July 18, 2013



" Spay and neuter your pets, 
weird relatives and mean people."

Prissy here......

You all know this little fella. It's Frankie Furter's
little brother, Ernie, of course. Well Ms Lana,
Frankie and Ernie's Mommy and my Mommy think 
we look alike, you know the same ears and tail. 
What do you think? Could we be related?
I'm 8 and Ernie is 2. Maybe I could be his doggie
Mommy. Wouldn't that be something !!

Every morning Mommy wakes up at 5 am,
takes us right outside to do our business
 and then gets back in bed for 30 minutes 
to play with me and Mona. 
We have doggie beds all over the house,
but we sleep with Mommy at night.


So yesterday, I was acting goofy like I
usually do every morning and
Mommy took a video of us playing,
with Mona just sitting quietly.
What can I say. I'm just so happy to
finally have a home to call
my own.

Then when she got home Mona was in her bed 
tearing up a stuffie. Angel Weenie
would have been so proud of Mona.

So Mommy made this little Smilebox.
She said Weenie used to hide under the covers
just like I do.

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and your daily dose of PAX......

(at the dollar store)



Sketching with Dogs said...

It's lovely to see you both enjoying yourself with your mom. Weenie will be looking down and smiling.
So happy you have found a great home Prissy.
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Unknown said...

We agree Weenie is smiling at you. Have fun and have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

Oh that baby is too cute!! Who knows, maybe there is a relation!!! Have a great day!

Cupcake said...

Ernie and Prissy do look a lot alike! Both great looking dogs.

Is it my imagination, or is Pax getting cuter and cuter everyday.

Loved the Smilebox!

Love, Cupcake

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

Not only do their EARS and TAILS look alike butt they BOTH love to play the SHEET SHARK game.
Those were super videos of BOTH Prissy and MONA.

Lovable Lily said...

Prissy, you crack us up! You are so beautiful and we love your smile. You were having the best time playing in bed (while Mona totally ignores you.) We really enjoyed the video.

Lily Belle & Muffin

stellaroselong said...

Prissy we are so happy that you found your wonderful furever home ..we can tell you sure enjoy living there. we also think you look like handsome ernie..um.....paxton is a real cutie.
stella rose

Idaho PugRanch said...

what a fun video! So happy she is in her forever home.
Bailey, Hazel & Greta

Two French Bulldogs said...

Ahhhh, happy face!!
Benny & Lily

Reuben said...

Well hello there, Prissy! The resembelance is STRIKING. You know what this means - Ernie is required to send you mother's day presents now! Surely Weenie would approve.


sprinkles said...

I'm so happy Prissy found a happy furever home too! :)