps all night long without a peep, and hasn't had any accidents. She is great with kids and all people, young and old, and loves other dogs. It's easy to see she is anxious to get out and play with my dogs. She is a real sweetheart and it's has been fun to see her personality begin to shine as she is progressively feeling better. Once she is completely healed, she will make a wonderful companion for a loving forever family.


adopted 7/05/04
Lola Falalalala

adopted 7/10/14
Payton Popsicle

adopted 7/12/14
Sadie Seashell

adopted 7/14/14

adopted 7/18/14
Bella Bluebonnet

The Mommy here.......Betsy took my breath away when I
first say her. She looks so much like my Weenie.  

adopted 07/20/14
Cassidy Crane

adopted 07/24/14
Lauren Sherbert

adopted 7/25/14
Sabrina Sparkle

adopted 7/25/14
Rebecca Rosebud
"Hazel Grace"

adopted 07/25/14
Carlie Confetti

adopted 07/25/14
Brody Biscayne

Adopted 07/26/14
Ferris Bueller

adopted 07/27/14
Rusty Roux

adopted 07/27/14
Cameron Frye

adopted 07/28/14
Sonny Surfer

adopted 07/30/14
Tonya Garland

adopted 7/31/14
Lorelei Butterfly

adopted 7/31/14
Desmond David Hume

Well there you have it.


Little Miss Titch said...

some great results there yippee!xx Speedy

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Ditto and well done. Have a serene easy Sunday now.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

We hope fur HOMES fur ALL.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Hope every buddy finds there forever and forever home
Lily & Edward

Cupcake said...

Thank you for posting these pictures. I love to look in the eyes of these dogs and know they are safe and in a loving home.

Love, Cupcake