September 15, 2013



Weenie's message for his Amber.

Angel Weenie here........

  As most of you know, Mommy was without a phone or the computer for 8 whole days and she and my sisters missed a lot.
Prissy wants Chip and Mona wants Max to know how sorry they were that they missed date night.

Well I didn't. I talked to the big guy in charge up here and asked him if I could go below and and bring my love, Amber Da Weenie up for date day.

He said yes of course, so the Gates of the Rainbow Bridge were opened to guests on date day. He also told me that the gates are open for 2 other special days.......Mother's and Father's day. Isn't that cool !!

So while my girl was sleeping, I swooped down on my magic Bumble Bee and brought her to a meadow and gave her a rose. I picked it myself and didn't care that it had thorns. My Amber was worth it.


The day just wasn't long enough and I had to take her back home but before I did I told her:

Until we meet again, my love!
I will always be watching over you until we can be together again.

This is the way I will dream of my girl now. Her snuggled under the covers with my rose next to her.  Dreams do come true.

Then my sisters missed Benny's Hug your peep day. It's late I know but I have to share this pictures of me and my Mommy.
It was always my favorite because I always had Mommy's shoulder to crawl up on and we would shower each others with kisses. I miss my Mommy's shoulder.


Mommy also hasn't been able to do an update on Scout.
Mommy called Miss Mimi and she said he is doing better and with all the therapy he is having and medications he can walk again. Great news !!

Last Sunday, Mommy and my sisters, went to visit with Tim and Pam so they could meet Zoey. You saw the Smilebox with all the videos already but today Mommy did a better one with introductions to everybody.  Here it is. 

Did you know that all 6 of the doggies in the Smilebox were adopted?  Yep !!   all from DROH, ATDR or DREAM

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Wait tell you see our adoption report for August

ATDR had 25 adoptions
DREAM had 10 adoptions

And one last thing before I head back to the Bridge......

Football is here again and despite themselves, the Texans have won 2 in a row.

They managed to pull victory out of the hands of defeat but that's gotta stop or poor Aunt Pam and Mommy will have heart attacks before too long.


Game 1

Houston Texans 31

                                    San Diego Charges 28

                                Sept 15th
                                                                   Game 2

Houston Texans 30

                                    Tennessee Titans 24

Sniff ya later..........Angel Weenie


Tweedles -- that's me said...

I think a magical bumble bee would sing so pretty. Do you hear it sing?
Thank you for all the updates and stuff, and we are glad Scout feels better.

Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh Weenie....I'm still dreaming beautiful dreams of our magical date. I'll always cherish my rose, and since it's from the Bridge, it won't ever wilt or die.

Glad to hear Scout is doing so much better. Just loved the Smile Box too. And it's wonderful that so many pups have found their forever homes.

Sketching with Dogs said...

Love your smileboxes! You are a wise one angle Weenie.
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Ruby said...

Your updates are just pawsome Weenie!! Your Amber is one lucky pups! (thou, I do thinks she's a pretty special gal!!)
I'm sure she is still dreamin' of your special date!
Oh, that is indeed good news abouts Scout!! Yea!
Ruby ♥

Golden Daily Scoop said...

What a great post, Weenie!!! So happy to hear that Scout is feeling better!

Cupcake said...

Weenie, it's always wonderful to hear from you. I'm so glad you got to spend some time with beautiful Amber.
I love the picture of you and Mommy.

I'm so glad Scout is doing better.

Love, Cupcake