June 14, 2013


The irony of Flag Day and Father’s Day being so closely linked never fails to amaze.

A Sunday set aside to honor our personal fathers is linked inextricably to a pre-or-post date of June 14 when we honor the fathers who founded this fine nation and gave (or continue to give) their best for it. To further enrich the irony, the US Army, that has prepared so many for peace keeping, celebrates its own birthday on Flag Day as well. 

238 years strong

 This year, our soldiers celebrate 238 years since the establishment of the Continental Army! 

It is a great time to celebrate our colors, reaffirm our belief in liberty and justice, observe the nation’s unity, and share our pride in “fathers” of all generations.

God Bless AMERICA !!!

The Ricca Girls

The girls here........

Prissy, me, had to go see Dr Briles today to get my adoption physical done in case anything was wrong with me, Mommy could return me. As if that would ever happen.  I'm 100% but am allergic to CORN, GRAIN AND SOY, so no treats for me, but I can have apples, one of angel Weenie's favorites. I don't like men much, until I'm sure they can be trusted. I won't let Roland in the backyard and I still bark a him, so we got to stay in the house while he cuts the grass. Mommy was kinda ashamed of me today. I charged at Dr Briles but before we left he had me eating out of his hand, but let me tell you all those shots and getting my chip was awful. Angel Weenie used to do the same thing, so I'm in good company.

Tomorrow we're going a little road trip to see Dachsies Rule.
Mona says I'm gonna love it there.

See ya'll later.......♥♥♥Prissy♥♥♥


Unknown said...

Hope you had a happy flag day. Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

OH Mona and PRISSY... this was a lovely post... up until the SHOTS Pawt. Well, we KNOW we gotta have those... and the Microchip too.

Prissy you are so Pretty... you look like you have a HEART on your face. Ernie's head is all Red... butt OH my do you ever have the Same EARS.

Have fun today, girrrrls.

Agnes B. Bullock said...

We have the same allergies but WHN gives us the Ntural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet treats in salmon and sweet potato- you can find them at Mr Chewy or at Petco- We love them! ALso, WHN gives us coconut chips mixed in with our kibble to make our skin soft and it helps with our allergies-