May 23, 2013



"Dogs are not happy because they have the best of everything,
 they are happy because they make the best of everything..."

Fantastic News

 From: Girouard, Linne
Subject: [AllTexasDachshundRescue] Adoptions
To: "''"
Date: Wednesday, May 22, 2013, 1:42 PM

Congratulations to all of the dogs that got new homes at the picnic! We had several adopters picking up dogs that day! It was a banner day for ATDR fosters – Cowboy, Cami, Timone, Bentley and Rocco! Needless to say a busy afternoon! Ducky went out on a trial but will be returning to me this weekend!
Linné Girouard

 Mommy got so excited about Timone and Bentley getting adopted together by Tim and Pam, the couple whose home visit she did 10 days ago. Guess what, they have even fostered for ATDR already!!

 - Dachshund / Chinese Crested-HairlessFemale

Remember Pretzel? Daschsis never forget their fosters. Aunt Judy got this e-mail and these pictures from him yesterday.


Aunt Judy – guess what??!!!! I had a big ad-VENTURE last week!!! Oh, Aunt Judy, was it FUN!! 

Here’s what happened:

Mommy’s brother came to visit her mommy for mommy’s day, and they all comed to our house for dinner. Mommy and her brother grilled out on the patio, and dogs helped. When it get dark out, mommy’s brother say he leave now. Mommy opened front door, let brother out, and mommy’s neighbor standing there with a cute little dog in him arms. He say to mommy, “Is this your dachshund?” Guess what, Aunt Judy? That cute little dachshund was Pretzel!!! I runned away for an a-VENTURE while dogs an mommy cook dinner and eat! I wandered around, smelled the smells, pee’ed on things, and went on mommy’s neighbor’s back patio. Dat neighbor, Scott, him say to mommy that him opened the back door, and I was sitting there like, “OK – you can feed me now”!!!!! oh, it was so much fun! No harness, no leash – just freedom, Aunt Judy. And know what da best part was? Mommy not even know I was goned! She say she go out in garage to get something, and she see Tucker and Rory out dere, and she say, “come in dogs!” but she not know Pretchels was out dere too!! Hahahahaha – I so sneaky! Mommy say she smart now, and not let dat happen again.

Dis was me at da vet’s yesterday wif brother and sister:

Aren’t I just the most handsomest boy you’ve ever seen, Aunt Judy?! And sneaky, too!
Your Pretchels
PS – we have a new foster brother, Rusty. Him a blind boy. Him sweet.

Have a great Thursday.
Sniff ya later .... Weenie


stellaroselong said...

we grin really big everytime we see a foster get a new furever home!!!
stella rose

Amber DaWeenie said...

It's such a good thing when adoptions happen! :)

Weenie.....I's sendin you lots of huggies and kissies today!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

YOU have a new Foster Brother??? THAT is grrrreat.

WE just love all the Updates on the Rescues and Fosters and ADOPTIONS.

The Websters said...

I just love getting out...why do the humans get so upset about it?


K9 Katastrophie said...

BOL! What fun!!!! Mommy says us doxies can be very naughty!


Sketching with Dogs said...

We are so pleased to hear some of the dogs were adopted.
How fangtastic you have a foster brother!
Dip Bridge and Elliot x

Reuben said...

Awwww.... you guys is so fantastic. Way to foster!