September 25, 2010


For all my dear friends
A Rose for Beauty,
both in and out.


  Tomorrow is a very big day in Texas. The Houston Texans take on the Dallas Cowboys, for bragging rights and our 3rd win in a row. We beat them in preseason and now we just gotta win tomorrow.
Ya know how they are always doing something where Mommy works, well yesterday, Toro, the Texans mascot came for a pep rally. For a $5.00 contribution, you could have your picture taken with him and he would sign a picture for you. They raised bunches of money for the
American Diabetes Association.

Since the season has started Administration has been allowing the staff to wear jeans and Texan jerseys or T-shirts on Fridays so they just gotta keep winning!

Mommy was off celebrating all day with some of the Mommies from DROH & ATDR. It was Aunt Paula's birthday, so they took her to lunch at Gringo's in Webster. Mommy had grilled scrimp wrapped in bacon, chicken and beef fajitas. Did I get any? "Yes! she fooled me this time and brought me some chicken and beef. It was Yummylicious!!

But, I didn't get any cake. Bah!!

Recognise the hat and classes? It's the same one everybody always wears on their birthday. "Nobody, but Aunt Paula, would wear it into the restaurant like she did!!"

                                           Aunt Paula
 Of course, what do you give a Dachshund Mommy but a doxie. Kinda early for Christmas but it's never too early to get in the spirit.
And cards with long doggies like this one.

My Grandma's birthday was yesterday and she would have been 97 years old.  My real Aunt Pam, Mommy's sister, and her are gonna go to the cemetery tomorrow and take their Mommy her favorite flowers, roses of course. Then they are going to breakfast and go to Aunt Pam's to watch the Texans beat the Cowboys.

Do I get to go....NO!!

Love, kisses and {{{huggies}}}...Mona


Two French Bulldogs said...

Happee Birthday lady
Benny & Lily

K9 Katastrophie said...

Awww I am sory you don't get to go, Mona! Happy Birfday to your aunt!


Frankie Furter and Ernie said...

That looks like a fun pawty.

Taffy said...

Goodness! Birthday's all around! Happy Birthday to all!
Mona, I haven't heard if the Texans have won yet or not but I hope they do. The Chiefs won again! I love seeing the puppy photos. Momma says there is nothing on the planet like a puppy. Great job to your Mom's office raising money for the ADA. My momma has juvenile diabetes since she was 4 so we really appreciate it!
PS: I have some rose photos if you want to use them.

sprinkles said...

Sorry you got left behind but at least your mummy surprised you with leftovers last time! Maybe she will when she comes home tomorrow too.

The Luke said...

What fun! And you got fajitas! YUM!!!

wif love from the Luke

P.S. You did not miss a single fing by stayin home and not watchin that stinkin football game. Just sayin.

Oskar said...

Happy birthdays to her!

Nubbin wiggles,

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Auntie Paula!
Kisses and hugs