September 9, 2012



 "We are each of us angels with only one wing,
 and we can fly only by embracing each other." 

Mona here.............Yahoo.

 I don't gotta have an Ultrasound yet or surgery. My blood readings are higher than they should be but still in the acceptable ranges for a dog like me with Cushings. I just gotta take a little more medication. I keep telling Mommy not worry about me but you know how Mommies are. Just plain old scared y cats.

 Weenie here..........Misery love company.

I had a most wonderful 3 days in the country......BUT
I did a lot on this while we was there. I even caught a baby frog but Mommy wouldn't let me eat it. I kept trying to tell her I needed a little more protein in my diet but she wouldn't listen to me. Dang it.
The Mommy here.............
Weenie got sick when we got back from the country. He started having diarrhea and passing a lot of nasty gas Tuesday while Mona was at the Vet. I still had some pills left from when Skully was visiting and had an upset stomach so I gave some to Weenie. Thursday he started vomiting. I got scared because that's what he did when he was first diagnosed with Pancreaties.   So I took him to see Dr Briles.   He was not a happy camper. He ate so much grass, dirt, bark and junk, not to mention the frog, while we were in the country that Dr Briles thinks that's what caused it to flair up again so his back on his medication. But he's OK and says he has ladies to fly on his Magic Bumble at the Back To School Bash on Sept 12.

Guess who's back? After being away from blogging for more than a year. It's........

His new brother.
 We was so excited to see his comment the other day and he was so excited to see I had a new brother too. Please stop by and say hello to Checkers and Chess "got it" at:
 Sheldon Update
Sheldon on 7/18/12
 Look at me now..........
Well, how time flies when your having fun!! Sheldon Cooper here ready to post a much needed update on how I and Amy Farrah Fowler are doing. Amy is doing great, got spayed and concentrating on gaining some much needed weight so she can start heartworm treatment. We are both on a pre-treatment regiment of Doxycycline and Heartguard so that, hopefully, some of the worms inside us have died and treatment won’t be so tough on us. Okay, enough about that - let’s talk about me!
I absolutely love to be the center of attention. If Fostermom or Fosterdad touch anyone else they better have that second hand available to touch me because I will horn right in, trust me. Amy and I have three best friends in our suite - Jigger the white Boxer mix and two precious dachshunds - Brad and Angie. We all get along famously but I insist on being the center of attention even with them. But I ask you, who would expect anything less??? 

Sheldon says....Check out these eyes. The days and nights of drops and ointment FINALLY paid off. I can see and there is only a little haze at the top of my right (your left) eye. Thanks Doc!!
As you might remember, I have a corneal ulcer that has been giving me quite a bit of trouble. Fostermom thought I was going to need to see an Ophthalmologist but this past weekend it really started looking better. I guess all the drops and ointments really are helping - thank goodness!!

I still get my foot soaks and pedicure, along with my medicated baths, twice during the week and always once on the weekend. Fostermom is thinking I’m going to have to go into the stall shower from now on unless Fosterdad is home -- that should make for some interesting video, don’tcha think??? Anyway … moving right along …

Amy Update

· August 17

Amy's blood work came back. It is good. No major issues at all. She is certainly heading in the right direction!! With some more weight gain, she will be able to start her heart worm treatment.
Amy and Sheldon


It's almost here. Sept 12 is the big day. 
 Weenie and Mona, that's me, will be teaching a class called 
  School Bus Riding Rules - The Does and Dont's.
So don't forget the register for our class. So far these students have registered.

 Molly the Wally
Susie and Sidebite 

We're been so busy getting ready. Mona, that's me, has been picking shiny red apples for you to buy for your teachers. 

 Weenie has been taking his Magic Bumble Bee for test flights so the girls will be safe. 

Bandit has had his airplane polished and ready to go.

We are so excited. Come on back tomorrow for a complete list of classes and pictures of the 2 raffle items.

Bye for now...........Mona and Weenie


Cupcake said...

So glad to hear Mona and Weenie are doing well. I hope The Mommy is feeling better too.

I love seeing Sheldon's face. Thanks so much for the update.

Unknown said...

Exciting post this AM! Keep feeling better!!!
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Unknown said...

We too are glad that Mona and Weenie are OK. Have a lovely Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Cotton said...

Amy and Sheldon seem better and I just got to meet Checkers and Chess yesterday and now we're friends hehe :)

Angels Amber and Max DaWeenie and Mom said...

Lots of news today! So happy about Mona's test results and also about Amy and Sheldon! This is all great news. Hope I get lots of rides on the Bumble Bee, Weenie. And will you save the last ride fur me? You can take me back home again (or not) BOL!

How Sam Sees It said...

We sure hope you are all feeling better soon!


The Websters said...

Yahoo for no surgery or ultrasounds!

Boo for not getting to eat the frog. I mean, maybe it would have helped you to not get sick...right?


3 doxies said...

So glad to hears Mona ain't gonna need no surgery...mommie does freak out overs dat kinda stuff.
I heard frogs can make you sick but what does I know?

Awesome news bouts Shelldon and Amy.

Go ahead and sign me up furs your class.


Ruby said...

That is great news about Mona! Yea no surgery!! Boy, Sheldon looks great! Him and Amy are lookin' good! I'll still be keepin' my paws crossed that everythin' keeps goin' well.



Unknown said...

OK< OK, I don't really want to go to school, but if Weenie want to teach me something, I will go to his class! But I sure do expect some rides on his bumblebee during recess!! And yes Weenie, there is room for you in my Cinderella Coach. It might be a bit snuggly though, hehe.
Lovies, Miss Mindy

Murphy said...

It sounds like everybody is getting better. Seriously, a frog? Frog legs maybe, but the whole frog? Mom is grossed out and me and Stanley are laughing!

Your friends,

Murphy & Stanley

Two French Bulldogs said...

So happy you are ok. No ultrasound and no surgery is great news! And oh that face, a face only a mother could love, BOL
Benny & Lily

Tweedles -- that's me said...

Thank you for the updates. We are happy things are okay right now.
We know Checkers too.

Lorenza said...

I am very happy too!
Glad you and Weenie are ok!
Now.... be nice with the Mommy...
She needs to relax a little bit after being so worried about you two!
Take care!
Kisses and hugs